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Mobile Application Development

We at STAMOD offer robust and high-quality mobile application development. Our services range across every category, vertical & industry. Whether your quest is for native app development, custom, hybrid, or cross-responsive application development. We, as a leading mobile app development company, have got it all for all the Mobile Application Development requirements.


Our mobile app development services include - iOS Application Development, Android Application Development, Windows Application Development & Hybrid Application Development. Moreover, we’ve got the best application got experts with proficiency in developing applications for diverse platforms in numerous languages.


While effectively collaborating with diverse brands, organizations, businesses, startups, and individuals, we have offered a full cycle of application development, right from design and integration to management.. We always strive to build a powerful application for your excellent idea based on your desire vision.


We aim for higher performance, bright innovations, and better user experience, to transform even the smallest idea into an ultimate better thing. It could be a consumer-oriented app, e-commerce app, or transformative enterprise app. We lead at each activity from ideation to concept and from app delivery to ongoing support.


As we follow a standardized process for application development. We make sure our final app to be of high functionality & top-notch quality that runs on numerous platforms at affordable rates, at the set time frame, and within the predetermined budget.


With STAMOD, you don’t get just the service but also a trustworthy, transparent, and agile team process, that strives to build your dream mobile app while focusing on the target audience to reach the market faster.

Our Core Mobile App Development Services:

1. iOS App Development

iOS, an operating system of Apple devices, is popular worldwide with the popularity of Apple’s own products, such as iPhones, iPad apps, and iPod touch hardware. We have developers that specialize in developing iOS Mobile Application Development across all apple products using both Swift and Objective-C. We develop these apps based on customer requirements or they can also be commercial, free, enterprise, or in-house applications

2. Android App Development

Mobile App Development is witnessing a huge business surge with the arrival of android in the technology world. The demand for Android apps has also sky-rocketed, with more than 80% share in the application development. Our Android Application developers are abreast with the latest trends & versions of Android while leveraging their best knowledge in Java, C++, Python, etc. to get the best out of Android SDK, APIs, and its development tools.

3. Hybrid App Development

With our best cross-platform mobile application development team, we’ve got the capability to provide comprehensive mobile app development services ranging across various platforms. We also have the expertise in providing Mobile App Designs packed with innovations, & customer satisfaction to reach the market at a greater pace.

4. Windows App Development

We have got the finest knowledge of the modern Windows design language, in combination with the expertise of Visual Studio and .NET, we build stunning Windows apps. We provide end-to-end solutions for all Windows App development requirements, while also inclusive of support for legacy Windows versions on customers’ requirements. Windows 10, being adopted at a faster rate than any other windows version, this current surge is the right time for businesses to get into windows app development.

Other Mobile App Development Services

  • React Native Development
  • Web App Development
  • Native App Development Services
  • iPhone App Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • Ionic Mobile App Development
  • Apple Watch App Development
  • Arabic App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • HTML5 Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Xamarin Development
  • J2ME App Development
  • Mobile Commerce Development
  • Swift App Development

Our Language Proficiency Includes:

  • Swift App Development
  • PhoneGap App Development
  • Mobile App Design Services
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Progressive Web App Development
  • DevOps Software Development Services
  • Microsoft PowerApps Services
  • Flutter App Development Services
  • Cross-Platform Apps Development
  • Fintech App Development Services
  • Rapid Application Development Services
  • Kotlin App Development Services
  • SPA Development Services
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • C#
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Swift

Our Mobile App Development Process

1. App Strategy & Proposal

Proposing the strategy & putting out a structured proposal is the first step in our app development process. Under which we carefully understand the various requirements & the vision of the customer for picturing the exact nature of the application, we are expected to develop. Thereafter with a better view of ideas & vision, our experts strategize and prepare an in-depth proposal.s.

2. Wireframe & Prototyping

Secondly, we start searching or developing the designs sample that best suits your app requirement. Subsequently, we also test your idea pieces to develop a basic working prototype for your app. Before building the IEEE standard wireframe, our experts of mobile app developers make sure, to design an app with the best performance and great functionalities

3. App Designing

Before we get into action, we consult the clients for selecting the best prototypes and then our team of experienced designers goes ahead with the designing of various aspects and components of the mobile app. While doing so, we ensure to conform our designs with the operating system’s guidelines with an appropriate corporation of the customer’s requirements.

4. Client Approval

For rectifications, and improvements before finalizing the app we sent the design to clients to proceed with the approval stage.

5. App Development

As the client approves the initial designs we get into work and start converting the designs into the code. Our Application development strategy involves incremental processes for designing that stabilizes the app design and enhances its functionality. For every app development project, we assign an accomplished and dedicated project manager that fully involves with the client’s requirement of the app. To ensure, we both are at the same page with every passing step of the process, we give our access to project management & state-of-the-art bug-tracking tools. Thus letting them the status of their assigned projects.

6. Quality Assurance

With the high-demand customers of today’s market, user experience is one of the critical components in deciding the success of an app. To assure the good quality of the final app, we consider this step to be of most importance. Every Application developed under our label is thoroughly tested manually & even through automation tools. To ensure a 100% bug-free & robust app, we follow, we adhere to every standard of testing methods.

7. App Launch & Publishing

With force competition of millions of apps available of AppleStore & Google Play Store. The initial process of rolling out is critical and has a major impact on the success of the app. To not miss out on anything, we have experienced and skilled developers that are fully aware of the Submission process & App Store Optimization of various platforms such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, etc., to help you to have a smooth pathway for the app launch.

8. Post-launch Support

We don’t leave our clients alone after the launch. Just launching is never & wrapping up is not the final step for us. For ensuring, that the app is best matched with customers’ needs, we go through every feedback and customer response. Our team makes improvements and implements updates, with the new features & required functionalities. We stay connected with apps and clients for the long haul for the long-run success of our developed app in the market.

Why Choose Us?

    • Dedicated Teams: Before we start with any project, we piece together a team of experienced developers and designers that fits the client’s exact requirements, and works effortlessly to make each project a success.
    • Lean Development Phase: Software Development is a dynamic activity, thus making it difficult for anticipating each and every scenario that might occur during development. With years of domain expertise, the presence of a skillful team, and full reliance on standardized software development methodologies, we ensure effective delivery every time for high-quality mobile applications.
    • End-to-End Solutions:  At STAMOD, we offer complete ongoing support, for apps, per the client’s needs, right from regular maintenance to introducing new updates & features. Thus ensuring a fruitful way to engage as well as drawn-in new users
    • Competitive Pricing & Strict TAT: Our services are reasonable, cost-effective, and reliable. They are structured in a way that promises the highest return to the clients for their investment along with on-time and feature-complete delivery of the app. 
    • Transparency: Through Project management tools to video conferences and from regular email updates to daily status reports, and even onsite visits if necessary.  Our dedicated project managers ensure that the clients are always kept within the loop for every stage of the product development cycle. Thus, ensuring the final build, to be as per requirements.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!