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Content Management Systems

Are you looking for greater success on the web through leveraging loads of content? Is your present content management system (CMS) not able to cope with the sheer number of webpages that need to go online every day? Are you finding it impossible to have your webmasters manually update and upload content regularly? If so, you need a super-smart content management system and you are in luck because we provide a whole host of content management system services.

STAMOD is a leading content management system service provider in India and abroad. A CMS is a powerful software application that makes content creation, editing, and maintenance of web pages easy. We can help you manage your static or dynamic website by integrating our web content management system to your website. If you are looking for the best content management system development in India, you need look no further. STAMOD can develop a website with CMS from scratch for you.

Our Content Management System Services

STAMOD provides a gamut of CMS web development services. Outsourcing content management system services to us is the right move if you are looking for an experienced and reliable CMS web development company to help with your content management requirements. Our content management system services include -


  • Easy Content Management

    We facilitate quick and easy updating of your website for adding and removing content. We also provide an uncomplicated meta tag management system. Multiple publishers can easily upload content.
  • Cloud Services

    We can help you build, deploy, and manage your content management system in the cloud. We can help you manage your entire software stack and infrastructure using the latest tools and technologies. With our cloud services, you can improve compliance and risk management, lower IT infrastructure costs, and increase agility.
  • Content Management Consulting Services

    We provide a complete range of consulting services related to content management systems. We help you plan and execute your content management strategies. Our CMS consulting services help you reduce time to market, lower costs and risks, and gain a competitive advantage. We help with rapid and safe data migrations, help you achieve industry-specific regulatory compliance, plan and implement personalized CMS systems, and improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Big Data Services

    Our big data and intelligence services provide you with insightful and actionable insights and predictive analytics to help you plan and implement effective CMS campaigns. With this, you can reduce the time needed for new technology adoption, improve your decision-making capability, and enhance user confidence and self-sufficiency.
  • Simple and Customizable UI

    We provide easy and convenient customization of web page designs and templates. We also provide a simple user interface design that does not require you to hire a programmer to edit content on your website. Any non-technical author of content can use the CMS.
  • Round-the-clock CMS Support

    We provide tailor-made support for your business-critical content management system deployments. Our unique, efficient, and effective combination of processes, people, and technology is always responsive to your needs. We are always available to help you mitigate potential risks and issues and reduce the resolution-time of problems for maximizing your investment.
  • SEO-friendly CMS Development

    We provide a search engine friendly CMS development that efficiently manages meta tags for the web pages.
  • Tracking and Analysis System

    We can provide in-built website traffic tracking and analysis system services to track and analyze all web traffic to your site.
  • Structured Workflow

    We help you establish a structured workflow and in-house process for publishing.
  • Content Security

    We provide assured content security with restricted access and strong data protection methods.
  • Image Uploading and Archiving

    We provide easy image uploading and flash content management systems. With our services, you can also regularly and easily archive your webpages.


Our Content Management System Process

We follow a well-defined process for providing our content management system services. Key steps in our process are –

01. Requirement Analysis

Our consultants will coordinate with you to gather information about your requirements in detail.

02. Analysis

In this step, our project manager will analyze the requirements in detail to come up with a robust project plan.

03. Design

In this step, the initial design of the CMS will be constructed and sent to you for approval. Once approved by you, we will finalize the design after incorporating your feedback if any.

04. Development

The CMS will begin to be developed according to the detailed project plan drawn up.

05. Integration and Testing

After successful development, the CMS will be integrated at your end and thoroughly tested to remove all errors, bugs, and inconsistencies.

06. Final Deployment

The CMS is deployed after correcting all the errors and bugs and getting your final approval and acceptance of the CMS deployment.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!