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MVP Development Services

Before you take off on your potential million- or billion-dollar digital product idea, you need to try and test it in the market for its viability, feasibility, and potential. A great startup idea often comes with constraints of budget, timelines, and resources. This is where the minimum viable product comes to your aid. Going forward with the MVP development plan helps you bank upon your idea and optimize your path towards a well-researched and well-received product.

Partnering with experts at STAMOD, who have been doing this for years and have achieved a high level of understanding and unparalleled knowledge in the field, will help you build agile products that sell and delight your customers from the first day of launch. STAMOD’s experienced team begins with product idea validation, deeply analyzes user response and behavior, iterates and reiterates products to match user expectations, and gives final shape to the product for getting it ready for the market.

Our MVP Software Development Services

We hold a long-standing experience in developing minimum viable products and have delivered hundreds of projects in recent years to a wide clientele in various sectors. Our full range of service offerings includes the following -

  • Road-mapping and Strategy Development Solutions

    Our team assists in creating a strategic plan to validate your product idea by conducting an in-depth analysis using the best-in-class technologies and tools so that the subsequent processes can be streamlined. They also provide relevant consultation as required to help you differentiate and effectively position your product in the market.
  • Prototype Design Services

    Our super qualified and trained UX designers and software engineers build a custom prototype as per your product concept that can be showcased before investors, stakeholders, and prospective investors for meaningful feedback and response generation. We create stunning wireframes, mock-ups, and designs that enable a jaw-dropping experience for your stakeholders and completely reflect your vision in front of the investors.
  • Single Feature MVP Solutions

    Does your product idea have one killer feature that has the potential to just take the market by storm? In such cases, we facilitate MVP app development that is primarily built to focus on just one key feature and not any other features which might lead to user distractions.
  • Pilot MVP Development Services

    Our team creates the usable first version of the MVP to float and test-run in the market. The MVP product undergoes a series of internal checks and iterations before being fully developed and ready to get on the stage. We also help you assess the ideal pilot audience to test the developed MVP for the right valuable feedback.
  • MVP App Development Capabilities

    As a leading IT outsourcing company with years of expertise in building high-performing MVPs for clients in various sectors, we offer custom MVP app development services and build all kinds of applications. We have developers who are specialists in developing front-end, back-end, and full-stack app interfaces and are proficient in all the latest programming languages like Python, JavaScript, JAVA, and much more.
    • Native apps - We create a seamless user experience by building platform-specific and native iOS and Android applications using the relevant frameworks and programming languages.
    • Cross-platform apps - We create native iOS and Android apps using common coding frameworks like Titanium Appcelerator and Xamarin.
    • Web Apps - If you are looking to save on the costs of creating and handling two different apps, we have an optimal solution for you. We can develop web apps using modern JavaScript frameworks like React Native, Phonegap, Ionic, and Cordova.


Our MVP Development Process

We have won accolades for our agile approach towards creating successful MVPs that are easy-to-scale and we have been able to do this by curating a high-functioning process that allows us to deliver a perfect prototype the first time itself. Our work process involves the following crucial stages –

Discovery and Need Assessment

    • Understanding the product vision and objectives
    • Client priorities
    • Target user demographics and geographics
    • Competitor analysis
    • Strategizing product development and marketing
    • Revenue model and business generation tactics
    • Identifying key characteristics of MVPs

Devising and Analyzing

    • Establishing accelerators and product differentiators
    • Product concept proofing
    • Viability analysis
    • Establishing and finalizing the required tools and technologies

 First Design/Prototyping

    • Establishing user personas
    • Mind mapping, i.e., assessing product usage, use cases, and saleable features
    • Developing wireframes and mockups


    • Ecosystem architecture setup
    • Intermediate releases and testing to get stakeholders’ feedback
    • Tiered testing for functionality, integration, and usability
    • Integration of analytics tools

MVP launch

    • Documenting pre-launch checklist

    • Beta version deployment
    • Submission to app stores
    • Simultaneous testing phase
    • Speedy elimination of any bugs and errors


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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!