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LMS Development Services

The eLearning market is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today, opening doors to countless opportunities for those with business plans around online learning through courses and training. While a concrete business plan, a website to promote your business, and a team of educators will help materialize your business dreams, you need a lot more than that, and certain elements are a lot more technically oriented. To begin with, a learning management system, popularly known as an LMS is the building block for your business plan revolving around eLearning. LMS helps develop, track, and deliver training and educational courses. And when you work with a professional LMS development services providing company, you get to ensure that the LMS development services completely cater to your business needs.

STAMOD, a leading LMS development service provider, aims to provide a good learning curve for your organization by offering custom LMS development and eLearning course development services. When you get in touch with us, our talented team of LMS developers gains a complete understanding of your business plan and the course that you plan to start, ensuring that the LMS development process is completely customized to cater to your specific needs. When you’re outsourcing LMS development services to STAMOD, be assured that the services that you receive will be completely outcome-oriented.

LMS Development Services We Offer

STAMOD is a professional LMS development service provider that aspires to build software for clients for e-learning management so that you can turn your idea of having an eLearning course or training course into a reality. With a large and diligent team of LMS developers, we use this free and open-source software management system to take your courses from classrooms to the internet to help you keep up with the pace of technology. We also leverage the best technologies and systems in addition to the sheer expertise of our teams to deliver flawless LMS development services that meet your requirements in every way. With that said, the following are the LMS development services that we offer -


  • LMS Software Development

    If you have innovative ideas to make your eLearning course stand out from the rest, we can be your partner in helping materialize your ideas with the help of a Learning Management System. With the help of this platform, our LMS developers can create software that integrates various features such as adaptive learning with the help of artificial intelligence, game-based interactive learning, a mix of texts, images, videos, surveys, and much more using a customizable LMS framework when need be. And the custom LMS development services that we provide also take into consideration the design of your liking that would help create an identity for you as a brand.
  • LMS Cloud Solutions

    When you create vast and thorough eLearning resources, one of the major issues that you could face may be storage-related issues. And to make it easier, the best way to go forward is to use cloud-based storage. Our team of LMS developers helps export your files such as presentations, videos, graphics, and much more to the cloud when deemed necessary, leveraging cloud-based LMS solutions to the fullest.
  • Responsive Learning Management System

    These days, with more and more courses being accessible on mobile phones, it is crucial for your learning courses to be mobile responsive. And we take it up a notch by doing just that. Our team of LMS developers ensures that your eLearning course is just as interactive and easy to navigate on mobile phones as on the larger screens so that you can reach a larger target market.
  • Live Chat Option

    It is also very crucial for you to be able to resolve any queries or confusion related to your e-learning courses that your target audience has. This is why, our team of LMS developers can integrate a live chat option so that you can easily handle the queries from learners, which may even help your course stand out from the rest, helping you outdo your competitors.
  • Integrated Learning Management System

    Based on the requirements of the client, we also provide LMS integration services that include customized integrations with third-party APIs and systems that help build more responsive e-learning solutions for our clients. We include various features from localizations, geolocation, native support, and multi-screen viewing, among many others, to ensure that your e-learning platform is made to be flawless, interactive, and extremely responsive.
  • Training Solutions

    If you're looking to upgrade the skills of your teams and client organizations, we also extend support by helping you make the learning programs accessible for the external ecosystem. This can be done by providing learners with access to the courses and offering autonomy to customers, both internal and external, with their custom Learning Management System.


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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!