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Parallax Web Design Services

Designs for a website are not about showy graphics and images totting the home page, it must get along with the remainder of the website as a package and incentivize the online business with more traffic and quality leads. If you have no expertise in Parallax web design, you can outsource parallax web design services to STAMOD to let our team worry about making your front end appealing to eyes and practical in functions.

STAMOD has had strong expertise in offering custom parallax web design services to clients from across the world. Our parallax web design solutions offer you the best chance at impressing your site visitors and turning them into good leads. Don’t take our word for it, experience better performance that you can measure by offshoring your parallax web design services to us.

Parallax Web Design Services We Offer

At STAMOD we design uber-cool websites with a 3D effect in the background causing the viewers to experience a slow scroll of background along with the frontal content. Our parallax web designers will help you boost traffic to your site and obtain positive feedback. Our parallax website design service includes -


  • Parallax Web Design and Animation

    We will create an animated effect by layering the website background with different images at a different rate of scrolling to create smooth parallax flow. We will implement parallax scrolling website design solutions using HTML 5 and CSS3. We borrow the best design concepts practices across the world to make your website appear modern.
  • Theme Creation

    If you can't decide the best theme for your website, it's best to outsource parallax web design to STAMOD because we have theme selection and implementation experts who can help you select and customize a theme that makes a powerful impression among visitors.
  • Single Page Design

    If you want parallax web design on a single page, we have you covered. We will implement the 3-dimensional design effect on select pages that sees a greater flow of traffic.


Parallax Web Design Process We Follow

STAMOD follows a highly streamlined parallax web design and development process ensuring all deliverables are met within the time frames. The 7-step process we follow is as follows –

01. Strategy and Proposal

Being a professional parallax web design company, we work clients to capture their needs and business requirement

02. Designing

Our project heads will design a wireframe for your website by incorporating your design needs

03. Client Approval

The wire-frame will be furnished for your approval and if you consider the design, it will be passed onto the development team to implement the design using HTML and CSS

04. Development and Integration

The task of parallax web design will be cut out to the development team and relevant inputs will be provided to deliver the project in stipulated time

05. Quality Check

We perform quality checks to ensure the design adheres with the client’s expectation

06. Go-live

The landing page will be beta tested after it goes live and the data will be analyzed to improve if necessary

07. Support and Maintenance

After the page is live, we will optimize the site and provide future enhancement into the scalable design

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!