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ASP.NET Development Services

Are you looking for a company which can provide ASP.NET development services to outsource development of web apps and web services? You can find the best ASP.NET developers with a great cultural fit from STAMOD . We can build a wide range of smartphones, desktop, web, public & remote cloud-based .NET applications. Our experienced ASP.NET developers have extensive expertise in building steady and robust applications using ASP.NET, MVC, C#, SharePoint, Orchard CMS, WinForms, etc.

Till date, our ASP.NET consultants have successfully delivered hundreds of web-based ASP.NET projects including basic to intricate ones. We have designed intuitive and cutting-edge user experiences using Microsoft .NET technologies for a variety of business needs. Our high-quality ASP.NET development services do not come with premium rates. We always provide the flexibility to customize the service to your budget preference.

ASP.NET Development Services We Offer

Microsoft .NET framework is being invariably deployed by a whole gamut of enterprises across industry verticals for web development, as the ASP.NET magic accelerates the speed at which mission-critical applications are developed. If you have a small budget and a smaller project requirement involving a few developers rather than a large team, we have just the solution you need. At STAMOD , We keep ourselves abreast with the latest updates on the .NET platform to ensure that our development and consulting services meet your business' future .NET challenges! The ASP.NET consulting services we offer covers the following -

  • Custom ASP.NET Application Development

    As a leading provider of ASP.NET consulting in India, we build custom and cross-platform mobile apps on the .NET platform by leveraging the ASP.NET framework and ASP.NET IDE. We use Microsoft's endorsed best practices and use frameworks like MVC5 to build enterprise-grade solutions. The solutions comprise the desktop and mobile devices, cloud, IoT, and a few other web-hosted domains. We are also expert in ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET 4.5, and ASP.NET Core, VB.NET conversions, app modernization, and managing the threading services.
  • ASP.NET Desktop Application Development

    STAMOD is a leading ASP.NET web application development company where we can build a rich desktop application using WinForms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). We can also develop console applications, GUI applications, and Windows-specific store apps.
  • ASP.NET Mobile App Development

    We can create robust Windows phone apps that can solve your enterprise problems while providing the unsurpassed user experience. Our programmers are also expert at Xamarin and can also build cross-platform Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Azure Development Services

    Our Dot Net application development portfolio covers Windows Azure cloud app development. We can create and deploy dynamic web and mobile into the cloud, which will transform your whole enterprise app experience. We offer the creation of distributed applications, mobile services, cloud services, data storage applications, and Azure migration. And we can also modernize your enterprise app using ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, or C#.
  • E-Commerce Platform Development

    If you want full control over your online store, then our ASP.NET E-Commerce development solutions can help you do that. Moreover, our built applications will also assist you to promote your products or services. We can create online solutions ranging from the shopping cart, online auctions to integrating your payment mode with the latest security features.
  • Migration of Legacy Application to ASP.NET

    If you want to add new functionalities to your current application, then you must consider outsourcing ASP.NET MVC development services to us. We can migrate your legacy application to ASP.NET, MVC, C#, VB.NET, .NET, etc., which will help you update the data model of your software. This will eliminate any need to re-create or scrap your database.
  • Maintenance and Support

    When you choose us to offshore ASP.NET development services, we will keep your customer-facing website up & running, while adding new features and updates at the same time. Be it database migration to the live site, or rendering upgrades, or any software module integration, we can provide all types of migration and support services.
  • Ready-to-hire ASP.NET Programmers

    When you decide on outsourcing ASP.NET consulting services to us, you can also hire our experienced ASP.NET programmers to help you build web-based or mobile solutions. The resources will be focused on working only on your projects and you will also get a dedicated project manager who will provide you with real-time insights on the development of your applications.


Our ASP.NET Development Expertise

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Our ASP.NET Technical Competency

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 / 4.8 ASP.NET MVC Node.js Knockout.js Win Forms VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, VC++, and J# Visual Studio .NET 2017/2019 ADO.NET Knowledge of web services, web forms, web server controls, XML, XSL and RSS COM Interoperability Knowledge of HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and AJAX

Our ASP.NET Development Process

STAMOD’s ASP.NET development process is simple and efficient. As a professional ASP.NET consulting company we will help you understand our process without bombarding with jargons and fine print. The ASP.NET development will be handled as follows –

  1. Research and Planning

Using Business process management and multiple collaboration we will understand your specific requirement

  1. Conceptualization and Designing

We will conceptualize a model by applying concepts of ASP.NET and the same will be proposed for your approval

  1. Developing Software with ASP.NET

We will use ASP.NET to commence full-fledged development. We will use the latest coding methodologies to build scalable and lightweight applications

  1. Application Testing

We will test your .NET applications using automated testing suites. We will aim to uncover bugs and rectify the same

