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Responsive Web Design

Is your website or web page compatible with only a few devices? Are you facing optimization issues with your webpage or website – not able to fit all sorts of devices? Responsive web design is a need of this decade, year, and this hour. Just envision a web page that fits all the spectrums of the device your consumers rely on to do business. You may have a plethora of customers from different industry verticals. And what would be the effect, if you can build a web design that is aesthetically appealing and responsive at the same time – chances are you will retain more customers.

With STAMOD, you get responsive web design services that can enable your websites to resize, reshape, adjust and corroborate the specs of the device it is used on. Moreover, if any new device comes on the market, you will have a web design smart enough to fit and adapt.

Responsive Web Design Services We Offer

A responsive web design must amalgamate the page colors, sizes, texts, graphics, videos, etc. perfectly and according to the dimensions of the device, it is opened on. With the tremendous surge in the number of devices people use to navigate and do business, there is a dire need to have a high-performing, inclusive, and feature-rich web page.


When you outsource responsive web design services to us, you will also receive the migration services of the mobile-enabled website to an optimized website. At STAMOD, we offer the following responsive web design services -


  • Website Analysis
  • Responsive design implementation using Media queries
  • Custom Responsive Web Design Solutions
  • Website Layout Designing
  • Responsive eCommerce Website Designing
  • Responsive Website Testing Services
  • Mobile Compatibility Checking
  • Website Compatibility with all Browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9, Opera, and Android Browsers
  • Designing focus for all the possible resolutions right from the lowest possible resolution 240px to 1000px and above (No other responsive web design company offers responsive web designing with a focus on 240px resolution). Resolutions on which we focus are 240px / 320px, 320px / 480px, 480px / 768px and 768px / 1000px and above. However, we can work on any custom resolutions.
  • High-Quality Browsing Experience with Better Navigations, Zooming, and Fast Loading of our Responsive Sites
  • Open Source Development

Improved Page Speed

We at STAMOD follow PageSpeed best practices to ensure that your responsive website uploads faster regardless of the browser.

Why Responsive Design and Not Mobile Apps

This is the age of smartphones and tablets. With a million screens coming into the picture, creating websites or user interfaces for all of them is the only solution, as a website that looks good only on the PC won’t suffice. Building mobile apps can also seem like a decent alternative, but considering the bludgeoning number of different mobile devices in the market, it’s not a practical solution; though it is still better than having no mobile apps at all!

It’s possible to build mobile apps for popular devices and platforms but is certainly not feasible for every app in the store. So, for a website that works perfectly on every device, the solution is ‘responsive web design’. Also, with the Google’s latest MOBILEGEDDON, it will become essential to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, an area where responsive web designing can help.

Responsive Web Design is a Necessity - Even Stats Are in Favor

As more and more consumers are turning to smartphones and tablets for personal, social and professional activities, and the screen sizes of devices are changing with each new device being launched, responsive web design services will be critical in future. Here are few stats that proclaim loud and clear that years ahead are bound to experience responsive revolution –

  • There are 5 billion mobile phone users in the world, and about 2.5 billion smartphone users, a number which is increasing
  • Majority of mobile subscribers in the US (Nearly one-third of all American adults) own a smartphone, tablet, or e-reader
  • Sales of ‘Tablets’ are expected to surpass 150 million this year, and its numbers may even exceed sales numbers for notebooks next year
  • 52% of global Internet traffic now represents mobile traffic
  • 60% of local searches are performed on mobile devices
  • 44% of internet users are mobile-only, i.e. they access Internet only on their mobile phones
With us, you can tout the versatility of your website, which will be all-pervasive, comprising each feature – exactly as you intended with a robust design, and above all – a responsive web design. When you choose STAMOD to outsource responsive website design services, we will follow a validated approach to cater to your responsive website design service needs. The steps we follow are –
  • Requirement Gathering – Your Purpose, Goals, and Audience
    The first step of our offsite responsive web design services includes a thorough brainstorming session of understanding your exact requirements, thereafter we send a website design proposal.
  • Design & Development
    – Sitemap, Wireframe, Page Layout & Final Approval Based on the gathered information we will create a sitemap that incorporates all the main functionality and development procedures. This stage will give an ample idea of how the website will look & feel. We will also collaborate with you at this phase to seek approval of the responsive web design layout.
  • Testing & Review
    As the website takes its final form, we will start the testing process to find out the gaps and bugs.
  • Website Launch
    After checking and rechecking your website, we will proceed to upload it to a server and release it to live.
  • Updates & Maintenance –
    Monitoring the Responsive web design against certain parameters and regular updating
To make sure our website design and development services are up to the mark, we will carry out a feedback process. We will also provide ongoing maintenance support and system updates to keep the website running optimally.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!