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Mobile App Design Services

At present, there are more than 2.8 million applications on Android’s Google Play Store and around 2.2 million on the App Store of Apple Inc. These two application store giants take up majority of the mobile app market and any other competition seems bleak. However, when it comes to individual apps, the rivalry is intense, given the number of applications available on both the platforms for one particular function.

On one hand, applications are essential to the success of any business nowadays. It defines how well-placed the company’s digital marketing strategies are. But on the other hand, organizations have their task cut out for them when it comes to besting the competition and stand out in the crowd.

That is where STAMOD steps in. Allow us to compile your visions, aspirations, and objectives into the most relevant and dynamic mobile application for your business, that will not only help you cut through the encroaching competition but also establish a brand of your own.

Our Mobile Application Design Services

At STAMOD, we take pride in our meticulous research, creative designing and skillful implementation of UI/UX detailing in the applications we build for your business. Our services include -

  • Idea Genesis

    We take the seed of inception from your propositions, nourish it with thorough market research and analysis and nurture it with the skills of creativity and innovation of our expert professionals into an engrossing, comprehensive idea of mobile application solutions.
  • Data Structuring

    Collection, comprehension, and incorporation of relevant data into the app's core functionalities and additional features is one of our key strengths. With your assistance, we configure and reconfigure the necessary data and assimilate the same in the mobile application's design components.
  • Interactive Prototype

    The bridge that gaps the drawing board and the actual application running on devices is the establishment of the prototype. It is important to settle on a skeleton for the application not only to move forward from the embryonic state of the application to its future stages but also to create a strong foundation for future enhancements and upgrades.
  • Mobile UI Designing

    We specialize in developing high-quality, engaging mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. Logo icons, themes and backgrounds, widget designs, screen transitions, animations and the overall look of the application are tweaked and improved by us extensively to your satisfaction.
  • Mobile UX Designing

    Since the main objective of your mobile application is to cater to your customer's convenience, we ensure that the User Experience of the applications we develop are smooth and lucid and blends in seamlessly with the Operating System of the devices. It is only when an application transcends the scope of functionality and foray into enhanced engagements, that it can be called an ultimate success.
  • Trials and Testing

    Before deploying the application to the market, we run exclusive trials and testing for every aspect of the application and make sure they are all fully functional individually as well as with each other perfectly. Only after all the kinks are ironed out and all the glitches and misalignments dealt with do we give it a green signal for launch.


Our Mobile Application Design Process, Explained

Why Should You Design a Mobile Application?

  • It Boosts Interest - When we build up an app for you, it gives you a simple method to grandstand your items or departments to your clients and plans clients.
  • Build a Stronger Brand - A standout amongst the most important things a mobile app offers to buyers is familiarity with and correspondence with your brand.

Raising Profits - At the point when consumer loyalty builds, deals commonly do as well. The more intrigued and satisfied individuals become with your item and your business, the more prominent purchaser request will develop.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!