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HMI Development Services

For the efficient functioning and performance of your automated devices and equipment, it is important to power your software and solutions with a smooth and competent human-machine interface (HMI) that not only offers users the ability to interact with the device, but also provides them with real-time data and information about its functioning and performance.

At STAMOD, we provide comprehensive human-machine interface development services to help you create a seamless graphical representation of your automated system for ease of operations and unmatched working performance. Created by expert HMI developers and modelers, our innovative, power-packed, and future-ready HMI solutions help to improve human-machine interactions, reduce distractions, deliver excellent user experience, shorten the response time, and identify potential future requirements of your users.

Our HMI Development Services

STAMOD is a prominent HMI development services providing company that develops simple, understandable, and highly intuitive human-machine interfaces that help you maximize your team's potential by providing them real-time information about your processes and how different interactions affect the functioning and performance of your systems. Being a premium HMI development services company, we are powered by an expert team of UI/UX specialists who have years of experience and comprehensive skillsets in creating high-value HMI solutions. Leveraging industry-leading HMI software and solutions, they can help you automate and revolutionize your product interaction experience beyond expectation.

Our range of HMI development services in India and globally include -


  • Multi-platform HMI Framework Development

    Using industry-leading tools, technologies, and software development programs, we can help you create superlative HMI frameworks that work across technologies, platforms, and devices, helping you stay connected and sorted. Our multi-platform compatible HMI/UI designs ensure ease of operation and help achieve desired operational efficiency, ensuring the best ROI for your business.
  • Touch and Gesture Controlled HMI Design and Development

    We can help you develop apps and software that allow users to interact with the systems through traditional and automated touchpads, multi-touch dashboards, control panels, built-in screens, pushbuttons, and more. Our smart sensors and embedded systems make human-machine interfaces simple and easy to adapt and interact with.
  • 3D Graphics Design and Development

    Our expert graphic designers and UI experts can help you create pixel-perfect 3D graphics of your animations and designs, allowing you to easily organize your data around your goals to take your 2D and 3D assets to the next phase of development.
  • Design and Development of End-user Friendly UI Controls

    Leveraging industry-leading technologies and solutions, our expert UI/UX engineers effortlessly fuse engineering disciples with human experience to create powerful and user-friendly UI controls that help you seamlessly interact with technologies, control their operations and customize their functioning.
  • Operator and Process-centric UI/UX Design

    We use the best HMI technologies to organize data around your goals and cater to the way your operators' process information and make decisions. Our operator-centric human-machine interfaces allow your team to control your system and monitor production. With real-time information about your system and processes, your operators won't just have data; they'll have real-time actionable insights that will help them derive meaningful results.
  • Plug-in Development & Integration

    Our experts can also help you develop customized plug-ins and integrations to tailor your products as per your specific requirements and augment the user experience for smooth and hassle-free performance.

Our HMI Development Process

As a leading HMI development service provider, we follow a holistic, step-by-step process to create an interactive, user-friendly, and fully functional HMI that helps to enhance the efficiency of your processes while reducing the cost of operation.

Our multi-step HMI development process includes –

  1. Team Meet

We meet you to precisely understand your HMI development requirements and the features that you want to incorporate in your UI/UX

  1. Project Understanding and Collaboration

Our expert UI/UX designers then collaborate to choose the best software platform and features for your HMI platform

  1. Creating User-friendly HMI Design

We then create the graphical representation of your human-machine interface to automate your systems and meet your needs. While doing so, we make sure that our HMI design is intuitive, user-friendly, and offers measurable efficiency improvements and cost savings

  1. Quality Review

Our quality analysts thoroughly check the functioning and performance of your HMI to scope out any possible errors or gaps. Our QAs ensure that the HMI that we have developed allows you to keep track of all the individual processes, highlighting relevant and critical information

  1. Graphics Migration

Once your HMI is accurately developed and functional, we migrate your graphics to new systems to ensure a seamless transition and minimum operator training

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!