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Machine Learning Consulting Services

Are you looking to solve complex business issues by leveraging the full power of machine learning (ML)? Are you looking to incorporate machine learning into various aspects of your business to automate digital experiences, automate day-to-day business decision-making, empower employees and customers, improve operational efficiency, and enhance business value? Are you looking to partner with experienced and reliable machine learning consultants that can guide you on the various ML solutions available that you can leverage, including predictive analytics, deep learning, statistical modeling, and data mining, among others? Do you want to implement machine learning solutions to address various use cases and create personalized customer experiences? If so, you can benefit significantly from our machine learning consulting services.

STAMOD is a leading machine learning consulting service providing company and has developed significant capabilities with the emerging technologies in the industry. We have on board highly experienced and capable ML consultants who have designed and implemented ML solutions after carefully analyzing the business challenges and needs of our clients. If you have a lot of data and want to leverage this useful data for optimal outcomes, we are the perfect partner for you. With our machine learning solutions, including asset health monitoring, predictive analytics, customer analytics, and much more, we provide you with the tools you need to navigate complex data challenges and deploy machine learning across your enterprise.

Our ML Consulting Services

STAMOD is a leading provider of ML consulting services in India and abroad and can help you obtain optimal outcomes from your machine learning investment.

Our range of machine learning consulting services include -


  • Machine Learning for Marketing and Sales Functions

    We provide highly reliable and advanced machine learning solutions to help marketing and sales departments drive efficiency and productivity. We can deploy ML capabilities to help you determine which is the most effective ad to present to individual viewers, alert social media teams about any negative/positive post, and identify sales leads that are more likely to purchase and stay.
  • ML for Product Design and Development and Strategy Building

    Our wide range of machine learning capabilities can be leveraged to obtain data-driven and ML-powered customer segmentation. With our machine learning consulting solutions, you can better identify regions with a strong need for your products or services, detect fraud, and perform automated discovery for litigation, among others.
  • ML for Talent Management

    If you are looking to optimize your talent management and HR function, we can help. We will carefully analyze and understand your requirements and services and identify areas where machine learning solutions can be deployed to drive efficiency. Some areas we can help with include filtering prospective employees based on their skills and qualifications, identifying employees at risk of resigning, and forecasting the demand for workforces.
  • ML for Operations

    We have significant experience in helping numerous clients design and deploy ML solutions that process huge amounts of data to identify areas where the operations function could be improved. Some areas we can help with include identifying processes with the highest negative/positive impact on customers, automating approvals for common requests, and testing proposed changes to verify, validate, and quantify the results.


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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!