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Legacy Application Modernization Services

Change is a difficult decision especially in the case of legacy applications that have already run successfully. But not innovating and aligning with modern values can throw the business performance out of whack and it’ll soon become a necessity. So to have a head start, outsource legacy application modernization services to STAMOD and get our developers to incorporate modern values like AI, ML, cloud, Big Data, and so on in your legacy application. Not just technology, there are many other things that a legacy application misses out when modernization is overdue. We’ll look into each aspect to make a checklist of things that must make way for innovation to stay relevant to the present.

STAMOD is a top legacy application modernization service providing company driven by innovation. We constantly tap into trends and technology to make innovation part of our client’s business lifecycle. This has not only garnered us the title of the best legacy application modernization service provider but also the attention of those who need expert solutions for their legacy applications.

Legacy Application Modernization Services We Offer

At STAMOD we model legacy application modernization services that address the deficiency in the client’s legacy apps. Our cutting edge innovation and use of the latest methodologies improve reliability, security, UX, and more. Our legacy modernization solutions include –

  • Mining Business Cases

    Our team of specialists will decode the business requirement from your legacy application and duplicates the same but in a better way involving natural language to streamline analysis and forward engineering. Our data mining teams do a great job of extracting crucial business intelligence from legacy codes without contaminating it.
  • Application Migration

    If you have decided to move out of aging platforms to improve your applications’ ability to scale and stay relevant, we will help your apps to migrate into newer environments without causing service disruptions with legacy application modernization strategies.
  • Application Evaluation

    One of the biggest cruxes in legacy modernization services is developing business cases around legacy applications that are well past its service cycle. So to rework such systems we’ll deconstruct the legacy applications to understand its code anatomy and design approach. The fresh insights derived from such an effort will help us develop custom business cases that are currently in use across the segment.
  • Re-platforming Solution

    As applications age, the older platforms become inefficient and expensive to revamp. This is when robust platforms based on newer technology and cheaper operational capability seems lucrative. But it may not always be a straightforward approach to re-platform legacy application. This is where our expertise comes in. We will check the compatibility of your legacy applications with better technology platforms. Our team will then co-ordinate re-platforming and mainframe application modernization cost-effectively without impacting the performance.
  • Incorporation of Scalability

    If your legacy application is lacking functionality that enables it to part of the modern sphere, our development team will design and incorporate scalable functionality so it becomes easier to maintain and evolve on demand.

Legacy Application Modernization Implementation Process We Follow

STAMOD follows a highly streamlined legacy application modernization and development process ensuring all deliverables are achieved within stipulated time frames. Our process is as follows –


01. Strategy and Proposal

We talk to clients an capture their needs and business challenges


02. Designing

We will conceptualize a strategy to ensure legacy application modernization is cost-effective


03. Client Approval

The concept will be shared with the client to take their feedback and approval


04. Development and Integration

Once the client signals to commence the project, we will direct our teams to decode the legacy apps and develop modern features or scale into modern platforms


05. Quality Check

After the process is complete, the QA team assesses the code modules with business cases


06. Go-live

After clearing the QA tests, the project will be delivered to the client and if requested, we will provide support to bring the apps into operational condition


07. Support and Maintenance

After the app is deployed, we will continue supervision to ensure a smooth and glitch-free experience

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!