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IT Staffing Services

Are you stuck in a constant debate about whether to employ staff through in-house sourcing or outsource? However, this can be subsided with an effective comparison of the quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness aspects of each task accomplished, either through outsourcing or in-house staff. Thus, helping in determining the best option that best suits the organization’s requirements.


However, numerous companies are heading to outsourcing as an ideal choice for staffing their organizations. All this is because of the shrinking margins and fluctuating workloads in today's cut-throat competitive world. Moreover, outsourcing not just ensures catering to limited expenses but also gives access to a global talent pool.


The hiring of FTE staff through is a crucial advantageous factor for small and even for mid-sized software companies. As outsourcing firms, spares the organizations from committing & investing to a large and long-term workforce and empowers them to focus solely on rapid growth and market needs.

Our IT Staffing Process:

STAMOD has a structured process, to ensure that the procedure for IT Recruitment &Staffing is smooth, transparent, and fruitful. These are the steps we follow for staffing  IT power:

  • Client creates & sends the eligibility criteria for employment.
  • STAMOD shares CVs of appropriate candidates.
  • Client interviews shortlisted candidates
  • Client finalizes the employee and signs the SL Agreement

Our IT Staffing Services:

1. Magento Developers

With the booming phase of the e-commerce business, on a global scale, STAMOD’s Magento developers are highly skilled, talented, and experienced in developing the best and innovative e-commerce websites for your online business.

2. LAMP Developers

We have got the best LAMP Developers, who are competent & inclusive to numerous types of web applications & migration. While being aware of testing services for LAMP applications & porting to LAMP from applications’ built-in proprietary architecture.

3. OpenCart Developers

STAMOD’s clients have access to the best of the, highly skilled, and well-experienced. They are the ideal choice, that assures a great professional and intuitive approach in building high-quality websites.

4. Augmented Reality App Developers

STAMOD is well-equipped with exceptional & highly qualified augmented reality app developers, to build the best & most innovative AR apps. With the required skills & right approach get robust AR mobile apps within a short turnaround time.

5. Graphic Designers

Our Graphic Design team is well-versed with all aspects of visual communication for presenting your business needs in the right way through gravitating graphics that strengthen the corporate brand image and expands the communication needs across all types of media.

6. Java Developers

STAMOD’s Java developers are well-trained & familiar with obtaining the huge potential of Java with proper applications to achieve the right technical solution and support for the client’s project and their business needs.

7. Mobile App Developers

We’ve got mobile app developers with a proven track record & having strong associations with various Fortune 500 companies. They are exceptionally well at handling & developing mobile app development strategies, design, testing, and deployment of mobile applications.

8. Oracle Application Developers

Our Oracle application developers are highly proficient in numerous Oracle versions that promise a smooth transition in each development stage from the upgrades, integration to migration requirements, for the Oracle databases and products.

9. PHP Developers

Our PHP developers are well-versed and have a cutting-edge knowledge in PHP development technologies that establishes a strong approach in building functional, and aesthetically pleasing, websites in a short span and at reasonable rates.

10. Drupal Developers

STAMOD’s Drupal developers are proficient in developing scalable websites. Not only this, but they are also well equipped in designing stable & reliable websites than other open-source CMS websites.

11. SEO and SEM Experts

STAMOD is well-equipped with skilled and knowledgeable SEO & SEM experts, that are professionally trained in SEO techniques & tactics while leveraging the best-in-class industry tools to bring maximum traffic to clients’ websites.

12. Microsoft Application Developers

We offer customized solutions for Microsoft Dynamics to global clients, a suite developed by the MS Business Solutions group for the domain of Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM.

13. Web Developers

Our web developers work have powerful collaborations with global organizations, to accelerate the business with the constantly changing speed of the internet & technology by creating robust, highly functional, and user-friendly websites.

14.WordPress Developers

STAMOD’s WordPress developers ensure first-class quality and competitive pricing while offering 24/7 technical support for the structured development of WordPress Websites.

15. Android App Developers

Our android app developers are experienced & well-versed with the latest framework and the SDK kit. We develop apps with smooth user experience, user-friendly, and highly functional features while using a unique application methodology

16. Blockchain Developers

We have the best blockchain developers that are well-versed & highly proficient in using blockchain technology, virtual currency management, handling of transactions process, and many more.

17. iPad App Developers

Our iPad app developers use advanced software tools and technologies for creating customized and supreme quality iPad apps while enabling better reach to the client’s target audience.

18. iOS App Developers

With a surge in demand for Apple products, STAMOD has got access to exceptional iOS app developers, experienced in creating robust and feature-rich iOS apps. We make the best use of the latest software tools and technologies to take the business on the fast track of business growth.

19. iPhone App Developers

STAMOD’s iPhone app developers have a flair for creating powerful and user-friendly iPhone apps using a range of software tools and technologies to enable you to take your business to the next level of growth.

20. Swift Developers

STAMOD’s Swift developers are capable to turn any small idea about the business into pleasing reality feature-rich apps & highly functional Swift Development apps.

21. Python Developers

With experts in python development, we’re fully equipped to create a variety of robust and impressive apps and websites. While fusing it with powerful functionalities, smooth responsiveness for any platforms such as e-commerce channels, WebApps, Mobile Apps, Web portals, Booking engines & customized software products.

22. AngularJS Developers

STAMOD will find you the right fit for your AngularJS Developer position in a short span, before any other source. Our trained HR professionals put into use several platforms for searching for the right candidate & the right tactics to entice them to take up our offer that best meets the client’s requirements.

23. Magento Developers

With STAMOD get highly skilled & certified professionals for Magento development. Our Magento developers build enterprise-level e-stores, that are user-friendly & scalable. While adhering to industry standards & incorporating, the right third-party plugins, order management systems, and integrated analytics tools.

24. Node.js Developers

STAMOD has solid Node.js Developers, to cater to your needs within the set budget. Whether the requirement is for full-time professionals or on a contractual basis get experienced professionals & build high-quality software at affordable pricing & in shorter spans.

Industries We Serve

At STAMOD, we offer IT outsourcing in diverse industry verticals like:

  • Advertising
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Business Solutions & Consulting
  • e-commerce
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Financial & Brokerage Services
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Insurance
  • IT Managed Services
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Mass Media
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Software Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel
  • Utilities, and more

Why Choose Us?

STAMOD specializes in all kinds of technology staffing requirements while catering to the requirements of global clients and also helps in sourcing the hard-to-find IT dexters with ease. Our staffing solutions are far away from the bog-standard ways, like other firms, as our staffing services include –

      • IT staffing for numerous skill sets, recruitment levels, and different job requirements.
      • Cost-effective choice while promising big savings in infrastructural costs.
      • Top-class service quality with productive and efficient staff.
      • Huge reduction in payroll costs & complex activities HR management.
      • Quick turnaround time with no compromise on quality.
      • Shorter learning curve and quicker access to newer technologies.
      • Fast staffing process & risk transfer to outsourcing firms. 
      • Well-defined terms and conditions for the process of recruitment. 
      • Better management & transparency with negligible employment liabilitie

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!