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Fintech App Development Services

As calls for automation and digital transaction security is growing louder, there is a strong need and purpose to build Fintech apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay that serve the customer and lead to seamless management of transactions and find movements between individuals’ hands and businesses. So, if your business needs a microservice to facilitate transactions and customer experience, outsource Fintech app development services to STAMOD. With rich knowledge of financial technology and the development of a tailored solution, we make Fintech app development a reality.

Being a revolutionary Fintech app development services providing company,  STAMOD holds the key to delivering powerful and cutting-edge Fintech application development solutions for start-ups, PSU, and enterprises that guarantees compliance and transparency while accelerating the backend process.

Fintech App Development Services We Offer

STAMOD is a top Fintech app development service providing company that has made a mark through the development of powerful Fintech apps. Each year we inch closer to our goals thanks to our service quality and effort. Our services include –

  • Portfolio Management with Fintech Tool

    We develop a Fintech app that analyzes the client’s persona, investment term, expected return, and several other investment preferences to create a portfolio that is wholly customized for the individual.
  • Integration of Fintech with Banking Streams

    Being a top Fintech app development service provider, we offer Fintech integration support that pairs with banking microservices like loan origination, accounting, reconciliation, so on so banks can instantly respond to requests raised by the client.
  • Fintech Software Development

    We take care of 360-degree development of the Fintech app that is cross-compatible on a range of devices. We embed encryption along with other-app features like payment gateway, data interaction model, and custom reporting to make the Fintech app powerful for a high-volume transaction.
  • Financial Management Control

    We develop custom dashboards that facilitate financial decisions in real-time with readily accessible data. Data from multiple sectors like banking and credit can be integrated into the financial management dash for a consolidated view. We allow transactions to be reviewed and reconciled on demand.
  • Fintech Accounting Information

    We develop Cloud features that can be integrated into ERP applications, Accounting Information System (AIS), and modules that generate custom reports. We also skillfully develop BI for mobile platforms.
  • Fraud and Credit Risk Mitigation

    We emphasize client security and develop robust features that mitigate credit risk and fraud by early detection of lapses and alerting users about it. We develop Fintech App that comes with a fully secure payment gateway be it on desktop or mobile phone.
  • Blockchain Integration into Fintech System

    As part of secure Fintech app development, we offer automated solutions based on Blockchain that facilitates digital transactions, trading, smart contracting, and setting up an online identity.
  • Fintech CRM Solutions

    We ensure that the CRM is interfaced with the voice-activated AI technology and a range of micro solutions that are responsible for the optimization of data capture after user authentication and compliance check.
  • Fintech Investment Solutions

    If you’re looking for a provider who can develop platforms for the investment portfolio, AI, BI, asset utilization, as well as bot advisor, we have you covered. Our team possesses rich experience in developing investment solutions that are based on intelligent technology.


Fintech App Development Process We Follow

  • At STAMOD, we follow a sophisticated and disciplined Fintech app development process that encompasses best and relevant practices. Our process is as follows –

    1. Strategy and Proposal

    The project detail will be discussed with the client and the information collected expand our knowledge to design a groundbreaking plan

    1. Designing

    We design a Fintech App development solution that is customized for business needs and budget

    1. Client Approval

    After the proposed plan is approved by the client, the project moves to the development phase

    1. Development and Integration

    The project development will commence in full swing where developers will adhere to the schedule prescribed by the project plan

    1. Quality Check

    After implementation, the project will be thoroughly benchmarked for performance and quality

    1. Go-live

    The project will be made live and all support will be provided

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!