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Apple Watch App Development

In the recent years, Apple is selling more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry! The reason often cited is the benefit of increased sophistication with loads of features or Apple’s well-recognized brand value. Its super convenient specialties like interactive notification, health & fitness tracking, Apple pay, communication, remote control, etc. have revolutionized the wearable technology and started a trend where the businesses are focusing on the wearable devices. With Apple’s announcement of the native app development for WatchOS2, the scope of the Apple watch has transcended drastically.

STAMOD is a pioneer Apple watch app development company, where we provide you with all the services related to Apple Watch app development. You can collaborate with us to drive your enterprise’s innovation, focus on time value, thus, getting a better control over the output of your project.

Apple Watch App Development Services We Offer

Apple watch app provides a completely different user experience than the rest of the Apple devices. While developing the app, you must keep in mind the intricacies which comes along with the small screen and how to instill that in your overall product strategy. At STAMOD, our Apple watch app developers have years of experience working with the wearable technology and carving out apps which make the engagement passive and less intrusive.

Some of the Apple watch development services we offer include -


01. Apple Watch App Design

When you outsource Apple watch app development to STAMOD, we will do a feasibility analysis of your iWatch app concept and carry out research on your target audience. Our UI designer will again do a thorough analysis of your goals and your users' expectations. Thereafter, they will create innovative designs by adopting the lean approach. It will make the final UI structurally appealing which will proffer the best aesthetic design.


02. Back-end Systems & API Development

STAMOD has become an expert in Apple watch app back-end and API development services with user-friendly and practical Apple watch apps. Our developer can break down the iOS app and carry out the development process to inculcate the feature you want - easy enough for your user to use in a watch form. When you collaborate with us, our Apple watch app development team will make sure that the services you receive, get paid off in terms of engagement and ROI.


03. App Development Consultation

With our expert consultations, we can help your Apple watch app gain strong visibility on the Apple Watch space. If you need additional expertise, our Apple watch app consulting services and our partner service teams are always accessible to help.


04. Support and Maintenance

At STAMOD, we have a holistic approach towards Apple app watch development services, which allows us to maintain our standards all the time. When you partner up with us, we will provide after-sales support and maintenance services as well. If you need to tweak the UI of your Apple watch app or need guidance on its workability, we can do that, irrespective of the category or scope.


Our Apple Watch Development Process

STAMOD is a distinguished Apple watch app development company that follows a validated development process. We put a lot of effort in imparting the features you want in the Apple watch app. We strive to accommodate all your envisioned concepts for the app and follow the process below to develop an Apple watch app -

01 Feasibility Analysis of your Apple Watch App Concept

We will start the Apple watch app development by doing a feasibility analysis of your app's idea.

02  User-Interface Design

At this phase, we will start designing the UI elements after a thorough research of your goals and target audience.

03 App Development

This is the phase where your idea will come live. Our Apple watch app developer leaves no stone unturned to build a robust app.

04 Testing

After the development is done, we will do a thorough testing of the Apple watch app to verify its workability and utility.

05 Release

Lastly, if everything is sorted out and verified, we will release your Apple watch app.

Apple Watch App Development Tools We Leverage

The year 2018 is a watershed for the wearable technology as more and more industries are showing interest in Apple watch app development. We understand that Apple Watch apps must be practical, convenient, and interactive. We are successful in building iWatch apps that boost your brand value. A few tools we rely on during the Apple watch app development process are -









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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!