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Enterprise Application Development Services

Safe storage and exchange of information, third-party collaborations, workflow management, and unified data access have become pressing issues for the growing enterprises with operations at multiple locations. It has become the need of the hour to develop innovative enterprise solutions to bring the varied systems, processes, data, and teams to a common platform and make it easy for them to collaborate and take decisions. With an experience of over 22 years in enterprise app development and mobility services, STAMOD has earned its position as the most favored enterprise application development company.

We cater to the mobile application development needs of our clients from varied sectors, ranging from healthcare, retail, IT, finance, manufacturing, to telecommunications. With rich experience in software development, STAMOD provides end-to-end innovative mobile application solutions to integrate organizations’ workflows and data, leading them to use their resources more optimally and efficiently.

STAMOD's Enterprise App Development Services

STAMOD provides a complete range of customized Enterprise app development services to global clients belonging to diverse industry verticals. Our services include –

  • Strategizing and Consulting Services

    Each industry is different and each business operates uniquely. We understand the needs of our clients and identify the pain points, gaps, goals, budget, IT environment, available resources, etc., and then strategize the mobility process apt for them. Our strategies are customized to meet your precise needs through robust enterprise apps.
  • Native app Development Services

    STAMOD’s expert software developers have exhaustive knowledge of tools like Xcode, Visual Studio, Android Studio, etc., enabling them to build customized and innovative mobile apps, covering all specifications of the client. The app can be developed for various business needs like process automation, integration of team processes, field services, brand promotions, marketing, sales, workflow management, and others.
  • Modernization of Legacy Applications

    We provide complete solutions for smooth migration, modification, and modernization of legacy applications to help the businesses optimize their operations, streamline their processes, and generate higher productivity. We transform your old applications into new feature-rich and sophisticated apps without losing any data.
  • Cloud-based Application Development

    Building a cloud-driven enterprise requires an innate understanding of the distinct processes and software that are being used by a company. Our developers are well-versed with various cloud technologies and they leverage them to successfully deploy and integrate various processes to create a high-functioning cloud platform for businesses.
  • Cross-platform Enterprise App Development

    We use the power of tools like Sencha, Ionic, Xamarin to provide mobile access to enterprise applications. Additionally, we use cutting-edge technologies such as Nodejs, MongoDB, Django, and many others, to create cross-platform apps that are fully supported on all mobile operating systems.
  • Mobile App Management

    We provide end-to-end solutions for application maintenance, upgrade, feature-enhancement, testing, bug-fixing, governance, marketing, security, distribution, and other support services.
  • M-commerce Application Development

    Our team consists of experts in the area of building bespoke media for m-commerce platforms, marketing media portals, and CMS using frameworks like Tensorflow, Numpy, and others. These intelligent tools help us create highly-efficient e-commerce apps with innovative features like user-response predictions, analysis of their past buying records, relevant recommendations, etc.
  • Low-energy Consuming Enterprise Application Development

    Being one of the market leaders in the field of enterprise application development services, we are always one step ahead in identifying, experimenting, and innovating with the trends. Our proficient developers can build apps that make use of Bluetooth and WiFi, to support inventory management, location-based response management, warehousing, etc., while consuming lower energy and bandwidth.

Our Enterprise Application Development Process

Key steps in our app development process for enterprises include –


01. Analyzing the client’s requirements

We thoroughly study the client’s needs, strategize the app development lifecycle process, and establish quality measures to track progress


02. Agile development

We make use of the Agile development framework to build incremental working modules of the app and take the client’s input at each stage of development to ensure enhancement and relevance


03. Testing and quality check

The developed app goes through a rigorous and multi-faceted testing phase. Every aspect of the app is checked for any issues, bugs, etc., and are resolved


04. Integration and delivery of the application

Creating user IDs, migrating data, granting access, integrating it with other processes and software, creating cloud-based enterprise app, etc., are all covered in this stage


05. App launch and training

We make the app go live and train your staff to get the maximum benefit out of the app


06. Support and maintenance

Application maintenance, periodic updates, addressal of any arising queries, feature upgrades, and other support solutions are extended to our clients for the smooth functioning of their app

Why Choose STAMOD For Outsourcing Enterprise Application Development Services?

STAMOD has successfully reinvented hundreds of businesses, processes, business models, and marketing campaigns with cutting-edge application development solutions. We offer several unique advantages –

  • A pool of all-rounded Expert Developers
    We boast of a vast team of UI/UX designers, AI experts, computer programming experts, web developers, microcontroller designers, testing experts, NFC engineers, voice and image recognition capabilities, and database developers with high-proficiency and qualification in their respective fields.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Processes
    We have been certified by the reputed ISO, making us a highly qualified and reliable choice for outsourcing enterprise application development services.
  • Affordable Pricing
    We don’t offer you high-priced pre-packaged solutions, as our focus is always on customizing enterprise app development services. This assures that our services do not burn a hole in your pocket and you pay only for the services that are required.
  • Vast Application Development Experience
    Our esteemed client-base includes companies from Fortune 500 to the budding entrepreneurs with ingenious business models, making us a trusted enterprise application development service provider.
  • Highly Scalable Operations
    We are fully-equipped to manage high volume work as we have a huge team operating at multiple locations. Our services are flexible and we adapt according to the client requirements.
  • Outstanding Customer Support
    The varied time-zone operations ensure that we are always there for our customers, paving the way for a trustworthy and collaborative relationship with all our clients.
  • Confidentiality Guarantee
    We are committed to maintaining a hundred percent data security, backup, and confidentiality of our clients. We have advanced level security protocols and access controls so that your enterprise data remains safe.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!