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Enterprise Solutions

As every business is striving to go beyond traditional businesses software, STAMOD's enterprise business solution is exactly what you need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business activities.


IT Challenges can have serious impacts on the business activities, by making it slugging. Many business software even struggles in the interoperability process, thus hindering inter-departmental coordination & may even remain unable to respond to the quick technological changes. To save businesses from all these hassles, we offer edging enterprise solutions, to stay profitable & increase business flexibility.


The diverse range of services that comes under our Enterprise Business Solutions, includes SAP Support Services, Microsoft Dynamics, Azure Application Development, IT Consulting, CMS, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Web Portal Development, Salesforce Application Development, and much more.


We've harnessed the required skills and expertise to provide clients with the best quality services while leveraging the latest tools and technologies & delivering top-notch services within a quick turnaround time.

Our Enterprise Solutions Services:

1. Twilio Consultancy Services

We have got relevant skills and expertise for offering the best quality Twilio consultancy services to global clients. We focus on delivering top-notch service with the latest tools that too in a short turnaround time.

2. Microsoft and Windows SharePoint Services

With two decades of broad experience in delivering Microsoft SharePoint Services. Our solutions have better functionality in documentation and data management. Some of our solutions include the development of intranet websites, web portals, web apps, and a lot more.

3. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading platforms used by companies having a complete range of customer relationship (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. STAMOD offers a whole host of Microsoft Dynamics services that ensure the effective achievement of business results.

4. SAP Support Services

STAMOD has expert developers & support engineers for providing the complete facility of SAP support solutions and maintenance services to the clients of the world. Our offerings involve SAP application performance monitoring, maintenance, backup, SAP documentation, reporting, and a lot more for a complete solution package.

5. Azure Application Development

STAMOD has experts coders & developers, for building the robust cloud computing solution, Azure. The solution shapes & deploys databases, hosted services, and an entire spectrum of web apps based on the client’s chosen technology stack. This could include transitions among any platforms such as SQL Server, MongoDB, Windows, & Linux. Some of our Azure services comprise Azure web application development, Azure integrated solutions, and Azure mobile application development.

6. Microsoft ConsultingServices

STAMOD helps in the smooth deployment of Microsoft Technologies that allows businesses to see a quicker return on their investments. Some of our services include business strategic support, governance planning, development, maintenance, and even customized solutions for global clients.

7. SAP Consulting Services

STAMOD is a complete provider for global clients in offering all the SAP-related needs, along with SAP support services. The clients can avail themselves of customized SAP solutions at cost-effective rates and within a short time span. Some of our services include SAP functional, technical consulting, full-cycle global SAP roll-out, and a lot more of the SAP-related services.

8. Enterprise Resource Planning

Some of the facets of enterprise resource planning services involve financial management, sales management, supply chain management, production management, service management, and customer relationship management. We design our services for the whole spectrum of modern business requirements while ensuring good growth rates.

9. Business Application Development

We provide solutions that cover 360 development of business apps, right from requirement analysis to conceptualization, from planning to app design, from application implementation to deployment, business application development to coding. This also involves software testing, quality assurance, user acceptance testing, security management, change management, and release management.

10. Content Management Systems

STAMOD has relevant experts that are well-versed n working with the major portal content management systems. The likes of which include, Expression Engine, Joomla, Mambo, Contrexx, Drupal, Geeklog, Post-Nuke, PHP-Nuke, Typo3, SiteFrame, Xoops, etc.

11. Customer Relationship Management

An effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution has the power to boost business productivity, accelerate sales, and offers robust customer support teams with insights into the customer care and sales process. Some of the sub-services in our CRM services include CRM Consulting, end-to-end CRM application development, CRM solution customization, open-source CRM solution development, and a lot more.

12. Supply Chain Management

STAMOD offers an entire gamut of supply chain management solutions, including product flow and delivery, applications for procurement, warehouse management, scheduling, distribution, expenditure, maintenance, scrutiny management, logistics and customer support assistance, public relations management, compliance management, and a lot more.

13.Web Portal Development

STAMOD wants the clientele base to harness the full potential of the internet for their business growth. We offer expert web portal development solutions, which include portal designing, portal development, portal maintenance services, etc to build feature-rich & industry-specific portals.

14.Big Data

The essence of big data lies in deciphering the quality information from a bunch of small data and examining it thoroughly for retrieving high-performance analytics. STAMOD monitors the magnitude of data before engaging the right tools and processes to make this entire huge process simple and productive for the organizations’ benefit.

15. Operations Management

With STAMOD’s operations management, our global clients gain comprehensive visibility & deep insights into their business services and processes, while accessing the robust infrastructure. We ensure every experience to be delivered with enhanced visibility, availability, and agility to all enterprises from any domain, of all shapes and sizes.

