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Microsoft PowerApps Services

Microsoft PowerApps is a platform that provides companies with cutting-edge tools to build custom business applications in a very short period while offering a uniform browser and mobile app experience to its users. Being one of the pioneers in the field of Microsoft PowerApps consulting services,  STAMOD provides extensive solutions that include designing, development, consultation, support, and maintenance to businesses of all operational scales across industries.

 STAMOD is a trusted Microsoft PowerApps service provider and our developers have expertise in providing quality-tested professional applications for your business. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, our team of app developers specializes in seamless development of PowerApps and their integration with several data systems like SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Office 365, SQL Server, Slack, Microsoft Azure, etc., along with, external system integrations with Flow, Power BI, and others.

Microsoft PowerApps Services We Offer

At STAMOD, we have 22 years of experience in a range of mobile app development solutions. The Microsoft PowerApps services offered by  STAMOD are as follows -

  • Microsoft PowerApps Consulting Services and Strategic Planning Services

    We offer expert technical and strategic guidance for a seamless PowerApps implementation strategy. We specialize in offering exceptional solutions that can help businesses streamline data and processes to achieve all their marketing objectives, making us one of the most sought-after Microsoft PowerApps consulting company.
  • PowerApps Development

    We can create both tablet-specific and model-driven apps as per the client's needs. Under tablet-focused apps, we connect the stored business data with Common Data Service and other data storage systems, and for model-led apps, our experts apply JavaScript along with server-side logic using various workflows, plugin features, etc.
  • UI and UX led App Designs

    We have a proficient team of UI and UX designers. UI developers focus on building the app in light of its dynamic structure and connecting elements, while the UX designers use PowerApps design studio to create the shell of the app. The data sourcing and incorporating application logic is carried out by UI designers.
  • Assistance in Canvas apps, Azure function, and Embedding of apps

    We provide expert PowerApps solutions where we use canvas apps as the front-end and create the Azure functions with Azure table storage to aid the back-end support. We also assist in embedding business apps in the Power BI dashboard to expand the operational possibilities.
  • Facilitating Various System Integrations

    Our developers use canvas-app/data connectors to integrate PowerApps and other business apps with systems like SharePoint, Excel, Dropbox, Office 365, Dynamic 365, OneDrive, and many others.
  • Enabling Common Data Management Services

    Automating workflows, simplifying business practices, setting default values and validation logic for improved data validation, etc., are various assistance services we provide our clients for efficient use of Common Data Service.
  • Creating Power BI Reports

    We integrate Power BI in PowerApps, analyze Power BI generated data for insights, and draw BI reports for quick anytime analytics customized for your business.
  • Support and Maintenance Services

    STAMOD offers specialized and fully-flexible support services for smooth Microsoft PowerApps implementation. Apart from fixing errors, we also provide training to your support staff for effective management in the future.
  • Customized Solutions for Varied Businesses
    We can tailor-make our Microsoft PowerApps services for companies of varied sizes and industries. Businesses can leverage the benefit of custom-suited design, development, consultation, and support services as per their requirements and specific needs.

Microsoft PowerApps Implementation Process We Follow

Microsoft PowerApps Implementation Process We Follow

 STAMOD follows highly standardized Microsoft PowerApps design and development process ensuring work deliveries within the predetermined time frames. The 7-step process we follow is as follows -

  1. Strategy and Proposal- Developing PowerApps strategy that encapsulates all client requirements and offers a fair insight into the plan of action to achieve the business objectives.
  1. Designing- A design is laid out by our expert designers using UI and UX capabilities.
  1. Client Approval- Sending the design draft for the client's validation.
  1. Development and Integration- The designers and developers work closely to build the desired app and include all the required features. Integrations with other data systems are carried out.
  1. Quality Check- Multi-level quality checks to ensure complete accuracy and error-free development. The final verification is sought from the client.
  1. Go-live- Launching the PowerApp and making sure that it is functioning as desired.
  1. Support and Maintenance- Employing periodic maintenance of the PowerApp, staff training, etc., if and when required.

