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Business Application Development

Complete Business Application Development Life Cycle

As a renowned business app development services provider, we have been developing small to
complex business applications for global companies spanning different industries. Our transparent
development processes, technical expertise, and global delivery ensures superior quality apps at
lower costs. We have over a decade of experience in software application development and have
been providing solutions for the complete development lifecycle including –
1. Requirement Analysis
2. Conceptualization
3. Planning
4. App Design
5. Business Application Development and coding
6. Application Implementation and Deployment
7. Software Testing
8. Quality Assurance
9. Change Management
10. Security Management
11. User Acceptance Testing
12. Release Management
13. Maintenance and Support

Business Application Development Process

Application Consulting
Custom Application Development
Application Implementation
Application Testing & Maintenance

Our Business Application Development Competencies

Whether it is small business application development, or catering to the needs of big businesses,
STAMOD has the talent pool and resources to meet demands of any nature. Over the years, we
have developed different types of business applications software like –
● Content and Document Management Software
● Supply Chain Management Software
● Accounting Software
● Customer Relationship Management Software
● Project management Software
● Inventory Software
● e-Learning Software
● Retail Management Systems
● Management Information Systems, and more
Following are our most popular business application software that are in great
demand among our clients –
1. Content and Document Management
A lot of data and information is generated in an enterprise on a daily basis that needs to
be managed well. As businesses grow, so do their need to manage new documents,
legacy documents, online content, sharing, collaboration, and communication. We make
your business data easy-to-access, accurate, segmented, flexible, and scalable through
our applications, which ensure that the information is stored centrally at a secure virtual
and physical location. We offer application development solutions for –
○ Web Content Management
○ Enterprise Knowledge
○ Document Management
2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Our CRM solutions integrate customer information, market information, and sales
information together to strengthen relationships with end-customers. We design
applications for –
○ Lead Tracking
○ Contacts Management
○ Marketing Campaigns Planning
○ Sales Process Management and more
3. Our solutions allow your organization to maintain the customer data centrally and
access information from any area of activity and provide the best customer service. Our
CRM applications are poised for significant growth and work to build and retain
customer loyalty. Keeping your customer data, product offerings and users in mind, we
create an optimum solution that makes customer management easy and efficient.
4. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
There is a chain of events that take place to ensure that the raw materials reach to
production and distribution successfully without any loss of quality. Our Supply Chain
Management applications takes care of the entire supply process and helps you
manage entire events as efficiently as possible. In order to optimize the flow of material
and information and bring greater value to the entire workflow, it includes following
steps –
○ Procurement
○ Product Flow and Delivery
○ Warehouse Management
○ Collaboration with Suppliers and Partners
○ Distribution
5. Interactive Learning
Persistent learning and training has become an integral part of the organizations keen
on keeping their growth momentum constant. Businesses often find it difficult to
manage learning, as users expect content online or on mobile devices these days. We
have expertise in designing powerful learning applications for –
○ Courseware Management
○ Test-ware Management
○ Information Systems
○ Interactive Learning, and more
6. We leverage our experience of optimizing learning for businesses across geographies
and industries to develop resilient interactive learning solutions that add value to the
entire system by streamlining the learning process.

We Focus on Your App Development Needs

We offer high-end business applications that streamline all your business processes and improve
productivity. Our solutions amplify the operational efficiency, accessibility of information, and
optimize the workflow activities. Our business application services are completely customized to suit
your requirements. The systematic way in which we successfully accomplish our tasks, and our
knowledge of different business processes has made us transcend to an enviable position in the
Our app development expertise spans across different verticals like –
● e-commerce & E-business
● Mass Media
● Real Estate
● IT Managed Services
● Travel and Entertainment
● Real Estate
● Education
● Software Publishing
● Advertising
● Finance
● Healthcare
● Telecommunications
● Manufacturing & Engineering

Build Innovative Business Apps

STAMOD, is an established business application development company offering world-class
business applications that are in tune with the latest technological advancements in the industry. We
focus on building long-standing relationships with our clients and service vendors; and view
ourselves as a strategic extension of their capacities. This results in enhanced productivity, and
profitability while reducing risks.
On outsourcing business application development services to STAMOD, we become your true
offshore partner and help you not only save application development costs, but also achieve ongoing
business benefits through process re-engineering, quality improvement, continuous knowledge
creation, and tightly integrated and managed workflows.
Contact STAMOD’s business application development experts and increase your business ROI.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!