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Software Modernization Services

Software modernization is the redesign of the old software to adapt it to the current business needs. The process works by integrating the latest features and functionality into the current business. Software modernization services facilitate the transfer of existing systems into new software platforms by adding new functions that provide modern features to the company.

Legacy software modernization is the process of modernizing functions, internal architecture, platform, and infrastructure of existing legacy software. It is the consolidation, rededication, and refactoring of legacy programming and software code to create new value for existing software and adapt it to the current business needs. Migration and reengineering are processes that go hand in hand with re-configuring and replacing modules of existing software systems to create software applications when it comes to modernizing existing software.

STAMOD’s software modernization services help companies turn established legacy software into new technology architectures that offer higher value to the company. Our team of software modernization developers works to strengthen your business. Our goal is to help you achieve higher returns on a budget that makes sense for your business.

Software Modernization Services We Offer

When you outsource software modernization services to us, we transform your legacy applications to new and updated technologies to deliver higher business value. Some of the major software product modernization services we offer are -


  • Portfolio Assessment & Planning

    STAMOD experts will thoroughly evaluate your existing legacy applications to get an understanding of the workings, the requirements, the architecture, the coding, and the structure of the system. Once we do an assessment, we develop a detailed plan for your legacy applications and help you switch from legacy to modern software systems.
  • Application Re-Architecture

    Our application re-architecture services deliver a responsive, effective, and flexible ecosystem. We build a modern framework based on your business functionality and enhance the responsiveness of the systems and reduce costs. Our re-architecture solutions are based on technology that provides both top and bottom views of the functionality of applications, allowing you to focus on your business.
  • Application Re-Engineering

    Application re-engineering allows using the most effective and agile methods to rebuild the legacy applications and to move them to a new platform or upgrade to new technology using either the same functionality or expanding the functions.
  • Application Migration

    We provide you with a quick and effective way of modifying your legacy systems and migrating them to a new language without disrupting the working of your business. We provide you with personalized migration strategies to suit your business needs and migrate your entire system with no data loss. We provide migration to Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, multi-cloud architecture migration, move to IaaS, SaaS, PaaS cloud.
  • Application Re-Hosting

    STAMOD’s application re-hosting services are a combination of scalable hardware that is industry-standard, robust technology, cloud environments, recognized delivery methods, and experience required to streamline the migration process. Our re-hosting software minimizes change, to allow your team to adapt to the new environment easily without any retraining.
  • Cloud Migration

    Our cloud migration services allow you to migrate your IT, applications, infrastructure, and processes to a secure platform. With our cloud migrations services, you can lower your costs, increase responsiveness, improve scalability, and accessibility.
  • Application Integration

    Our application integration service brings all your apps into one single app which allows a smooth workflow, enhances effectiveness, simplifies performance, boosts the overall efficiency of the system, streamlines flexibility and agility, and automates business processes.
  • Re-platforming of Applications

    We can help you move your old legacy applications and software to new, modern technology platforms that are less expensive yet more effective.
  • Application Recoding

    Our services include restructuring of codes of existing legacy applications without changing the behavior of the app. We revive your legacy systems from old, aging, and retired technologies with new programs, languages, databases, and frameworks.


Software Modernization Services Process We Follow

    • Saving and substituting old systems with new software is a delicate process as a lot of data, information, and processes are embedded into the old systems. So, as a software modernization service provider, we follow a simple process of migrating the legacy software to modernized software.

      We start by evaluating your software portfolio to help you define the pros and cons of each approach (e.g., rehosting, re-platforming, refactoring) and outline a roadmap for the migration of your apps.

      1. Strategy and Analyzing

      Before we go ahead and take up your project, to understand your business and applications, our team meets your IT team to collect all the information, assess your application, and check the architectural changes required to start the step of designing the new system

      1. Designing

      After we analyze the architectural changes that are required, we create a roadmap for the software modernization for your business. The roadmap is created to repurpose your legacy system and applications to new modern platforms without hampering your business flow

      1. Approval

      Once the roadmap is created, we send it to you for your approval. If there are any changes, we will implement the changes and modify the plans accordingly

      1. Development and Integration

      After receiving the approval for the plan to modernize the software, a development team will be assigned to you to oversee the migration. Our team will start work to refactor old codes, add new technologies, codes, and capabilities to boost the functionality and performance of your software

      1. Quality Check and Testing

      After the development of your application by our team, we will run it through several quality checks and testing parameters before taking it live. The quality checks and testing will evaluate the performance of the new system and the team gets a chance to fix any bugs and flaws

      1. Delivery and Live

      Once the new modernized software has gone through all the quality checks and tests, we will move your entire legacy system to the new platform and will be made live by our team

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