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PoC Development Services

If you have a blockchain project on your mind and want to develop a prototype using a Proof of Concept (PoC), no need to go great lengths to test the hypothesis. If you have a product idea and want to carry it further from your vision outsource PoC development services toSTAMOD. We collect your inputs no matter however preliminary or formless it may seem. From there our blockchain professionals use some of the best PoC development and analysis strategies to shape your ideas into a functional prototype. The major advantage of outsourcing PoC development services is rapid prototyping and enhanced cost-efficiency.

STAMOD is the name you frequently hear when it comes to PoC development because we are a leading PoC development service providing company offering exceptional values through our services. We commit to deliverables and go to all extent to keep our end of assurances.

PoC Development Services We Offer

At STAMOD we are constantly pushing the conventions further to bring bigger satisfaction to our clients. Our approach has a substantial impact in model prototyping to benefit innovation and our services are as follows –

  • Digital Certificate Creation

    We can expertly develop a custom platform that issues authentic certificates on the blockchain. The purpose of which is to ensure transparency. The certificates we design can be seamlessly audited on the decentralized platform to increase compliance and trust in the system.
  • Management of AML

    If you’re from the banking sector, we will ensure the protection of your transaction by flagging suspicious incidents that are undiscovered by usual means. Our solution can help in maintaining ledgers and keep all transactions clean.
  • Automation of Claim Settlement

    If you are from the crop industry, we can carry out the PoC for insurance and settlement. Our solution automates settlement using IoT data from meteorology departments of nearby districts.
  • Traceability in Supply Chain

    We also tracing solution for companies that deal with the supply chain. Our professionals valuated the supply paths and value chain requirements. We conduct real-time PoC at client facilities where qualified CFAs perform a thorough evaluation. We have proprietary products that are developed in-house to improve the end-to-end process in supply chains.
  • Discounting of Invoice

    Developing P2P level invoice discounting system is one of many specializations we possess. The purpose is to create a partnership between multiple stakeholders like suppliers, buyers, lenders, and even logistics partners. All that to improve the supplier credibility when it comes to invoicing fulfilment. Our role is to create smart contracts that handle gaps in tokenizing, removal of invoice counterfeiting, and much more during the creation of complete invoicing to lenders are always covered when it comes to loan disbursement.

PoC Development Implementation Process We Follow

STAMOD  follows a highly streamlined PoC software development process and meets deliverables within a stipulated time. Our 5-step process in outsourcing PoC development services is as follows –


01. Strategy and Proposal

Client challenges and business requirements identified via consultation to perceive the goals


02. Designing

We develop a wireframe for the process to showcase what can be implemented and knowing limitations


03. Client Approval

The client verifies the project proposal and approves or recommends changes


04. Development and Integration

After client approval, the project goes to development teams chosen from talent reserves and the project will commence as per the plan


05. Quality Check

QA teams validate the project and after conformance, with the quality, the production will be marked completed and reports will be created.

Why Choose For STAMOD Outsourcing PoC Development Services?

Are you guessing what makes us the top PoC Development service providing company in the market? Here are some of our key differentiators –

  • Cost-effective Pricing
    The cost at which we provide our PoC Development services is unbeaten for we provide not just discounted rates but also amazing quality.
  • High-quality Services
    Our PoC Development services take the center stage because of the quality of service which we make no compromise.
  • Rapid TAT
    Our PoC Development services are agile and commitment to time is one thing we never go back on our promises.
  • Scalable Solutions
    We offer highly scalable PoC Development solutions that can be scaled with ease to keep up with your business pace.
  • ISO Certified PoC Development Services Provider
    We are a trusted provider of PoC Development services in India because we are ISO 9001:2015 certified for doing what’s best to keep up with the client expectations.
  • 100% Data Security
    Your data isn’t thrust into wrong hands because we have professionals who take exceptional care to keep it safe and under constant monitoring.
  • Round-the-clock Support
    To reach us is easy, just pick a channel of your choice and dial us or send an email to get an agent support in your local language within a few hours.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!