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Infrastructure management

With today’s exponential changes in a business environment, it’s essential to be on track and run a business in an efficient manner while catering to the newer technologies that enter the market and influences business activities.


Since, the last decade, the demand for efficient infrastructure management has grown magnificently, where the businesses strive to stay relevant, and competitive in the market. The rise in frequent innovation, and fast-evolving IT software, influence businesses to strategically manage and upgrade their IT infrastructure frequently.
The inefficiency of IT Infrastructure may get in your way of achieving good productivity in your business. As a leading infrastructure management service provider, STAMOD, offers the most robust, responsive, and agile infrastructure management solutions for streamlining business operations. We ensure that our clients stay up to date and relevant in the market while being the most flexible, and value-for-money.


With our decades of experience, we serve a huge global clientele base, through our remote infrastructure management services across various industry verticals.

ur Infrastructure Management Services:

1. Managed Virtualization Services

We possess all the relevant skills, expertise, and knowledge for handling all the managed virtualization requirements. We make use of the latest tools and technologies to deliver our best services within a quick time.

2. Cloud Integration Services

Through STAMOD, bring harmony while connecting data, applications, and APIs together. Thus, driving organizations to achieve better productivity and improved ROI by availing our end-to-end & secure cloud integration services at affordable prices.

3. Cloud Monitoring Services

STAMOD offers customized cloud monitoring services for preparing our global clients for any unforeseen situations. We do this by centralizing applications, data solutions, servers, and by taking care of data recovery, 24/7 security maintenance, and a lot more at affordable rates.

4. PaaS (Platform as a Service)

We offer superior quality platforms as a service to global clients for creating, testing, running, and deploying web applications with ease. We make use of the best software tools & technologies for delivering the best services to the client.

5. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

STAMOD strives to understand every client’s unique business requirements for the infrastructure while providing a package of customized infrastructure solutions as a service. We make use of the best software tools & technologies for delivering the best services to the client.

6. Server Management Services

With our decade of experience and expert skills, we offer clients top-notch and accurate server management services. We make use of the best software tools & technologies for delivering the best services to the client.

7. Managed Storage Services

STAMOD is well-equipped with all the relevant skills and expertise for handling the unique requirements of managed storage service. We make use of the best software tools & technologies for delivering the best services to the client.

8. Managed Backup Services

We have the appropriate skills, deep knowledge and expertise for handling all the managed backup service requirements. We make use of the best software tools & technologies for delivering the best services to the client, in a short span

9. Cloud Application Development Services

STAMOD’s team has a broad spectrum of expertise & knowledge for meeting all the requirements of cloud application development services. We have been helping global clients through a customized solution range for over one and a half decades. We make use of the best software tools & technologies for delivering the best services to the client, in a short turnaround time.

10. Server Monitoring Services

STAMOD offers to global clients a top-notch, & consistent experience while providing server monitoring services. We are prompt in passing out the updates to our clients when the discs storage status, while allowing them to take on the time necessary actions while preventing the possible downtime.

11. Data Center Management

STAMOD’s data centers act as the key supplier of all actionable information for organizations. Our data centers include Cloud Migration, Cloud Services, Security Services, Data Center Maintenance, Backup and Restoring Services.

12. Digital Forensic Services

The need for digital forensic services has increased due to the common threat of Data security leaks for information-based businesses. We help businesses retrieve key information from the data centers and IT assets, in a secured way while sailing through any IT investigations.

13.IT Risk and Security Management

We give global clients the necessary installations for data centers. While closely watching any issues or concerns regarding IT risks, or any security issues regarding any huge IT infrastructure.

14. Enterprise Security Solutions

STAMOD has got decades of experience in offering enterprise-level security while helping in mitigating the risks of data loss through our services.

15.Remote Monitoring

STAMOD ensures to keep the existing & new setup updated remotely while delivering its relevant IT infrastructure without any fuss. All the issues right from tackling, troubleshooting to infrastructure management, are handled remotely with minimal downtime and without disruptions.

16. IT Helpdesk Services

STAMOD helps global clients in the successful migration of enterprise data to an active directory while managing the business effectively and providing reliable services for meeting the unique requirements.

