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Product Management Services

Are you looking for enhanced, quick, and secure delivery of your critical software products? Do you want to implement an integrated and process-driven approach to your product management that provides a clear actionable road map to deploy your product or service to the market? Are you struggling to find the right post-deployment product management support? If so, you have come to the right place.

STAMOD is a leading product management service provider and has helped companies from across the world with their product management needs. We provide support for upgrades and constant optimization to ensure that your products do not become redundant after some time has elapsed. We have a thorough understanding of a variety of business verticals and the technologies related to these verticals and we also have significant experience and expertise in deploying and maintaining very complex products.

Product Management Services We Offer

STAMOD is a leading provider of product management services in India and abroad and can help you address a wide variety of product management requirements. Our product management process is efficient and effective and we use the latest and best product management tools and technologies to deliver highly robust product management services.

Our product management services include -


  • Concept Management Services

    We comprehensively discuss all the concepts for the product in terms of its features, the customers' needs it will address, the customers it will serve, and the market it is being developed for, among others to gain a clearer understanding of the product. We provide a complete picture of the product to help with planning the design and development of the product.
  • Task Prioritization Services

    In this stage, we identify all the tasks that must be performed for a minimum viable product to be designed, developed, and deployed in the market. Each task is then prioritized according to the overall understanding of the product. This is a highly important activity and significantly affects the successful deployment of the product.
  • Roadmap Creation Services

    We create a step-wise implementation strategy with clear and actionable time-based goals. We document the implementation plan while considering all the product's features, specifications, technical challenges if any, and other related variables. This helps to understand where you stand and how you will get to where you want to be.
  • Product Deployment Services

    In this step, the designed and developed software product is beta deployed and we perform a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of whether the product meets all the specifications and follows all the appropriate guidelines. We also perform testing of the product.
  • Documentation Services

    We provide comprehensive and detailed specification documentation that covers all the product's features. We also go into the details of each feature to understand the objectives of the feature and its impact. This also helps in determining the effort needed to implement the feature.
  • Feedback Incorporation Services

    Here, the product is deployed in the live environment and further developed and made more effective by listening to customer feedback. We are meticulous when performing this process and usually come to know of new unanticipated issues that we then rectify to make the product more viable and effective.


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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!