  1. Deployment and Support

We will deploy your .NET application and provide training to help you migrate operations. Additionally, we will continue providing the support to keep your application in great shape

Our ASP.NET Development Process

Our team of programmers and analysts has expertise in .NET application development making us the best ASP.NET consulting services in India. Our ASP.NET Consultants and developers are currently working with the latest web development technologies in the .NET Framework 4.8, which includes –

  • Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Microsoft partnership has given us the ASP.NET consulting acuity to design intelligent apps, additionally

  • Our knowledge of popular web standards and technologies like XML, UDDI, HTTP, VB.NET, AJAX, C#, and SOAP, serve as the backbone of our .NET application development services
  • Our expertise in ASP.NET MVC framework allows us to build scalable, standards-based web applications using well-established design patterns and the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework
  • We use Node.js (an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model and a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime) to build fast, scalable network applications that run perfectly in data-intensive real-time scenario across distributed devices
  • Knockout.js helps in simplifying dynamic JavaScript UIs using the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern. We create rich responsive displays, and editor user interfaces with a clean underlying data model using Knockout (a JavaScript library)
  • Our mix of open source services includes Quartz.NET, Log4Net, NHibernate, and Spring.NET
  • We have expertise in mid-tier and Windows Workflow Foundation like LINQ, ReSharper, VSTS, and Telerik
  • We can use any third-party control kits such as Telerik and Infragistics
  • Our team is capable of developing software that can generate customized PDF reports and geographical maps
  • We have the ability to develop .NET applications with any back-end database including MYSQL, Oracle, etc.

ASP.NET Development Tools We Leverage

At STAMOD , we aim at rendering compatible ASP.NET development services that will enable you to beat your competitors and boost your ROI. Some of the tools we rely on to provide .NET development services are –

Why Should You Outsource ASP.NET Development Services to STAMOD ?

We have always been the top choice for companies where development roles demanded knowledge of the latest framework and the ASP.NET technology stack. Our trusted app development solutions can add momentum to your goals because of the following reasons –

  • ISO Certified ASP.NET Development Services Provider
    STAMOD is an ISO 9001:2015 certified ASP.NET development company to which quality is a number one priority. We make efforts to meet the SLA and timeliness of the service to ensure that you are most satisfied with our services.
  • 100% Information Security
    Any data shared by you or any confidential business ideas are stored in secure locations and all communications are completely confidential. Once you collaborate with us, we can protect your application from security misconfiguration, unwarranted SQL injections, delicate data exposure, cross-site forgery, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, unverified redirects, and other harmful files. We take great care to keep your data safe by following the ISO 27001:2013 certified data management practices.
  • High-quality ASP.NET Development Practices
    The applications we develop are tested vigorously using the best testing suites and changes (if any) will be implemented to the codes to ensure strict compliance with standards.
  • Cost-effective Solutions
    Our quality ASP.NET services come at very cost-effective rates. Our services are nominal compared to other providers because we offer you the complete choice when it comes to ASP.NET development services. You can choose the number of developers, the tools, and the testing suites that fit your budget.
  • Team of Experienced ASP.NET Developers
    Our team of web developers has a sound knowledge about web standards such as XML, VB, AJAX, C#, SOAP, etc. which forms the backbone of all .NET application development services. We have the capability to develop ASP.NET applications with any kind of back-end integration using MySQL, Oracle, and more. In addition, we hand-pick experienced .NET programmers who can create simple to complex ASP.NET-based applications. With us, you will have 100% transparency at each .NET development phase. We also have technical expertise in ASP.NET MVC 5.2.7, cross-platform .NET, Visual Studio .NET, windows-forms development, etc.
  • Excellent Infrastructure
    STAMOD’s professional .NET consulting services draw heavily on our in-house research and development facility. ASP.NET, the new-age pioneering technology from the Microsoft stable, gives users the sought-after interoperability. It is a very popular software development framework to create engaging applications and websites as it enables the development of web applications in a safe environment with sturdy security features.
  • Scalable ASP.NET Development Solutions
    ASP.NET development is a scalable service that is an ideal choice for businesses where the requirement isn’t the same. With the scalable option, you can avail our services in part or as a comprehensive package depending on your budget and business need.
  • Timely Services
    We believe in delivering apps in time to reduce the risk at your end especially if the development involves mission-critical app. Our timely services can be counted upon if you have a planned software release in a short TAT.
  • SPOC
    A dedicated project manager will always assist you in every aspect so that you are always informed about the progress. Get up-to-the-minute updates on the go and if you need assistance or clarification, our SPOC will be highly available to resolve your concerns.
  • Round-the-clock Support
    Get unparalleled round-the-clock support anytime, anywhere by making us your ASP.NET development partner. We will assist you with a personal touch to enhance your experience with us. We can be reached through your preferred medium, whether it is a phone call, email, or webchat.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!