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FileMaker Development Services

Are you looking to harness the power of FileMaker, which is a cross-platform relational database application from Claris International? Are you looking for a flexible rapid application development tool to create effective and efficient business solutions? Are you struggling to zero in on the ideal tool that is specifically designed to cater to your business’s unique needs? Are you looking for FileMaker development, programming, and consulting services to develop cross-platform apps? Do you want to partner with a reliable and experienced provider of FileMaker development solutions? If so, you can benefit significantly when you outsource FileMaker development services to us.

STAMOD is a leading FileMaker development services company and can provide you with custom FileMaker development solutions that perfectly meet your requirements. We have over 22 years of expertise in custom database design and web and mobile application development and can provide you a range of services, including FileMaker development, programming, and consulting services, FileMaker application maintenance and support, FileMaker porting and migration, FileMaker plugin development, FileMaker custom app development, and much more.

Our FileMaker Development Services

STAMOD is a leading FileMaker development service provider and can help you address a wide range of FileMaker development requirements. Our FileMaker development services include -


  • Mobile Application Development Services

    We provide custom mobile app development services using the FileMaker development tool which allows your team to use the app in the field. Our software can be set up to be accessed through a web browser or a mobile, which enables your team to be more efficient.
  • FileMaker Integration Services

    If you are looking to extend the functionality of your applications, we can help you do just that with our FileMaker integration services. We can enable your application to connect to a wide variety of systems and software, including Office 365, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Exchange, and many more.
  • Web Application Development Services

    We are a leading FileMaker consultant and can provide advisory services on the entire gamut of FileMaker functionality, including web application development. We can enable you to add web portals to your website and allow external users to enter information into your application. We are also highly proficient in adding shopping cart functionality and other advanced features with robust security.
  • Web Design Services

    We have years of experience and expertise in creating beautiful and custom websites that provide stunning user experiences driven by FileMaker. Whether you need to use PHP, CSS, MySQL, jQuery, JSON, HTML5, or another programming language, our developers can deliver exactly what you need to create highly aesthetic and functional websites.
  • Other Services
    We provide a wide range of other FileMaker development services, including -
    • FileMaker development, consulting, and programming
    • FileMaker application maintenance and support
    • FileMaker Porting and migration
    • FileMaker plugin development
    • Server administration
    • FileMaker database design
    • Data integration and data exchange
    • Server-side scripting
    • Reporting and charting features using the FileMaker database
    • FileMaker migration services
    • QA and testings

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!