Flutter App Development Services

Are you looking to leverage a single coding architecture that allows for the use of a single code base for different platforms such as iOS and Android platforms? Are you looking to provide a more fluent and faster experience for your end-users? Are you having to devote too much time to testing your apps on different platforms and looking for a solution that makes your testing process easier? If so, you should seriously consider using the Flutter software development kit (SDK) and partnering with us to develop your apps using Flutter.

 STAMOD is a leading provider of Flutter app development services in India and abroad and provides highly personalized services. We provide custom server-side APIs for mobile as well as accessible SDKs. Our quick support and maintenance as well as advanced app development approach ensure that you receive cutting-edge cross-platform app development and end-to-end project management together with eye-catching UIs and hot reloads.

Our Flutter App Development Services

Flutter is a cross-platform SDK that does not require writing different codes for creating different apps to be run on different platforms. Flutter comes with a complete package of the framework, tools, and widgets that enables the creation of efficient, enhanced, and visually stunning apps.  STAMOD has a team of dedicated Flutter software developers that can provide you with just the app development services you need.

Outsourcing Flutter app development services to us ensures that you save on costs while still getting excellent-quality Flutter app development services that perfectly match your requirements. Our Flutter app development solutions are comprehensive and include -


  • Flutter App Consulting Services

    We provide comprehensive Flutter app consulting services, right from choosing the app development strategy to development and deployment of the app. We also assist clients in dealing with problems that arise due to inefficient rendering of codes as well as poor testing of the apps built using Flutter.
  • Flutter App Cross-platform Development Services

    Our Flutter cross-platform development solutions are feature-packed and provide high performance across both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Flutter App Server-side API Development Services

    Our developers have years of experience and expertise in building truly unique and personalized Flutter apps that meet all your needs. Our developers have expertise in working on customized server-side APIs which specify how software components ought to behave. This allows them to -provide highly optimized server-side API development.
  • Flutter App Migration Services

    As a leading Flutter app development service providing company, we can help you efficiently and effectively migrate your technology stack to the Flutter SDK platform. We can also upgrade your current apps, including hybrid apps, to the latest versions without any complications.
  • Industry-specific Flutter Solutions

    STAMOD provides Flutter solutions customized to address the needs of any type of industry. Our active Flutter developers have multiple years of hands-on experience with developing exceptional Flutter apps for use across platforms.
  • Flutter App QA and Testing

    As a leading Flutter app development service provider, we can thoroughly and comprehensively test your Flutter apps and run it across all screens and browsers to catch all bugs in the coding.
  • End-to-end Flutter App Support and Maintenance

    We are a top Flutter application development company and provide end-to-end Flutter app support and maintenance to ensure that your Flutter apps always incorporate the latest updates and new features to achieve improved performance.



Why Outsource Flutter App Development Services to STAMOD?

There are many reasons for you to outsource your Flutter app development requirements to us. These include -

  • Affordable Pricing Options
    Our Flutter app development services are extremely reasonably priced and transparent. With us, you will get top-quality services at highly cost-effective rates.
  • Experienced Team
    Our Flutter app development team has decades of industry experience that allows them to truly provide superior services. Our solutions will always be provided by incorporating excellence at every step of the development services.
  • High-quality Services
    Our ISO-certification assures you that we have the necessary processes in place to consistently deliver high-quality services.
  • World-class Infrastructure
    The Flutter app development team at  STAMOD makes use of modern and world-class infrastructure facilities, including powerful and modern workstations as well as world-class office spaces.
  • Data Security
    We consider data security to be a top priority here at STAMOD. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certification also ensures that your data will be handled in a highly-secure fashion.
  • Single Point of Contact
    When you outsource your Flutter app development services to us, all your queries will be addressed in a timely fashion and you need not wait in the queue to get any of your queries answered. A dedicated project manager shall always be at hand to answer any of your queries.
  • Easily Scalable
    We consider the future needs of our client and thus always keep capability for further enhancement. We can scale up or scale -down our services to help you more effectively deal with changing conditions.
  • Short Turnaround
    We understand that time is very valuable to all stakeholders of a project and, therefore, our Flutter app development team always works to shorten the time needed to deploy your Flutter apps.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!