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iPad App Development

Tablets have become a popular media consumption device; and it’s no longer a revelation that the tablet which has caught the maximum attention of the general population is the Apple iPad. Ever since its inception, more than 250 million iPads have been sold in the US alone! This increasing popularity of tablets has spawned the growth of countless tablet-specific apps, especially for the iPad.

Our iPad Application Development Services

Unlike the iPhone, iPad does not follow a “single machine for all your needs” philosophy. From reading and sending emails, surfing the web, playing games on a larger screen, and being more productive with the help of multitasking, the iPad provides specific features while leveraging its larger screen.

Our team of iPad developers consists of professional iOS designers and coders, all of whom are committed to developing the best possible iPad apps as per your requests, and within your designated budget. We can build bespoke apps for both the iPad and the recently released iPad Pro while incorporating the latest iOS 9 features such as –

  • Multitasking enhancements (slide view, split view and picture in picture)
  • Gaming enhancements (GameplayKit, ReplayKit, Model I/O etc.)
  • App thinning
  • UITouch for Apple Pencil

Our custom iPad app development services include –

  • e-commerce and Shopping iPad Apps
  • m-commerce and Charity iPad Apps
  • iPad Games
  • Bilingual iPad Apps
  • iPad Productivity Apps
  • Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle iPad apps
  • Travel and Hospitality iPad Apps
  • Multimedia iPad Apps
  • iPad Apps for Home Automation
  • Native and Hybrid Apps
  • Enterprise iPad Apps
  • iPad Apps Testing and Portability
  • iPad App Support and Maintenance
  • iPad Education Apps

Most businesses tend to have the same app developed for both the iPhone and iPad, without recognizing the potential harm to their ROI. At STAMOD, we believe that developing the same app for both the iPhone and the iPad is more than likely to alienate your target audience. Although based on iOS, iPad app development is far removed from traditional iPhone app development. Be it the screen size, form factor, orientation, etc., there are major differences that account for vastly different user experiences when it comes to developing iPad apps, and the app development company needs to take these points into consideration to provide a wow iPad experience to their users.

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 STAMOD’S Technical Expertise in iPad Application Development

Although the underlying philosophy is the same, including similar controls and objects included with iOS, the iPad User Interface Guidelines are quite different from the iPhone one. From using judicious use of UIPopoverControllers and UISplitViewControllers, our developers understand what really sets an iPad app apart.

We are continuously pushing the boundaries with the help of our custom iPad application development services, and our expertise includes exceptional experience using the following tools and technologies –

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!