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WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

A WordPress site requires constant support for seamless performance round the clock. Each component of a WordPress site plays an important role in ensuring great customer experience, fool-proof security, and smooth performance. STAMOD has over 22 years of experience in helping its clients run their WordPress site without facing issues that lead to downtimes. Our focussed WordPress support services have helped our clients reduce their workload and focus more on core business tasks.

We are driven by a team of experts with proven expertise in WordPress support tasks. Our experts have assisted our clients to tackle issues such as hacks, spam, and errors with success. They take care of critical issues such as timely theme and plugin updates, security upgrades, plugin cleanup, general cleanup, password control, backups, etc. and always ensure your WordPress site up and running.

WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

Our end-to-end website content migration service includes host to host database migration, WordPress Multisite data migration, data mapping after data migration, etc. Our comprehensive range of WordPress Migration solutions include –

  • Joomla to WordPress Migration

    We have experience in migrating several Joomla websites to WordPress. Our extensive knowledge of Joomla and WordPress platforms ensures a hassle-free migration.
  • Magento to WordPress Migration

    Magento is a complex platform as compared to WordPress. Our understanding of Magento and WordPress guarantees you a seamless migration and smooth transition.
  • Static Website to WordPress Migration

    We have wide experience in migrating the existing static website to WordPress. We ensure that the migrated site is as attractive and catchy as your static website.
  • Drupal to WordPress Migration

    Drupal is a great content management system, however in a bid to try something new businesses migrate to WordPress. We have executed many Drupal to WordPress migration for our clients and can do the same for you.
  • Blogger to WordPress Migration

    Though Blogger is a reliable platform for publishing blog posts, it may not have all the features to scale up a site. To plug this deficit, we assist clients to migrate from Blogger CMS to WordPress CMS.
  • Sitecore to WordPress Migration

    Many of our clients have faced problems dealing with the complexity of the Sitecore website which is why they have preferred to migrate to WordPress. We have successfully enabled end-to-end migration for several clients from Sitecore to WordPress.
  • Squarespace to WordPress Migration

    Squarespace is easy to use the platform to create websites but is limited when it comes to expanding a website. We have hands-on experience in handling several Squarespace to WordPress migration requirements.
  • Django CMS to WordPress Migration

    We have assisted a number of our clients to carry out Django CMS to WordPress migrations most effectively. We specialize in creating the Django CMS template on WordPress theme or configuring a new WordPress theme.
  • WordPress to WordPress Multi-Suite

    Companies having hundreds of microsites need to create a network of related WordPress websites with just one WordPress Installation. We have wide experience in ensuring a seamless WordPress to WordPress multisite migration.
  • Proprietary CMS to WordPress Migration

    Migration from a proprietary CMS to WordPress is a complex task because it involves understanding the nature of the proprietary site. We also have considerable experience in assisting companies to migrate from proprietary sites to WordPress.
  • WordPress Migration Consulting Process

    As we have handled several mission-critical WordPress migration projects, our experts provide sharp insights into any migration requirements. We assist you with some best practices and other winsome tips to ensure a smooth migration from existing CMS to WordPress.

Our WordPress Support Team

As a reputed WordPress Support and Maintenance Service providing company, we are driven by experts with profound experience in managing the diverse requirements of clients from diverse industry sectors. All our support professionals have extensive experience in developing different types of websites, landing pages, and graphics. Besides they have strong knowledge of evolving web design and implementation which is why they can provide robust support and maintenance services.

We build our teams from their level of expertise in different aspects of WordPress site management. These include knowledge of primary technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, knowledge of different graphic design software such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, knowledge of Microsoft SQL databases, Cold Fusion and knowledge of Google Analytics suite (Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics,).

Besides these pre-requisites we hire WordPress support executives based on their ability to identify and rectify web-related problems; ability to work on different projects at the same time; respond to all sorts of competing demands and ability to train clients team in handling content management software.

Our WordPress Support and Maintenance Process

We have a well-defined process to resolve WordPress site issues. Our process entails a series of steps which include –


01. Requirement Gathering

We sit with you to understand your issues and queries. We ask you questions pertaining to the functioning of your website. This gives us a clear idea of the kind and extent of support or maintenance your site needs.


02. Files/Site Access Information

After understanding your issues we draw a plan to set them right. This is followed by procuring access to your sites which primarily includes getting access to the WordPress administrator account and FTP/Server access.


03. Maintenance & Support

After procuring access we carry out a preliminary assessment of the site. On accomplishing this we take the backup and execute a security scan. This is followed by carrying out the rectification aspects such as, updating WordPress, Themes, Plugins and rectifying issues, or making other changes.


04. Final Delivery

Once the changes are done we upload the site to the client-server and carry out final testing to ensure the site is completely functional. Before delivery, we also check all security mechanisms are in place and are up to date.

Benefits of Outsourcing WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

We deliver several benefits to our clients which is why they choose us always for their WordPress Support and Maintenance Services to us. These include –

  • Cost-effective Service
    We offer our clients different pricing models and deliver our service at cost-effective rates.
  • Team of WordPress Experts
    We have a full in-house team of WordPress developers whose know-how and understanding of WordPress maintenance requirements are very deep. As a result, eliminating any technical issues or carrying out any sort of updates comes easy for us.
  • End-to-End Knowledge of WordPress
    We have over 22 years of experience in coding and maintaining WordPress websites. Over the years we have been exposed to diverse WordPress site maintenance requirements, which has enhanced our expertise in maintaining WordPress sites.
  • Committed and Proactive Maintenance
    We are driven by the belief of being proactive in our support services. This has ensured we find out and solve issues much before they grow into major problems. This has helped us retain all our clients.
  • 24/7 Services
    We provide round the clock assistance to our clients from multiple delivery centers across the globe. As a result, we ensure issues with your WordPress sites are sorted no sooner than they arise. With zero downtime guaranteed our clients can do business to the maximum potential.
  • Bulletproof Security
    Our support services ensure your WordPress security is robust and guarantees maximum risk reduction. We ensure this by keeping your WordPress themes and plugins always up to date, removing unused themes and plugins, limiting login attempts, using pre-login captcha, and so on.
  • Speed Optimization
    We take care to ensure your WordPress site is always optimized for smooth performance. We ensure this with smart framework/themes; effective caching plugins; right content delivery network; optimize pages to load quickly, optimize WordPress database, disable hotlinking and leeching of content, etc.
  • 24/7 Monitoring
    We monitor server uptime for your WordPress site round the clock. We send alert notifications when your website is inaccessible or goes down. In the process, we ensure your customers never have any issues visiting your website or your SEO rankings don’t take a hit. We also provide web interaction patterns on request.
  • Quicker Resolution
    We guarantee resolutions faster than you expect. This is because our experts are available round the clock to monitor the sites of our clients. Additionally, we provide support services from 8 delivery centers around the world.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!