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Software Maintenance and Support

Both big and small IT companies spend a lion’s share of their budget on in-house maintenance, correction and upgrading of software. It also takes up a lot of company resources and designated work hours of the employees, taking attention away from core business activities. This inconvenience can be easily dealt by the companies with the simple act of outsourcing.

For around two decades, STAMOD has been catering to large global conglomerates as well as local software vendors in maintenance and support services of the technologies they develop. We channelize our resources to provide fool-proof, real-time and long-term software maintenance and support services, to take that burden off your busy shoulders.

Our Software Maintenance and Support Services

We are a leading software maintenance and support service providing company and have been providing expert software maintenance and support services in India and abroad for many years. Our wide array of support solutions include -

  • Adaptive Maintenance and Support

    The experts at STAMOD will look into your existing software and carry out any necessary modifications required in the operating functions of the software.
    Our adaptive services include -
      • Alterations in the data format
      • Support utility modification
      • Reconfiguring hardware
      • Changes in localizations
      • Regulations and integration of new and improved operating systems
  • Corrective Maintenance and Support

    Any software application is in constant need of rectifications. Our software maintenance team provides any and all corrective services to your software and fix the errors with little to no time lapse -
      • Logical errors
      • Coding errors
      • Design errors

Our corrective services also include eradication of bugs and setting right any glitches with the core algorithm of the software.

  • Perfective Maintenance and Support

    A software application undergoes rigorous modifications before it is ready to be launched. We help you in refining the software you develop and bring it up to your client's expectation through detailed -
      • Editing
      • Modifications
      • Insertions
      • Deletions
      • Changes
      • Software Enhancements
  • Preventive Maintenance and Support

    Our team is capable at effectively analyzing your software's future needs and problems based on,
      • Customers' Feedback
      • Past Occurrences

Our preventive software maintenance services aim at planning and incorporating solutions to meet future requirements and overcome problems that may ascend in the long-run.

Software Maintenance and Support - Broad Classification

In a broader sense, our software maintenance services include –

Ongoing Supports

Bug Fixing, Problems, Analysis & Resolution, and On-Call Support

Adaptive Enhancements

Modifications To Support Changes in Business or Technical Requirements

Perfective Upgrades

Adding New Functionality or Features

Technical Improvements

Optimization Restructuring or Rewriting

Software Enhancements

Augmentation of software by fixing minor glitches, streamlining certain finer nuances and an overall refinement of the end product.

Regular Upgrades

Aid in upkeep and improvement of software and addition of new features and functionalities.

Real-time Support

Support in constant analysis and problem solving, bug fixing and correcting technical snags.

Technical Modifications

Thorough recoding, remodelling and reconstructing of software upon requirement.

Helpdesk Assistance

Round the clock on-call helpdesk support for any and all disruptions.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!