16. IT Business Management

STAMOD helps in leveraging the power of the IT Business Management solution for managing the demand, priority, and funding of firms’ IT teams. We help in building core business services through the implementation of pre-established workflows & tools, that enable effective achievement of business goals. While also focusing on the improvement of service velocity, service alignment, and service visibility

17. IT Service Management

STAMOD has the capability to take full charge of the IT service delivery by leveraging our IT service management platform. Our services, ensure clients having lowered risks, reduced costs, improved agility while boosting the IT innovations. We offer real-time visibility and comprehensive processes to consolidate any redundant IT tools into a single data model.

18. Customer Service Management

We have appointed the most experienced & skilled team for our customer service management solution that caters to all the business needs. We also leverage the best of the tools & technologies while delivering top-notch services.

19. Power BI Services

For catering to the requirements of unique visualizations and business intelligence of our global clients, we have equipped ourselves with the most knowledgeable and experienced Power BI experts. These experts very well understand the speed, productivity, and efficiency, of business while materializing the firm’s potential.

20. Workday Services

STAMOD’s workday services focus on efficiently managing the countless operations while tracking each team, operations, and progress, irrespective of how complicated, or how it is branched out.

21. Salesforce Application Development Services

As salesforce bags the title of the world’s number one CRM platform. It offers customized solutions & connects business sectors like sales, commerce, marketing, IT, and services. To leverage this, we have experts with extensive Salesforce application development experience for providing streamlined operations and improved customer experience.

22. SAP HANA Cloud Services

STAMOD offers a comprehensive range of SAP HANA cloud services for fulfilling the varied demands of different industries and sectors. The tool lets businesses connect to different sources of data with greater ease while standardizing the data management for providing access to a single source of data.

23. SIP Trunking Services

With STAMOD’s Session Initiation Protocol trunking services, we assure businesses with effective monitoring and optimizing the voice infrastructure. This leads to better transparency and control for the smooth running of the business.

24. Application Portfolio Management Services

For better survival & business continuance, we eliminate numerous IT challenges while futureproofing the application portfolio. We offer the latest & reliable information for stakeholders and develop a cost-efficient model to help reduce expenses & for maintaining a good application portfolio.

25. Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is one of the vital services of STAMOD for the implementation & customization of enterprises and small businesses’ software. STAMOD examines is SAAS tool for identifying the strategic areas to gain maximum ROI.

26. Advanced Analytics

STAMOD’s Analytics tool is more than just a piece of consolidated information about the customer’s insights and business penetration while forecasting ways to steer the business forward. To leverage the maximum of it, we will set up the right analytical tools for your enterprise, while assuring a much-needed predictive edge.

27. ERP Services

STAMOD has extensive knowledge in analysis, customization, implementation, maintenance, integration, support, and upgrading of popular ERP tools like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, etc. Every client of ours gets the maximum benefits on all of the enterprise resource planning solutions that you opt for.

28. Cloud-based Services

STAMOD’s cloud-based services are essential for any business for increasing operational efficiency while having effective costings. However, the right analysis and adoption of cloud-based services are essential for its success. STAMOD has years of experience in the smooth transition of businesses onto cloud platforms while making it available at competitive rates.

29. Enterprise Mobility Solutions

In today’s world, it’s crucial for businesses to have robust enterprise mobility solutions for capturing the new-age consumers. With STAMOD it gets flexible to leverage mobile platforms, in business while making a huge difference n the patterns of customer engagement and retention.

Why Choose Us?

STAMOD is the best choice for your business, if you cannot believe it, here we’ve got a host of reasons, to let you know why we are a great partner for your outsourcing needs. These include –
Accelerated Workflow – While we use the best of the and latest tools for our enterprise software solutions, we also ensure to accelerate your normal workflow, that handling allows catering of more than you normal customers at a time.

      1. Inter-departmental Synchronization – With data exchange, we ensure a smooth & transparent harmony for inter-departmental synchronization, while making it more dynamic and goal-driven rather than working as silos.
      2. Platform for Innovation – STAMOD strives for new innovation, as the businesses get active complex activities induced by engaging enterprise solutions. We bring innovation while being in tune with the current systems, which leads to better output.
      3. Quick and Timely Decision-Making Capability – With STAMOD’s enterprise solutions, we diminish any reliance on individual intuition, while giving decision-makers a better and precise flow of information and forecasts collected based on real data.
      4. Real-time Information Exchange – We follow an error-free approach
        for strategic addition, processing, and availability of data. Thus maintaining the reliability, timely availability, and constancy of information.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!