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ICO Development Services

Are you a company that’s involved in blockchain? If so, you’ll know the challenges in raising funds for your venture by selling crypto token for cold cash or other cryptocurrencies through international investors or simply to take profits to another level. Whatever motivates you, outsource ICO development services to STAMOD and get the best support to launch ICO, manage admin panel, transaction history, whitepaper, wallet integration, and more.

STAMOD is a top ICO Development service provider that perceives your business needs the same way you would and provide a scalable and powerful ICO development solution for empowering your digital business with a modern touch. We go to all lengths to preserve old values and continue to be part of our brand philosophy.

ICO Development Services We Offer

At STAMOD we offer high-quality ICO development services to help you tackle challenges in bitcoin and blockchain based transactions. Our ICO development solutions include -


  • Creation of Whitepapers

    We have professionals who can author whitepapers explaining the ICO process in a well-worded document. Or technical publication teams are responsible for creating blockchain-based content without ambiguity but covering all points and business cases that are relevant today. The final document will be proofed and made available to readers to help understand the ICO better.
  • Development of Tokens

    As part of our effort in ICO development, we design and develop sophisticated models for crypto tokens so your models are well-prepared for ICO launch. Our token development stands out from the rest because it is perceived by our professionals as an extension of your blockchain-based business.
  • ICO Marketing

    We shape exquisite marketing strategy for your blockchain business to help you clutch the ropes of opportunity or realize the presence of one. Our approach helps you get the best of ICO world.
  • Building Communities

    We have teams that are adept at building online communities within blockchain realms, powering them with the best blockchain solution to set a firm foundation. It helps you pick up traffic and drive relations with followers.


ICO Development Implementation Process We Follow

At STAMOD, we follows a highly sophisticated ICO development process that encompasses practices that are relevant and now. Our process is as follows –

  1. Strategy and Proposal

We discuss the business challenges and requirement with the client to bling clarity in the project

  1. Designing

A mockup of the actual development would be roughly designed to give the client an overview of our approach and the expected outcome

  1. Client Approval

Being a top ICO software development company, we collect feedback from the client and if necessary, make corrections before development begins

  1. Development and Integration

The project team will be briefed about the requirement and the development will commence in full swing

  1. Quality Check

After the ICO development, we test the implementation to check functionality and every other critical aspects to ensure the development is clean

  1. Go-live

We provide all the support necessary to make the project live

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!