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Open Source Content Management Systems

Do you have a website for which you want to attract more visitors? Are you looking for ways to increase the appeal and attractiveness of your websites? Are you looking for solutions to manage and maintain your websites? Are you looking for the best open source and cost-effective solutions to edit, create, and publish your content on the web? If so, you need to seriously consider using an open-source content management system.

STAMOD is a leading open-source CMS web development company and has years of experience and expertise in providing open-source content management system services for clients across the world, including corporate clients, bloggers, online communities, web developers and designers, and government organizations, among others. Outsourcing open source CMS development services to us can help you create stunning websites that are user-friendly and cost-effective to deploy.

Our Open Source Content Management System Services

As the world moves towards a more collaborative form of content generation, and as your website grows, you need to minimize your dependency on the web developer to upload, edit or delete content. The speed at which your website reflects the right content to the right people and enables them to post their own comments and content defines your website and will continue to do so in the future.

You can leverage open source web content management systems to efficiently manage content on your website or intranet site. Many open-source CMSs are freely available for download, but there is a need to customize and enhance them so that they can be made suitable for your requirements. Outsource open source content management system services to us to enable your websites to attract more customers.

Our open source content management system services include -


  • WordPress Development Services

    WordPress is without a doubt the most used open-source CMS around the globe. Initially conceived to help users blog effectively, it now boasts of an entire range of extensions that turn it into a full content management system. WordPress provides more than 18,000 extensions and over 14,000 design templates and is quick and easy to install. Its URL's are a search engine and SEO friendly and you also get access to mobile tools for management and publishing. STAMOD provides comprehensive WordPress development services.
  • Magento Development Services

    We provide expert Magento development services to cater to distinct and diverse business needs. Magento is increasingly being used as an effective open source CMS for e-commerce sites. While it does come with a paid version, the open-source version also comes with advanced functionality. It is flexible, has extended functionality and good security, and is suitable for developing and deploying e-commerce sites.
  • Joomla Development Services

    Joomla is a very popular open-source CMS and has about 2.5 million people using it. One of the advantages of using Joomla is that it provides great functionality right from the CMS without the user needing to install additional extensions. However, there are also about 7400 extensions available and the content management in Joomla is object-based enabling users to write and share extensions of their own. STAMOD can harness the full power of Joomla to develop excellent websites.
  • Drupal Development Services

    Drupal is another extremely popular open-source CMS used by millions of users. Originally developed to be a student community solution, it has since developed into something much more. It has a very basic installation and can be extended with a large number of modules. It provides a modular layout with a lot of options for customization and is great for community projects and social publishing. STAMOD can help you make full use of Drupal for your specific requirements.
  • OsCommerce Development Services

    OsCommerce is another popular open-source CMS and provides all the tools necessary to help set up a complete and self-hosted website and online store for free. It is popular for hosting online stores. There are over 340,000 store owners, developers, and service providers using OsCommerce and there are also over 8,900 add-ons available to further help you customize your website. We can build stunning eCommerce stores using the OsCommerce platform.
  • PrestaShop Development Services

    We have the relevant skills and experience to deliver outstanding business solutions for your online shops using the open-source e-commerce solution PrestaShop. Initially started in 2005 as a student project, it has since grown in size, scale, scope, and reach to now power over 250,000 shops worldwide. PrestaShop boasts more than 300 in-built features for managing payments, product listings, manufacturers, suppliers, and shipping. Its web template system allows easy customization of themes and the ability to add new features. Use our PrestaShop development services to take your online store to the next level.
  • X-Cart

    X-Cart is a popular shopping cart platform founded in 2000 and currently being used to power over 30,000 stores worldwide. Our team of skilled X-Cart development professionals can create bespoke and feature-rich websites and integrate them with all the popular payment functionalities and solutions, making your overall site more accessible, appealing, and feature-rich.
  • Zencart

    Zencart is an excellent online store management system that makes managing online stores easier and hassle-free. It is a user-friendly, free, open-source shopping cart software. It has many popular payment gateways built-in, meaning that you can begin accepting payments immediately. It is freely customizable and allows anyone to modify the source code in order to build a custom shopping cart solution that meets specific needs and requirements. STAMOD provides high-quality solutions and can customize Zencart to suit your particular needs.
  • Open Source Content Management System Customization

    We have expertise in building customized web-based content management systems using Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke, and several other applications. We can undertake end-to-end deployment and customization work for these CMS applications. Having implemented CMS for hundreds of clients in different industries, our team understands the unique features, pros and cons of the popular open-source CMS technologies. After understanding your requirements, we will suggest a solution that meets your requirements perfectly.
  • Custom CMS Development

    We can also develop a unique and custom content management system for your entire website for portions of your website like blogs, forums, news, press releases, RSS, etc. Utilizing technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP we can build customized, stable and flexible content management systems.


Our Other Open Source CMS Expertise

In addition to the above, we also have experience and expertise in using and deploying the following open source CMS solutions –

Advantages of Using a Content Management System

There are several advantages to using a content management system, including –

  • Faster development of collaborative, community websites
  • Minimize dependency on web developers for day-to-day content-related tasks
  • Change features and themes at a click of a button
  • Build a strong information architecture
  • Shorten the learning curve for web content publishing
  • Strengthen content security
  • Give user privileges
  • Get the flexibility to change or reorganize the website whenever you want

Our Content Management System Development Process

We are among the top open-source CMS companies in India and follow an efficient and reliable process for delivery and deployment of our CMS solutions. Key steps in our process include –
  1. Requirement Gathering
In this step, we engage with you to elicit and gather your requirements in detail.
  1. Design
We then create an initial CMS design and come up with a detailed project plan.
  1. CMS Development
After the initial design has been approved, we develop the CMS using the appropriate technologies according to the project plan.
  1. Testing
Once the CMS has been developed, we begin extensive testing of the system to catch all the bugs and flaws.
  1. Deployment
Once the bugs and flaws have been fixed, we deploy the CMS in the live environment and provide ongoing maintenance and support as necessary.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!