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Magento Web Development

Magento may be a favorite pick for developing a feature-rich e-commerce site. But that doesn’t connote perfection in all sense. There are a few rough spots in the Magento platform that still vexes developers. The hardware-intensive process, poor scalability, basic sales report, slow speed, and improper documentation are among many problems limiting its use without customization. Provide your clients a great online experience by turning to Magento web development experts like us.

STAMODis a top Magento development company in India. We are a top choice for many clients because our team is backed by a decade worth of experience in Magento web development services. We have a team of Magento developers with the skill and expertise to deliver a better experience to end users by optimizing your site’s performance.

Magento Web Development Services We offer

STAMOD provides an array of Magento solutions which include third-party extensions that provide scalability and stability to your online business. Our Magento web development services can help increase your global footprint and customer volume in a fleeting time. By being accountable for the project, we help you stay worry-free from concerns on the quality of performance. The solutions we offer as part of Magento web development is as follows -


  • Magento Website Development
    How about having a great e-commerce website based on Magento platform giving you the ultimate ability to grow business at blazing speed? What if your online business could give competitors a run for their money? Our Magento e-commerce website development is the answer to your needs. We use the latest development practices to give your online storefront a fresh lease of life in the competitive world of e-commerce. Our development strategy will help your clients find relevant products and services on the site without ado.
  • Magento Custom Module Development
    Reimagine your growth strategy powered by STAMOD's magneto custom module development. We integrate additional functionality to your existing web project on Magenta platform. This allows you to stand out from the pack by giving your end users the freedom and control to customize their digital experience. With the power of scalable module, we futureproof your e-commerce site.
  • Magento Theme Development
    Watch the visitor count on your website multiply along with sales growth by choosing our Magento theme development service. We have field experts including Magento developers and UX designers who collaborate to give your e-commerce site a true visual makeover. Our theme development service can transform the way customers interact with your website. You can showcase a list of products and services in a way that is best suited for target customers.
  • Magento Site Migration and Support
    We know what it takes to keep your website in action. When you outsource Magento web development services we take care of backend activities to ensure smooth movement from product catalog to payment gateway. Be it secure payment capture, maintenance of user's database, or other functions we offer well-rounded support that is unmatched.
  • Responsive Magento Website with Mobile App Development
    Did you know mobile apps are responsible for a substantial portion of sales that occur digitally? These user-friendly apps are accountable for snaring generous amount of conversion without high investment. Our mobile app development services are a core part of Magento web development that will shorten the time needed for end users to find what they need. We customize the native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows with cross-platform functionality by using Magento. This allows them to check products anytime, anywhere. We also make transactions on mobile apps safer which gives users more confidence.
  • Custom Extensions Development
    When you want to add utilities to your site while staying under the budget, customized extension development services is what you need. With this service, you can add more functionality without getting deep into the native code. Turn your e-commerce website into a feature-packed portal with custom extension development.


Benefits of Choosing Magento Web Development Services from STAMOD

Time and money can be saved by outsourcing Magento web development to STAMOD. For us, it is an exciting opportunity to shorten your client journeys without breaking the budget. Experience a host of benefits by outsourcing Magento web development services to STAMOD –

  • Get a broad range of user-friendly themes customized for your brand
  • Option to integrate with more than one payment gateway
  • Up-sell and cross-sell products by optimizing product catalog and product discovery tools
  • Get multi-language support, cross-platform compatibility along with SEO friendly features
  • Get custom extensions to broaden the functionalities accessible to end users
  • Get superior integration with native mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Personalize the experience for site visitors to quickly turn them into returning customers

Magento Web Development Process We Follow

The Magento web development is a service that requires a systematic plan for seamless execution. Over the years we have perfected the agile method of workflow to achieve desired results in brief time. From planning to development of Magento website we adhere to your actual needs, so you can avoid bearing unnecessary expense. Here are the steps we follow by signing the SLA –

01. Requirement Analysis

We collaborate with clients to identify goals, objectives, and deadlines through competitive analysis

02. Strategy Development

We gather key information to form an ideal development strategy that will help us deliver the best values in brief time

03. Project Planning

We form a project team and assign responsibilities. The project timeline and goals to be met are conveyed along with the blueprint

04. Determining Project Architecture

We collaborate with the client to incorporate their needs in the mock-up framework. We create prototypes based on wireframe and UI/UX designs that provide a personalized experience

05. Project Design

We work with designers to identify the ideal design that will influence and penetrate the target audience.

 06. Project Development

Our development team performs HTML, CSS, JS coding on the approved vector file to transform the prototype into a design-rich website platform

07. Testing Website Elements

To ensure glitch-free performance we test coded website using various automated testing tools. We test the UI, cross-browser functionality, collaboration with existing software, and efficiency of the hosting system

08. Module Integration

We bring together individual modules such as enterprise resource planning(ERP), customer relationship management(CRM), and point of sale(POS) to work as a single unit

09. Website Launch

After completion of integration and testing the website is slated for launch. Any modification to the project beyond this stage will be based on client feedback

10. Training and Support

After project delivery, we work side by side with the client by providing training, support, updates, and additional features (if any)

Why Choose Magento Web Development Services from STAMOD?

STAMOD is a leading provider of Magento web development in India with a client base spanning all corners of the world. The solution we offer can save you time and money because you need not be concerned about hiring and training teams to take on development roles for your e-commerce website. The list of benefits you can avail by choosing Magento web development are as follows –

  • Certifications
    We are an ISO certified company with professional developers who are certified in a variety of web development tools
  • Data Security
    Your data and confidential project files are kept firmly secure with us because we have multi-level data protection system that prevents unauthorized access and modification
  • High Accuracy and Quality Service
    The Magento development we provide offers multi-level quality checks. Our development approach can be useful to develop a bug-free website that provides a rich user experience
  • Short Turnaround
    Time is money and it is valuable to all stakeholders. Our Magento web development services shorten the time needed to launch your online store
  • Scalability
    With an eye on future needs, we keep the door open for further enhancement. All projects we develop using Magento platform are scalable and supports software integration on the go
  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options
    If you are on a limited budget, we offer development solutions that can be customized as per your budget. With this flexibility, we are already the go-to partner for small, mid, and large companies across the world. Our cost-effective service is a one-stop solution to make your website more user-friendly and market worthy
  • Single-point Contact
    Whether you have questions or want inputs related to the project, you need not wait in the queue to get heard. With the approval of each project, we assign a dedicated professional who will be your single-point agent. Get your concern conveyed to us through a dedicated subject matter expert working at your local time zone
  • Experienced Team of Magento Developers
    We have a team of 200+ certified web designer associate (CWDSA), certified webmasters (CWM), certified web developer associate (CWDA), and certified web administrator associate (CWAA) with 10+ years of experience in Magenta web development. Our development team is knowledgeable in HTML, PHP, CSS, JSON, XML, and JS
  • Modern Infrastructure
    With the state-of-the-art infrastructure in 3 international regions, we quickly provide development service at minimum cost. We have the right tools and resources that are routinely tested and serviced for maximum operational efficiency
  • Secure Data Exchange
    When you want to send us critical project files, we facilitate the transfer by providing a secure way to send files with minimum risk for loss or damage. Our robust VPN and secure FTP ensures streamlined message delivery
  • Round the Clock Availability
    When you want to reach us by phone or email we are available 24/7 providing excellent time zone support. When you have partnered with us you can leave your worries behind
  • Magento Web Development Tools

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!