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Database Services

STAMOD is a one-stop shop for all your offshore database services. We are well-equipped with a highly talented & experienced software team software and database experts. Get access to a wide array of services including database management, database administration, database migration, database design services, etc.


We are an experienced third-party services provider that offers the right solution for any business model with highly skilled and experienced resources. While allowing them ample time for focusing on core competencies. We are capable to understand & handle all sorts of concerns regarding right from evolving complexities, scalability needs, surging data volume to security & decentralized data management


We get our clients started by establishing decision criteria, finding suitable solutions as per the business challenge, evaluating the compatibility with existing technology resources, understanding the workload performance from the hardware end, and so on. We design exact strategies and database engine performance solutions for reshaping the business dynamics in real-time conditions, and to concentrate on other critical functions.

Our Database Management Services :

1. GraphDB Managed Services

STAMOD’s highly experienced professionals & developers are best suited to handle any GraphDB Managed Service needs. We have got in hand the latest tools ad technologies to deliver the best and top-notch service to clients.

2. Neo4J Managed Services

STAMOD is well-equipped with the right skills and expertise that promises to offer clients the best quality Neo4J managed services. We use the latest tools and systems while delivering excellent solutions within a quick turnaround time.

3. PostgreSQL Database Services

Our team has the perfect dexterity to provide the best quality PostgreSQL database services to global clients. We employ the highest standard tools and technologies for delivering superior services to clients.

4. CouchDB Managed Services

STAMOD offers the best quality CouchDB managed services while leveraging the latest tools and technologies & delivering the best quality services within a quick turnaround time.

5. Database Design Services

We guide our global clients in deciding the best-fit database model through an expert and scientific evaluation for their business model, to let them freely scale and stabilize the business. Our database designs aim to streamline the core process of a secure way of the storage and retrieval of data while facilitating integration with numerous RDBMS such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, etc.

6. Data Warehouse Services

With STAMOD’s sound system of data warehouse services, businesses get incorporated with the most effective DWH Solutions. Our services efficiently bring all the disparate data of the business under one file, while strategically influencing the decision-making of the business. We have a full suite, which includes development, planning, migration, and consultation.

7. Database Development Services

With expert knowledge and skills, STAMOD not only builds database structure but also focuses on accommodating every form of data in an organized manner. Our experts put together, deepest of database workflow knowledge, to enhance the relationship between numerous datasets of architecture & enabling better utilization of data applications for decision-making and other business purposes.

8. Database Management Services

STAMOD’s database management services are strategically built-in offering highly effective and innovative solutions at all fronts. DBM is a task full of resource-intensive with dependency on complex hardware and software. We focus on effectively streamlining several activities, to not let them impact the business’s daily operations & putting on of the complex chores on the team. Whether it is simple troubleshooting or database performance tracking, we make sure to maintain stability & lucidness, when you choose us.

9. Database Administration Services

Databases Administration is the most integral and challenging aspect of management. But with STAMOD, one need not had to worry, as we engineer the best and most reliable data solutions & technology-based services, that strategically prioritize, organization’s success. Thus, allowing them to effectively maintain the control and unlock its complete potential at full pace.

10. Database Migration Services

Database Migration requires high cost & deep expertise, as it plays a major impact on the riskiness and downtime of the business. We, at STAMOD, incorporates, agility & prudence, to simplify the most intimidating tasks of moving data from one storage point to another, in a secured manner.

11. MySQL Management Services

With STAMOD’s high-quality MySQL Management Services we harness the complete potential and all the features of MySQL databases, thus enhancing the entire functionality & productivity of the databases. We have got experts onboard and an in-house team and will to strategically optimize & standardize the routine database administration tasks, at affordable costs.

12. Apache Ignite Managed Services

Build real-time applications & high memory computing platforms to process terabytes of data with a swift. Leverage Apache Ignite, high-performing in-memory & low latency caches, while supporting, Key-Value, Flash, RAM, NVRAM, and ANSI SQL with multi-level storage.

13. MongoDB Managed Services

Written in C++ programming language & being one of the most popular databases of NoSQL, MongoDB, is a highly document-oriented database that stores data in JSON-like documents, with a dynamic schema. Our experts harness the The full potential of MongoDB to suit its particular requirements or related to any number or types of fields.

14. SQL Server Managed Services

STAMOD serves a global clientele with its SQL Server managed services for over a decade. We continuously provide our database optimization services to SMEs and large, complex enterprises, while serving a variety of industries and markets.

15. ScyllaDB Managed Services

A fully managed version of ScyllaDB enterprise, Scylla Cloud, is used across numerous industries and markets, including finance, advertising, entertainment, social media, and IoT. It is a super-fast, and yet affordable version NoSQL database. With our fully harnessing capacity, get ensured to handle petabytes of data and perform millions of operations with ease.

