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SugarCRM Development Services

Are you looking for a flexible and custom customer relationship management (CRM) solution that effectively addresses your enterprise’s needs? Are you looking for an effective CRM solution that helps you grow sales, execute marketing programs, create custom business applications, and retain customers? If so, you should seriously consider using SugarCRM, the world’s largest open-source CRM software.

STAMOD is a leading SugarCRM development service provider and provides a complete range of SugarCRM development services. We can help you utilize SugarCRM to increase operational efficiencies, streamline CRM functions, and make your inside sales and customer support teams more productive. We can also help you fully utilize the open source version and customize it to meet your needs.

STAMOD 's SugarCRM Development Services

STAMOD is a top SugarCRM development company and provides a full range of SugarCRM development services. Our SugarCRM development services include -


  • SugarCRM Development

    We develop and deploy SugarCRM according to your business requirements and processes. We help you implement, install, and configure SugarCRM and develop modules, plugins, themes, and extensions. We help you create and automate workflows in SugarCRM and provide advanced dashboards and reports tailor-made for your needs.
  • SugarCRM Customization

    We understand that each business has unique requirements and help you customize SugarCRM to suit your particular organization's requirements. We help you to select the best version of SugarCRM and customize it to better suit you. We build custom workflows, modules, and schedulers. We help you modify existing SugarCRM web applications and customize dashboards and reports. We help you incorporate business logic and customize and configure standard modules.
  • SugarCRM Integration

    We help you seamlessly synchronize SugarCRM with your emails, other third-party applications, and other disparate systems. We can also help you integrate SugarCRM with all the major ecommerce applications, such as OpenCart and Magento, and with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, and with major payment gateways. Our SugarCRM integration services provide you with accurate data that saves costs and minimizes effort. We also help you increase the ROI on your business, widen the scope of your application, and improve sales and customer satisfaction.
  • SugarCRM Migration

    With our efficient SugarCRM migration services, you can minimize downtime and achieve zero data loss. We have a highly efficient and organized data migration process that provides you with all the data required to help you boost your customer engagement. We make full use of SugarCRM's migration support via both the SOAP and REST APIs and make use of advanced ETL tools for successful migration.
  • SugarCRM Cloud Deployment

    We help you make use of SugarCRM's multiple hosting options such as on-site, public cloud, on-demand, and through a hosting platform of your partner. We have extensive experience in using the major cloud hosting platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. With our cloud-based hosting services, you can get numerous benefits, including powerful security features, 2X faster CRM application, affordable add-ons, and 100% data backup services, among others.
  • SugarCRM Support and Maintenance

    Just implementing SugarCRM may not be sufficient for you to effectively run your business. You may need constant support for your CRM to ensure your business runs smoothly. We provide high-quality SugarCRM maintenance and support services. We help with troubleshooting and bug-fixing, running security patches at regular intervals, and architecture review to improve system performance, among others, and provide feature enhancements and upgrades.
  • SugarCRM Upgrade

    We can help you in shifting from an old SugarCRM version to a newer one, or from another CRM application to SugarCRM without losing any critical customer data.


SugarCRM Capabilities

SugarCRM is a highly capable customer relationship management software. It can be used for –

  • Sales Management
    Tracking and sharing opportunities, account management, coordinating activities, monitoring, team management, dashboards, mobile solutions, communication collaboration, etc.
  • Marketing Automation
    Lead management, campaign management, email marketing, sales collateral, campaign tracking, etc.
  • Customer Support
    Case management, bug tracking, knowledge sharing, issue escalation, etc.
  • Reporting
    Customer segmentation, campaign effectiveness, sales opportunities, customer satisfaction, pipeline visibility, etc.
  • Collaboration
    Activity management, project management, document management, content syndication, customer self-service, etc.
  • Administrative Tools
    SugarStudio, workflow management, access control, module loader, etc.

Our SugarCRM Development Process

As a leading SugarCRM development company, we follow a streamlined process to ensure delivery of superior SugarCRM solutions. Key steps in our SugarCRM development process include –

01. Requirement Gathering

In this step, we understand your requirements in detail in order to come up with a tailor-made solution

02. Analysis and Design

The requirements are analyzed and an initial SugarCRM design is made and sent to you for approval

03. Development

Once the initial design has been approved, we will go ahead with developing the SugarCRM solution, incorporating custom features and functionality

04. Testing

Once the SugarCRM solution has been developed, it is tested thoroughly, and all bugs and errors are fixed

05. Deployment

Once the errors and bugs are fixed, the SugarCRM solution is deployed in the final live environment and our team provides ongoing support and maintenance as necessary

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!