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Software Asset Management Services

Software Asset Management (SAM) is the process involved in managing, controlling, and protecting software assets throughout their lifecycle. It helps an organization be on their toes to meet their changing requirements without expending on software costs and excess loss of time. Besides, it ensures optimal software utilization and absolute compliance for clearing audit tests.

STAMOD has over 22 years of experience in software asset management. Over the years, we have assisted several organizations across domains to manage their software assets in a way that easily adapts to fast-changing market requirements without impacting the delivery process leading to increased savings and productivity. As a software asset management services provider, we have assisted our clients with a regular inventory of all software running within the organization thereby ensuring effective management of mobile, desktop, and data center software assets.

Software Asset Management Services

As a software asset management providing company, we offer diverse software asset management services to enable our clients to manage end-to-end software needs. Some of these services include -


  • Estimated License Position (ELP)

    An estimated license position enables you to identify areas of under-license or over-license so that you don't risk compliance or waste money on needless software purchases. You can leverage our services to configure a software asset management tool to gather deployment data for each software publisher. We capture deployments on both virtual machines such as cloud and physical machines and create routine reports to help your business stay compliant and up-to-date.
  • Generate License Reports

    Our reports will help you look at the contractual obligations and rights for all installed software. In the process, we will consolidate all your licenses for better deployment and up-gradation. Banking on the report will ensure lower software maintenance costs and 100% compliance with licensing requirements. Our reports also enable you to monitor the usage of software with a focus on properly utilizing bundled software. The reports can be particularly helpful to optimize costly licenses such as Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Review Update Of License Entitlements

    Knowledge of your organization's ownership rights, and payments made for upgrades, is critical for any software asset management practice. With this service, you can review entitlements and get value-added advice on re-activating orphaned licenses or licenses that are no longer in use. Such licenses will be in a pool of owned licenses for reuse. An updated awareness of unused licenses helps you cut down on costs. Our services are leveraged by our clients to ensure there is no double buying when handling hundreds and thousands of licenses.
  • Reporting Consumption and Utilization of AWS, Azure, and Office 365

    As reliance on the cloud model increases and applications shift to a subscription model, understanding usage patterns can get very challenging. Improper understanding has led to companies paying for Office 365 accounts that are no not used by the organization. Likewise, employees who work across departments end up having more than one account or subscription bundles that they are no more using. With our services, you will know where to reassign or remove subscriptions and cut down on bundled software that is not in use. This will ensure a highly optimized usage pattern with zero wastage of redundant costs.
  • Contract Renewal Negotiation

    We have done on behalf of our clients several software license negotiations from different publishers. This exposure has given us a fair understanding of how the vendor's sales teams function. This understanding along with our own internal benchmarking data compiled over the years helps us bring to you the best possible deal when negotiating with a publisher on contract renewal. Our knowledge of how you use the software, and how to ensure this, and more in the contract term, help us come up with numerous options to assist in negotiations.
  • Support for Publisher Audit

    With this service, we assist you to go through the process of software vendor audits. Our clients have leveraged our service to reduce initial audit findings by as much as 80%. In several cases, we have helped clients erase all loopholes. The initial round of audits sends a clear message to the publisher that you are in complete control of your licensing and compliance position, and therefore help you move to the next audit with confidence. As a result, we help minimize the time taken to conduct and finish audits.
  • Consultation Services for Software Asset Management

    With our on-demand consulting services we enable our clients with inventory data management, license renewal management and optimizations, vendor optimization, compliance management, and all other kinds of recommendations. Our consultation services have helped our clients maintain the overall software application management platform, license reconciliation, and ongoing inventory management. We assign a licensing specialist to overlook your requirements who will dedicate stipulated hours each quarter. They answer questions about software maintenance, take part in meetings as expert consultants, and conduct regular training sessions to give an idea on changing and upgraded licensing requirements.
  • Self-Assessment Services

    We also assist companies in proactively conducting internal software audits to make sure they are compliant with all contract renewals and software negotiation terms. Up-to-date knowledge of software setup and conditions go a long way in assisting companies to renew gainful contracts and eliminate expensive true-ups. Our clients bank on our self-assessment service to have a bird's eye view of processes handled by the vendors and auditors. We assist you to foresee what auditors will look for and plug the loopholes legally to decrease license flouting penalties.


Our Software Asset Management Process

Software asset management needs to be driven by a proper and customized plan to eliminate risks and reduce costs. This is possible only when you work with an experienced partner having adequate exposure in managing software for both big and small companies. Our software asset management service is based on a detailed and tailored approach consisting of the following steps –

  1. Assess Inventory

In this stage, we take steps to take stock of your inventories. We leverage an application recognition tool to gather all related information about software inventory data. This helps us understand the type of applications deployed so that we can generate a consistent and normalized list of applications. This step helps us improve the visibility of IT assets including unauthorized ones, identify risks, and keep the client ready for mergers and acquisitions

  1. Review Licensing Models

Licensing models in an organization come in several different forms and are dependent on the kind of applications used and the hosted environment. We take care of licensing models such as a license for individual machines, license assigned to users, license for machines under one network, licenses for free software, license pool available for a big pool of users, license meant for multiple users, etc

  1. Review Current and Historic Cloud Migrations

As cloud migrations can disrupt processes significantly, it needs to be carried out with full caution. We review all migrations to assess whether the shift from on-premise equipment to off-premise has taken into account licensing and scheme models, app migrations and replacements, software and hardware reconsideration, and changes in the asset lifecycle. This assessment helps us take a complete measure of all off-premise migrations

  1. Analyze Software Environment

Once the list of software inventory is generated we have a closer look at the usage, license entitlement, and contract to produce a compliance position concerning the software environment. This step helps in identifying the best licensing options to plug existing license gaps and improve end-to-end software licensing models. Our analysis helps our clients decentralize purchasing, and make license transfers for divestitures and M&A less complicated

  1. Automate Processes

In the last step, we help you build software asset management maturity by automating processes for integrating and optimizing licenses. By automating the process we ensure proactive license management, consolidate applications and vendors and accurately assess the financial impact of necessary changes. Other benefits include managing cloud service subscription, asset allocation to employee and location, software request portals, etc.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!