16. Cassandra Managed Services

With Casandra managed services, effectively manage and migrate to a smarter infrastructure, while reducing the downtime & experiencing the full potential of task automation on a web service platform of your choice

17. PostgreSQL Managed Services

Enhance your database performance with speed and reliability, through STAMOD’s PostgreSQL services. It is strategically built while ensuring, that businesses, put their focus on core activities, as we handle the rest of the database tasks right from the creation of custom PostgreSQL extension to workflow integration.

18. ArangoDB Managed Services

STAMOD is fully equipped to offer custom solutions for all your ArangoDB needs. With our right expertise, we can assure a smooth transition from the ArangoDB framework to the cloud, while having scalability & able to fully manage database, documents storage, and search engine in just one place. Get access to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure for running deployments in minutes.

19. JanusGraph Managed Service

Leverage cloud infrastructure & enhance business efficiency with JanusGraph. An open-source distributed graph database, supported by numerous well-known firms such as IBM, Google, Grakn Labs, and Hortonworks. While leveraging the various storage backends such as Google Cloud Bigtable, Apache Cassandra, Oracle BerkeleyDB, Scylla, and Apache HBase.

Our DataBase Services Process:

1. Planning & Requirement Evaluation

At first, we evaluate each need specified by clients, while collaborating with your team for understanding the requirements & developing a detailed plan custom-made for the business.

2. Design Conceptualization

Once we get hold of your requirements, our team gets into action for designing a prototype that involves an illustrative example of the final implementation.

3. Database Design

For the appropriate Inputs and in case of modifications (if any), we held timely consultations & meetings with your team. Thereafter, to optimize and approve the designs before starting with actual development.

4. Database Implementation

We commence with your database services depending on your budget capacity and some preliminary needs. After commencing we make sure that the implementation is completed within the stipulated time.

5. Maintenance

To stay in line with the changing market & to maintain the system, we roll out timely updates, that are demanded and relevant for the clients.

Why Choose Us?

As an accomplished provider of database services, we have in-depth conceptual and practical knowledge of database systems & about its complex mechanism. To the fullest of our skill and ability, we strive to deliver services with great accuracy, so as to yield maximum benefits from our offering –

      1. High Accuracy and Quality Service
        We run numerous standardized tests after the execution of each database service to bring uniformity in the data and its functionality in a well-coordinated environment. On successful passing of the required test parameters, we go forward with signing off the project for the final deployment at the client’s end.

      2. Short Turnaround Time
        To achieve a short turnaround time, STAMOD adopts an agile method is adopted throughout the implementation process of the database. We work under close cut-off timelines for minimizing or eliminating the project downtime entirely. Thus, saving clients from slow revenue generation and helping them in maintaining good customer relations.

      3. Scalability
        We strive together for building a versatile platform that is always ready for timely upgrades & databases updates. Clients can seamlessly evolve the databases without chipping away the updates through groundwork. Thus letting them meet the future demands, without affecting the routine updates for future-proofing the database.

      4. Pocket-friendly Pricing
        STAMOD offers a flexible price model, by keeping in mind the client’s budget concerns and letting them choose the best of the database services, by avoiding the unnecessary add-ons and having the best of the database requirements for the business.

      5. Single Point of Contact
        We allot a dedicated individual from the first step of the process itself, thus simplifying the for clients to keeping an eye at their projects from the single point of contact. We train our project managers to work for different time zones as per the clients’ local timings. 
      6. Experienced Team
        We are equipped with well-experienced database professionals and project managers having a broad spectrum of varied knowledge and skill levels. With a robust team, we are fully capable of manage multiple projects of different complexities at the set time span & delivering them without getting troubled by any limitations.

      7. Modern Infrastructure
        We are fully stacked with incredible infrastructure to help our database teams in all ways & for accelerating the execution process of databases. As our STAMOD’s Clients, you need not had to worry about any inaccuracies, errors, or even dissatisfaction with the project, our high-end hardware, software & security infrastructures are all set to offer complete fulfillment.

      8. Secure File Sharing
        STAMOD implements a secured way of sharing sensitive information, that too in a much simpler way, through data-sharing platforms, overlooked relentlessly by security experts, with powerful security software, that is safely handled from our end.

      9. Round-the-clock Availability
        We work uninterruptedly 24/7/, round the year for keeping the operations and critical aspects of the business fully in an operational state. Thus, enabling us to respond to any circumstance quickly while overcoming difficulties on the go without concerns.

      10. DB Service Tools and Software
        We make the best use of the top-notch proprietary database, right from its development, management, to administration tools, every we used is completely reliable and trustworthy. considered top-notch. 

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!