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Digital Interactive Services

The enthusiasm is ebbing from gen 1 and gen2 digital wave because they are becoming obsolete faster than earlier thought. So if you want to fit into the revolution, outsource digital interactive services to STAMOD and sit back. Be it content delivery platform or customer-centricity, we have you covered with everything new and now. We’re talking about a savvy personalization and omnichannel contacting to boost conversion pace and efficiency. We have learned a lot from user experience and front end development to bring our form and functionality to the equation.

STAMOD is a top digital interactive service provider with decades of experience in a broad range of digital and interactive marketing solutions. We have tackled challenges that comprise of lack of traffic to unfriendly interfaces and everything in between. Being a top provider of digital interactive services in India, our vision is to dig deeper into nascent markets and identify what users like and reflect the same on your front-end to drive engagement.

Digital Interactive Services We Offer

When you choose a digital Interactive service provider like STAMOD for front-end development you'd get the high-quality outcome that surpasses your expectation. Our digital interactive services include -

  • Designing User Experience

    Being a top digital interactive services providing company, we build one of a kind user experience for business front ends that otherwise lack sophistication. We incorporate design elements that are subconsciously conversing with visitors. From navigation to utilities we leave nothing unturned and don't rest till the experience stands out and fulfils your expectations to the fullest.
  • Content Management (CMS)

    Creating, managing, and refreshing content like clockwork is a skill and capability that not every business or enterprise can possess. It can be time-consuming especially if you're stuck with legacy methods rather than CMS. We have professionals who are adept at various CMS platforms and their capabilities. So if you don't already have one, we will objectively choose one and build your content system from it, making sure it's ready to scale on demand.
  • Digital Commerce

    If you aren't engaging enough customers, your either lack capability or are still depending on old CRM features. We'll put it aside for you to give a total digital transformation to make last-mile engagements more meaningful and valuable to customers. Our approach assures the best outcome at only a fraction of the cost.
  • Digital Marketing

    Happy customers are not the outcome of sales talk. So we'll show the door to bad strategies and in its place, we will incorporate our signature digital marketing services which is modern and uses metric data to knock doors of customers that are a great fit for your marketing persona. We'll do most of the heavy lifting and send a stream of qualified personas your way.


Digital Interactive Process We Follow

We are the world’s best provider of digital interactive services in India because our methods involve –

  1. We gather knowledge about the client’s need via collaboration and plan design goals accordingly
  2. We will compile the requirement document summarizing the list of implementation and modifications for the client’s consent
  3. A team of developers with proficiency in digital interactive services are selected from our talent pool
  4. The digital interactive will commence as per the plan and will be finished within the deadline
  5. The implementation will go into the testing phase where each module will extensive testing using automated suites
  6. After successful testing, deployment assistance would be provided to the client

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!