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SPA Development Services

Are you still counting on traditional web design to host your large-scale app with complex UI and content pages? Time to give it give a stellar makeover with SPA development. At STAMOD, it’s all about simplifying your multipage website into a single pager. It may not seem a challenge at first, but when you consider a large volume of traffic and the number of devices that are used to access your site, a complex UI will begin showing chinks in its performance almost instantly. This is why you must outsource SPA development services and let experts worry about making your website the favorite in the crowded markets. With single page application development, we make your site dynamic with sophisticated UX and simplified navigation.

Being a reputed SPA development services providing company, we do things differently than most others can to make your site feel faster and snappier to first-time users and returning traffic. Your page won’t ever have to reload each time on page clicks. This makes end-user want to stay longer and even convert into a buyer.

SPA Development Services We Offer

STAMOD is a top SPA development service providing company that has made its mark through the development of powerful SPAs. Each year, we are breaking our previous records to become a better SPA development service provider. Our SPA development services include –

  • E-commerce Systems Development

    Being a top SPA development company, we develop SPA for eCommerce to lower the cost of developing multiple complex UIs. The paradigm shifts, if adopted en masse, will ease the relationship with frequent buyers because of decreased loading time, dynamic content, snappier performance, and more. Whether small or big, all eCommerce businesses can have SPA development bring a big change in the online business.
  • Resource Management Solutions

    Merging and managing resources in a large and complex business environment is a nightmare for most corporates. So that’s where SPA development comes in. It makes resource management hassle-free and instantaneous. Plus, the solution can be scaled on demand.
  • Document Workflow Automation Solutions

    Workflow automation is a turning point for most businesses to maximize performance. However, it is not always an easy step to take when budget constraints are at play. But at STAMOD, we don’t let that come in the way of your business. We automate workflow and operations so that your process is faster and free from human-induced errors.
  • Recruitment Platform Development

    Ease of recruitment has topped the wish list for most companies. The lack of transparency and other issues make the system in need of a change. This is solved with single page automation. Our software developers create a recruitment platform that is simpler and efficient.
  • Analytical Platforms Development

    Get the power of analytics at your fingertips with analytical platform development from STAMOD. We develop SPA solutions to empower you with ways to perform data crunching.
  • Staff Augmentation

    If you lack in-house talents that are ready to help you adopt the best of SPA, you can hire an FTE from us to work as an extension of your team and they will help you implement a project within the stipulated time and train your existing team in SPA development standards.


SPA Development Process We Follow

  • At STAMOD, we follow a sophisticated and disciplined SPA development process that encompasses best and relevant practices. Our process is as follows –

    1. Requirement Analysis

    After collecting the key information, we will architect a solution and plan a detailed road map

    1. Designing the UX and UI

    The software spec list will be converted into a design plan with design mockups and prototype

    1. Development of Software

    With the chosen code, the front end and back end teams will resume development and complete the process with agility

    1. Testing

    QA tests will be carried on each phase and bugs will be captured and reported through active tracking. Testing will continue till all results come clean

    05. Deployment and Support

    The project will be deployed as per the plan and maintenance support will be rolled out

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!