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Website Design & Development

Overstep the first generation HTML based web pages and walk into the world of creative and interactive websites and applications. A visitor typically spends only three to five seconds to evaluate your website – user friendly interface and simple navigation are some of the most important aspects that he looks for STAMOD knows what it takes to make your visitors take a note of your website, and increase your business revenue.

STAMOD is one of the most reputed web design companies in the business for 22 years that has delivered robust offshore website design and development services to its global clientele. We offer professional website design and development services that precisely cater to your needs. Our designers and software development experts can come up with captivating designs and robust website that will instantly tempt the customers who visit your website.

Website Design and Development Services We Offer

If you have no prior website design and development experience or struggling to bring together the right resources or facing time constraints to work on a complex website - whatever your concerns are, you can outsource website design and development services to us. At STAMOD, we have seasoned professionals who can deliver a distinct and engaging website that will boost your customer engagement. From attractive single pages to engaging visual websites, we are among the best providers of website design and development services in India. A few of them are -


  • Web Framework Development

    At STAMOD, our experienced team of web development experts has the necessary expertise to build high-end web application framework solutions. When you outsource website design and development services to us, we will collaborate with you at all the rungs of the web application framework development phase and will also provide migration, integration, implementation, maintenance, and support services. We are one such web design and development company that excels in various technologies, including PHP, ASP.NET,.NET MVC, Java,open Source Frameworks, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Laravel, Magento, etc.
  • Web Development Services

    Once the front-end of your website is ready, our development team commences their work. Depending on the scope of the project, they code in HTML, HTML5, CSS or any other relevant technologies. Our website development services are highly flexible and are customized to meet your expectations. We excel in technologies like Symphony, Zend, and CodeIgniter among others, and all our solutions adhere to the latest W3C standards. Outsource web development services, and design and management activities to STAMOD, and make the best use of our experience, at a low-cost advantage.
  • Web Portal Design (ERP and CMS)

    STAMOD is an expert in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and custom content management system (CMS) design and development. Most of the websites today are designed and developed with a CMS as it facilitates customizations, and security-wise CMS websites are rock solid. We have an extensive team of Joomla, WordPress, Magento and eCommerce developers who can provide you with a customized open source themed website or website design of your choice. Moreover, all our web portal designs are based on Responsive and Adaptive Web Design, which will fine-tune the website layout to the actual size of the screen it is opened on.
  • Dynamic Website Design and Development

    By outsourcing website design and development services to us, you can leverage the expertise of our seasoned website designers & developers. They are well-versed to design and develop your website from the scratch and incorporating custom features suiting your needs. If you want a query, feedback, discussion form on your website - we can make it, or if you need a unique message board, online registration form, site search and filter option, and online chat - we can design and create all. Furthermore, with our expert dynamic website design and development solutions, you can also efficiently upgrade and maintain your website.
  • Custom Web Design

    Do you want to target your niche audience with a user-centric website? If yes, you need a custom web designing services from STAMOD. Our web designing professionals have the required technical expertise and creativity to make your website stand out. With us, you will have a website that could increase your service, attract more customers and boost your ROI. We are experts in designing custom websites for multiple industries including corporate, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, IT, media, education, travel industry, etc.
  • Template Design

    Website templates allow incorporation of the content and business logos and integrate those aesthetically. When you outsource website design services to STAMOD, you will get access to 50+ best CSS and template designers who can create a static template, flash design & animated templates, and other custom themes of your choice. With our custom-built templates, you can modify, re-write the contents on your website. You will also get the much-needed flexibility you desire from your website.
  • Static Website Design

    If you have an established set of products or services and your content is optimized according to the services you offer, you can leverage our static website design services. With us, you can design your website allowing your customers to get the information in the way you want to present, irrespective of the contexts. You can also boost your goals and visions by showcasing the services/products the way you like.
  • E-commerce Website Design & Development

    For every web store owner or the enthusiasts who are going to start their online stores, a powerful e-commerce website design is the first thing that helps them stand out. If you fall under the same category - you have to keep your foundation, i.e., your e-commerce website development as robust and unique as the services you offer. If you need a professional shopping cart solution, then, with our e-commerce website design and development services, you can drive the sales across all the channels and devices. We offer robust and unique features to manage your content and pictures, a design that facilitates fast navigation from homepage to checkout page - all in all - a powerful marketing suite.
  • Responsive Web Design

    Our responsive web design services combine the page colors, sizes, texts, graphics, videos, etc. perfectly and in accordance with the proportions of the device, it is opened on. This will allow your users to experience a high-quality browsing experience with better navigations,zooming and fast loading of your responsive websites.
  • Internet Marketing

    It isn't just enough to have an interactive and robust website, one of the most important aspects of owning a prized website is to market it well. STAMOD, with its extensive knowledge in internet marketing services, can help you increase your brand presence, turn your visitors into loyal customers and increase your search engine visibility. Our team is dedicated to helping you increase your business by strategically using several online marketing methodologies.
  • VR Web Design

    For VR web design services, we rely on WebGL and WebVR to build website prototypes. We are expert in amalgamating UI and UX with the VR technologies to enhance your customers' browsing experience. Our unique approach to VR through WebVR can suit the needs of modern web design, which can handle VR and web APIs using the WebGL. The API enabled content can be illustrated in 3D via VR headset and your users can view it on their phones or desktop computers using all major headsets.


Our Website Design and Development Process

A successful website requires hosting, registering the domain name, planning & building, publishing & promoting, and lastly – maintaining and supporting it. At STAMOD, we incorporate the below five-step process when we take up a website design and development project to ensure we meet our deliverables within budget and promised time –

01. Information Gathering – Finding your Purpose, Goals, and Audience

The general flow here is – defining the purpose of your website, finding your goals, determining your target audience, and finally what sort of information your audiences wish to see on your website.

02. Design & Development – Sitemap, Wireframe, Page Layout & Final Approval

Based on the collected information, we will build a sitemap including all the website’s main functionalities and development procedures. It will give an ample idea of how the website will look. We will then seek your approval of the web design layout and then proceed further to develop the website.

03. Testing & Review

As the website takes its final form, we will start the testing process to find out the gaps and bugs. This will include complete testing of form, functionality and other scripts, compatibility verification, and code validation.

04. Website Launch

Once our website design and development experts will approve the final website, we will create an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to upload the web site files to the server and thereafter, release it to live.

05. Updates & Maintenance – Monitoring the Website against Certain Parameters with Regular Updates

To make sure our website design and development services are up to the mark, we will carry out a feedback process. We will also provide ongoing maintenance support and system updates to keep the website running optimally.

Whether you are looking for a basic website with just a few pages, or you want an overpowering web presence with a host of features, e-commerce capabilities, CMS, and user-defined functionalities – our web designing team can help you right from the conceptualization stage to development, implementation, testing, and enhancements. We know what it takes to create a powerful website design. By outsourcing your website design and development activities to us, you can be sure of having a solution that is customized and tailored to fit all your business needs perfectly, save up to 60% of your costs and achieve better quality.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!