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WordPress Migration Services

Migrating to WordPress platforms is challenging, as it requires the best of planning else it may lead to several post-implementation issues. Issues like loss of files failed transfers, or image issues can mar the entire post-migration experience of your new WordPress site. STAMOD specializes in overruling these challenges with proper planning, knowledgeable resources, and adequate testing.

Our developers follow accepted coding standards and best practices to overcome all the challenges associate with WordPress migration. We develop a neatly documented migration plan to ensure the lowest downtime possible during migration. Our WordPress migration services guarantee 99.9% uptime and we have an excellent track record of 100% client satisfaction.

Our WordPress Migration Services

Our end-to-end website content migration service includes host to host database migration, WordPress Multisite data migration, data mapping after data migration, etc. Our comprehensive range of WordPress Migration solutions include –

  • Joomla to WordPress Migration

    We have experience in migrating several Joomla websites to WordPress. Our extensive knowledge of Joomla and WordPress platforms ensures a hassle-free migration.
  • Magento to WordPress Migration

    Magento is a complex platform as compared to WordPress. Our understanding of Magento and WordPress guarantees you a seamless migration and smooth transition.
  • Static Website to WordPress Migration

    We have wide experience in migrating the existing static website to WordPress. We ensure that the migrated site is as attractive and catchy as your static website.
  • Drupal to WordPress Migration

    Drupal is a great content management system, however in a bid to try something new businesses migrate to WordPress. We have executed many Drupal to WordPress migration for our clients and can do the same for you.
  • Blogger to WordPress Migration

    Though Blogger is a reliable platform for publishing blog posts, it may not have all the features to scale up a site. To plug this deficit, we assist clients to migrate from Blogger CMS to WordPress CMS.
  • Sitecore to WordPress Migration

    Many of our clients have faced problems dealing with the complexity of the Sitecore website which is why they have preferred to migrate to WordPress. We have successfully enabled end-to-end migration for several clients from Sitecore to WordPress.
  • Squarespace to WordPress Migration

    Squarespace is easy to use the platform to create websites but is limited when it comes to expanding a website. We have hands-on experience in handling several Squarespace to WordPress migration requirements.
  • Django CMS to WordPress Migration

    We have assisted a number of our clients to carry out Django CMS to WordPress migrations most effectively. We specialize in creating the Django CMS template on WordPress theme or configuring a new WordPress theme.
  • WordPress to WordPress Multi-Suite

    Companies having hundreds of microsites need to create a network of related WordPress websites with just one WordPress Installation. We have wide experience in ensuring a seamless WordPress to WordPress multisite migration.
  • Proprietary CMS to WordPress Migration

    Migration from a proprietary CMS to WordPress is a complex task because it involves understanding the nature of the proprietary site. We also have considerable experience in assisting companies to migrate from proprietary sites to WordPress.
  • WordPress Migration Consulting Process

    As we have handled several mission-critical WordPress migration projects, our experts provide sharp insights into any migration requirements. We assist you with some best practices and other winsome tips to ensure a smooth migration from existing CMS to WordPress.

Our WordPress Migration Team

Our migration experts have wide experience in conceptualizing, developing, and maintaining rich, and scalable WordPress web frameworks. They leverage this knowledge to carry out error-free and seamless WordPress migration services. Each of our experts has engaged in iterative migration model consisting of requirements gathering, strategizing, implementation, and maintenance support.

Further, our experts stay abreast of emerging trends and practices around WordPress migration which ensures an advanced and smooth transition. Our WordPress migration experience extends to handling different scenarios moving to a new host retaining the domain name; moving to a new host and procuring a new domain name, and setting up an own staging.

Our WordPress Migration Process

As a world-class WordPress migration service provider, we offer end-to-end migration services to our clients. We work with you to strategize the entire process from business goals to technical execution. This ensures the stress of migration and associated issues stands eliminated. Our experts work with our clients to build a plan to cover the nitty-gritty of data migration thereby ensuring there is no loss of data or downtime. As a reputed WordPress Migration Service providing company, we follow a definite migration process to execute the process.

Our migration process consists of the below mentioned steps –


01. Requirement Gathering

After you get in touch with us, our experts sit with you to understand your WordPress migration needs. During this stage, we comprehend all your expectations and provide you with some value-added suggestions.


02. Analysis & Planning

In this stage, our experts carry out a thorough analysis of data/code/feature to be migrated on the WordPress server. Based on this analysis, we plan out a process and goal-oriented workflow to execute the migration.


03. Project Initialization

We follow a step-by-step migration plan to ensure the process is not time-consuming and error-ridden. To achieve this, we break down the migration requirements into smaller milestones. Once a milestone is achieved smoothly, we focus on the next milestone.


04. Testing and Project Delivery

After the last milestone is achieved, we carry out end-to-end testing of your website data. Errors if any are rectified, and all the links, codes, and data are tested once again to ensure it meets expectations. Once we are satisfied, we deliver the migrated project to you.


05. Support Period

After delivering the project we make ourselves available on a standby mode to support any bug-fixing requirements as well as monitoring performance analysis etc. We extend our support as per the agreement we have with you.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!