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IT Service Continuity Management Services

IT services are the lifeline of every organization. Issues with your IT services can bring the whole
business to a standstill. To protect from unexpected service disruptions caused due to weather
turbulence, power outages, political events, or virus outbreaks, organizations need to create a
fool-proof business continuity plan that ensures uninterrupted business operations, no matter the
At STAMOD , we are a premium provider of IT service continuity management services in India and
abroad help organizations, big and small, predict, prepare, and protect their businesses from all
upcoming and unwanted crises. Powered by robust tools and the latest technological inventions, our
proactive and reactive IT service continuity management (ITSCM) process is geared at detecting
and mitigating critical system errors and process failures within an organization, helping it to become
resilient to disruptions and service issues.

Our IT Service Continuity Management Services

STAMOD is one of the premier and most sought-after IT service continuity management service
providing company offering its expert services to a large number of clients both in India and abroad.
We use a professionally recognized and comprehensive IT service continuity management ITIL
approach to help organizations identify, manage, and remediate all the potential risks and threats
that could have a serious impact on the productivity and functionality of their business. Along the
way, we also empower them to bring down disruption to an acceptable level and chalk out an
effective recovery plan for business processes if a disruption occurs.
Our range of services include –
● Business Continuity Planning
Through ‘what-if’ analysis, we plan and define a holistic business continuity plan that can
help you restore your services and business processes after they have been disrupted
by disasters. Our experts create, test, and implement a step-by-step recovery plan that
includes triggers, processes involved, and people or departments that would get
affected by the disaster. We also co-create backup and recovery plans to prevent loss of
data and/or business.
● Disaster Impact Analysis
Our expert analysts can help you understand and quantify the impact a disaster could
have on your services. It includes –
○ The degree of damage caused by the disaster
○ The extent to which the service disruption would occur
○ The services that can run or continue to operate at minimum acceptable
○ The time required to bring the services back to normal
● Business Continuity Management
Through our ITSCM services, we help ensure uninterrupted service delivery and
business continuity even during the time of disaster. Our IT service continuity team can
help you detect and mitigate risks much before they could affect the functioning of your
organization. We can also help you bring down your business processes to an
acceptable level to keep them up and running and lay down a plan for effective and
quick recovery after the disaster.

Benefits of IT Service Continuity Management

By detecting and preventing IT issues early on, IT service continuity management services help
organizations to –
● Keep vital services up and running, even during a disaster
● Mitigate events before they could damage or impact business processes
● Recover quickly from accidents and disasters
● Outsource critical business functions to service providers for uninterrupted productivity
● Keep teams prepared for unforeseen events or disasters
● Protect business from losing sales or customers

Our IT Service Continuity Management Process

At STAMOD , we follow a comprehensive process to protect and safeguard your business assets
from accidents and disasters. Our team of experts creates a holistic contingency plan that allows you
to quickly react and recover from an unforeseen event, preventing loss of business and productivity.
Our end-to-end process includes –
01. Identification of Services and Assets
Before creating a fool-proof and all-inclusive contingency plan, we gather complete information
about your line of service and critical business assets that could get affected during the service
02. Detection of Risks and Threats
Our IT service continuity recovery team then gets down to detecting and identifying all risks and
threats that may lead to loss of service or complete process failure. These usually include power
surges, power failures, loss of internal or external ICT services, viruses, accidental damage,
technical issues, and more
03. Creating a Fool-Proof Contingency Plan
Our specialists then strategize a comprehensive and all-inclusive contingency plan that should be
implemented at the time of the accident or disaster. They create complete information of the services
that your organization heavily depends on and the sequence in which these services should be
restored. They also identify ways to reduce the risk of disaster and backup your files and documents
to prevent data loss
04. Enforcing the Plan
Once properly developed, tested, and proofed, our experts then apply the service continuity plan
across your organization, communicating and educating your team on how to control and coordinate
activities when a disaster strikes and ways through which they can access their apps and services to
ensure uninterrupted business continuity

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!