Value Proposition

At STAMOD we strive towards bringing best results for our customers.

With constant discussions, research, feasibility analysis and clarity of the project concept, STAMOD ensures the delivery of unparalleled results.



With a track record of high-quality turnaround time, we at STAMOD focus on all the expertise and experience within the team to deliver faster and better results. We ensure that any assistance or discussion if needed by our clients is done on priority. Our engineers are available for assistance 24/7 should that be required. We make sure every project is rapidly brought to completion with no compromise on the end result.


High Quality

Our team of engineers has extensive experience and knowledge in designing. With 100+ man years of experience we not only excel in practical but theoretical knowledge of designing as well. Our highly skilled engineers are experts in manufacturing and tool trial departments. Our team of mechanical design engineers has rich experience in designing critical features for our clients. With such extensive experience at hand we are able to deliver results beyond compare.


Global Competitive Pricing

Providing our customers, the combination of the high end technologies in the global market, experience of engineers from around the world along with cost effective results of the same from the Indian wing, we deliver results that are unparalleled in the terms of quality and pricing. STAMOD focuses on providing the best cost effectively. Extensive research, Market focus and need analysis has helped us in coming up with results that are both ideal and economical.


Global Delivery Model

Having hands on experience in working at a multinational level for years we specialize in the use of proven technologies. Our engineers utilize the latest engineering softwares in the field. We meet each of our project requirements with the team, tools and engineering capacity to deliver. With no room for perplexity or experimentation we ensure faster and better quality deliveries around the world.


Customized Solutions

We treat every project as a new one and execute every detail provided to us by our clients. Good mechanical CAD design requires deep understanding of the CAD software and best practices. This results in easy-to-edit 3D CAD models, rapid development, and efficient sharing of CAD models by a development team. Focusing on the niche requirements of our clients, understanding and envisioning the end result and apt execution of the same is the core belief of STAMOD.

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