17. Active Directory Setup and Migration Services

STAMOD has the capability to take full charge of the IT service delivery by leveraging our IT service management platform. Our services, ensure clients having lowered risks, reduced costs, improved agility while boosting the IT innovations. We offer real-time visibility and comprehensive processes to consolidate any redundant IT tools into a single data model.

18. IMS Application Support Services

We help global clients in the process of successfully streamlining the operations and maximizing the value through our IMS application support services. This ensures the smooth integration and functioning of all your IT applications, thus allowing the clients to stay competitive in this ever-changing IT market.

19. Network Infrastructure Management

Stay updated with the ever-changing network architecture through our network infrastructure management services. Besides, constant network monitoring can prevent major complications that arise from network failure. At STAMOD, we constantly monitor networks to avoid any complications, and also offer prompt and consistent solutions.

20. Cloud Migration Services

STAMOD is well-equipped to manage all the cloud migration needs, right from the migration of data centers to applications, cloud, or monitoring of performance post-migration.

21. DevOps Automation

STAMOD’S DevOps automation solutions eliminate the gaps between IT operations, software development, and quality assurance. Thus, letting to develop efficient software products and services, while making significant improvements in operational efficiency.

22. Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services

IAM is an essential tool for security purposes and for regulatory compliance. Our team of security & identity professionals assists in identifying the roadblocks while creating and managing solutions for long-term success.

23. Digital Workplace Services

The transition in the business landscape has driven the demand for a digital workplace, with a central focus on business continuity. At STAMOD, we provide cutting-edge digital workplace solutions for simple yet a revolutionary work environment for small and large businesses.

24. Amazon Web Services

A highly secure cloud platform by Amazon, Amazon Web Services offers a comprehensive range of solutions for building cloud solutions on the AWS platform. We offer customized services after understanding the needs in detail for making the most out of the client’s investment.

25. Alibaba Cloud Computing Services

We have got relevant talent and resources to offer clients a top-notch quality in Alibaba cloud computing services. We make use of the best quality software tools & technologies for delivering the best services to the client.

26. Adobe Creative Cloud Services

With two decades of vast expertise in using Adobe Creative Cloud, we strive to give a customized solution for perfectly matching it with the business needs. We use licensed versions of Adobe Creative Cloud and are equipped with a team of highly experienced professionals for providing the customized services.

27. Oracle Cloud Solutions

STAMOD is equipped with the relevant skills and expertise for providing clients the top-notch quality of Oracle cloud solutions. We make use of the latest Oracle cloud infrastructure and tools to provide clients with top-notch services within a quick time

28. Google Cloud Platform Services

STAMOD has all the relevant expertise to offer clients the best quality Google Cloud Platform services. We make use of the latest GCP tools and software while delivering superior quality services within a short time.

29. IBM Cloud Managed Services

We offer top-notch quality & accurate IBM cloud-managed services within a quick time. We make use of the latest tools and software for providing tailor-made cloud-managed services to clients.

30. Multi-cloud Services

We have got the appropriate resources and expertise for providing clients with multi-cloud services. STAMOD services empower clients to make use of multiple cloud services and while enabling organizations to manage operations smoothly.

Why Choose Us?

STAMOD is the best choice for your business, if you cannot believe it,  here we’ve got a host of reasons, to let you know why we are a great partner for your outsourcing needs. These include –

      • We make sure to efficiently embed our work processes and into your IT managed services for increased productivity and quick turnaround.
      • We incorporate an anti-disruption service, for ensuring that the data center and IT processes remain intact even during the transition period. 
      • To meet each client’s requirement, we customize our solutions while keeping in mind their set budget. 
      • STAMOD’s infrastructure management services ensure more productive and transformational solutions that too at lower operational costs. 
      • We use the best infrastructure management software while ensuring to keep all the platforms are well-connected. Our solutions are upgraded and synchronized efficiently for maximum compatibility. 
      • Our solutions ensure maximum relevance and alignment with the IT restructuring efforts
      • With prompt periodic IT update services, gives remote clients, much relaxation while also preventing one-time heavy infrastructural changes. 
      • With an experienced team, we proactively monitor each aspects of the IT infrastructure and eliminates all the issues before they turn into a severe threat

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!