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Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most popular platforms used by companies today. The
number of benefits it provides to its users clearly outweighs the benefits offered by other CRMs in
the same domain. Coming from the most profitable software company in the world, Microsoft CRM
provides solutions to the problems which are faced while using any other platform.
However, it is important to choose a reliable Microsoft Dynamics service provider. STAMOD’S
Microsoft Dynamics services and Microsoft Dynamics consulting will address all the issues faced by
clients and precisely cater to it. Our team of technology consultants will architect change and add
value to support unique business requirements of our global clients.

What Do Microsoft Dynamics Services Cover?

Microsoft Dynamics is a gamut of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise
resource planning (ERP) software applications that help organizations deliver progressive business
results. When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics services, some of the common questions we hear
include, “What is ERP Microsoft Dynamics?”, “What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?”, “What is Microsoft
Dynamics CRM?”, “What is Microsoft Dynamics used for?”, “How much does Microsoft Dynamics
cost?”, etc. Microsoft Dynamics is a range of integrated and adaptable business management
solutions that enable businesses to automate their processes across domains such as –
● Finance
● Manufacturing
● Distribution
● Supply Chain Management
● Project Accounting
● Business Intelligence
● e-commerce
● Sales & Marketing Management
● Human Resources & Payroll
● Customer Service

What are the Microsoft Dynamics Services Offered by STAMOD ?

The long list of benefits of Microsoft integration makes it the best choice for any company planning to
adopt a platform for its operations. The service involves the automation of your sales and support
services. Some of the key services we offer include –
● Implementation & Rollout Services
Our highly qualified consultants having in-depth industry knowledge and relevant
experience will successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions for you. We can
help you implement Dynamics and roll it out to in your daily processes.
● Business Consulting
At STAMOD, we also work as a consulting partner, beyond software, and deliver a
full-spectrum of Microsoft Dynamics consulting services. We can help businesses
across various industry sectors and also help them implement Dynamics in different
● Customization and Development
e understand that business needs vary from one client to another. Hence we provide
customized solutions that precisely cater to specific client requirements. Our
customized application development services focus on niche and will be delivered on
time and within the budget.
● Support & Maintenance
Even after the CRM is successfully implemented and rolled out, our team provides
continuous support for all your Microsoft Dynamics integration projects and promptly
resolves any technical issues before it affects your business.

Why Should I Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0?

Being one of the most popular CRMs in the industry, Dynamics is being used by more and more
companies worldwide. Some of the reasons why you should use Microsoft integration 4.0 include –
● It has a fully integrated customer relationship management system
● It enables you to develop and maintain a clear view of your customers across stages
such as a first contact, purchase, and post sales
● The tools of Dynamics CRM can improve the performance of your company’s sales,
marketing, and customer sales processes
● It helps you improve your everyday business processes

How Can I Benefit by Outsourcing Microsoft Dynamics Services to STAMOD?

STAMOD, a leading provider of Microsoft dynamics services in India has been in the software
industry for almost two decades now and has the experience of catering to all the client’s needs.
Outsourcing Microsoft Dynamics services to us can help you take advantage of the following
benefits –
● Affordable Services
We provide customized Microsoft Dynamics solutions based on specific client
requirements. This allows us to provide top-quality services at extremely affordable
● Talented Team
We have a team which comprises of some of the most skilled and talented software
developers and testers who can cater to any of your needs
● Extensive Knowledge
We have an extensive knowledge about network configuration, active directory
configuration, MS Office integration, SQL server integration, etc.
● Use of Advanced Tools
We make use of some of the latest and updated versions of the best software tools and
technologies while providing you with Microsoft Dynamic 365 services
● Best Infrastructure
We have access to some of the best infrastructure which allows us to provide our
clients with the best-quality Dynamics CRM services
● Customized Solutions
We understand each and every business requirement with ease and have the
bandwidth to cater to any type of business requirements
● Quick Turnaround Time
We have multiple delivery centers spread across the globe which allows us to provide
the services within a quick turnaround time
● Data Security
We sign confidentiality agreements and have several data security policies which
ensure that all your confidential data remains completely safe with us

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!