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Blockchain Development Services

Are you in need of a block development services provider to roll out blockchain products? With more than two decades of experience in the design and development of next-gen blockchain technologies and integrating them into our client’s business, STAMOD is proclaimed as a top outstanding blockchain development service providing company. As an adept blockchain development service provider, we are alpha geeks in blockchain application development and producing peer-to-peer network thrust by this technology’s potential.

STAMOD provides personalized services depending upon the present blockchain development tools like Ethereum and Bitcoin, in addition to developing blockchain-based decentralized applications. We have tremendous expertise in blockchain application development and the diverse features of it. We can help different sectors ranging from healthcare to financial and manufacturing industry to leverage this technology.

Blockchain Development Services that We Offer

If you are looking for innovative business solutions that can skyrocket your business process and render higher performance, transparency, and efficiency, then outsource blockchain development services to us. Our blockchain application development has helped our clients to create and maintain an infrastructure that proficiently meets their business goals at lower costs. Our blockchain development services include –

  • Crypto Wallet Development

    STAMOD provides secured and reliable wallet development services for easy cryptocurrency transfer. We have immense mobile and web development knowledge that when combined with our experience in cloud services creates compendious wallet services. Our crypto-wallet development service comes with robust safety features such as private key generation, digital asset repositories, security tokens, wallet address generation, and completely encrypted transactions.
  • Private Blockchain development

    We provide blockchain development services in India for business, where operations are handled by an authorized member of the company. We are popular for creating highly secure network applications that offer protection against data breach, misrepresentation, and manipulation. STAMOD develops ‘members-only’ network that is guarded by the central consortium to allow highly confidential business transaction such as the user authentication document validation and payments.
  • Hyperledger Development

    STAMOD professionals have mastered the two main tools of blockchain technology – Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth. These are used for creating lightweight blockchain technology applications. Hyperledger is widely used to provide services for sectors like operation management, freight tracking, and supply chain management to name a few. Hyperledger combined with STAMOD expertise allow us to artifice bespoke decentralized apps for enhanced business possibilities.
  • Decentralized Application Development

    As a well-known blockchain development service providing company, we have a knack in developing extremely complex, advanced, and scalable decentralized applications using mainstream blockchain development software. We have successfully developed several decentralized apps for handling given needs of a business, which range from processing payments to validating user authenticity and so on. Our portfolio ranges from data storage applications to peer to peer networking, self-learning, and predictions.
  • Smart Contract Services

    We provide blockchain technology development services that perform tasks automatically which assist your team in surveying agreements, contracts, and terms. Our services let you build fast, dependable, and tamper-resistant contracts that can be easily enforced. Smart contract services of STAMOD renders the best security for your business by necessitating the performance of an agreement or transaction.


STAMOD's Blockchain Development Services Process Flow

Being one of the leading Blockchain development service providers, we believe in providing quality services to our clients within a quick time. This is possible by leveraging a streamlined and systematic Blockchain development process. The key steps involved in our process are listed here –


01. Knowing Client Requirements and Design

Our expert team connects with you to clearly understand your needs. Then we use blockchain technology to create a prototype solution for the requirements you provided


02. Identifying Appropriate Platform for Development

We receive feedback on step 1 and then from the wide range of available blockchain technologies such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, Hyperledger Sawtooth, etc. we choose the best platform for your desired blockchain development


03. Implementing Design and Functionality

After the platform selection, STAMOD blockchain development experts produce user interfaces and integrate APIs. All the major core functionalities are developed in this step


04. Upgrading the Application

In an iterative manner, the application is continuously checked for its performance, which is improved timely as per new business needs. The application is upgraded based on client feedback as well


05. Testing the Application

Each blockchain application development we do is sent across the testing team to subject it for beta testing to find performance issues and glitches. Then it’s sent to developers for making changes. The completed application is deployed and made live to be used by authorized members


06. Deployment

The finalized application is pushed onto the production server so that your authorized team can use it. Thereafter, we monitor the performance of this application and roll out the continuous update

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!