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Customer Information System (CIS) Services

Digital technology has changed the way utility customers want to engage with products and services. This has created a need for highly efficient solutions and software packages that can address business-critical utility meter-to-cash (M2C) processes and support multiple client interaction channels, including call centers, interactive voice responses (IVRs), and more.

At STAMOD, we provide comprehensive Customer Information System (CIS) services in India and globally to help businesses effectively meet the needs of utility customers. With advanced knowledge of utility frameworks and processes, we have all the ability and skillsets to carry our CIS transformation initiatives, helping electric, water, and other utility providers provide metered delivery of commodities for improved customer service, better product delivery, and increased revenue generation.

Our Customer Information System Services

STAMOD is a leading customer information system services company offering a broad range of services to utility providers in India and abroad. Optimized for hassle-free functioning and streamlined performance, our smart and automated CIS solutions can help you perfect your utility billing services for superior revenue generation.

Our range of services include -


  • CIS Data Integration Services

    We help gas, water, electric, and other utility providers scrub and clean their customer and business data to remove any data discrepancies that might be jeopardizing their customer service processes. By identifying and removing data errors from your accounts, ledgers, bills, payments, and service history, we help you migrate only critical and accurate information to the newly implemented CIS system.
  • CIS Process Optimization Services

    To help utility providers offer complete and real-time information to their customers, our CIS service experts optimize and streamline your business processes across all operating companies and departments. Through our proprietary CIS solutions and services, we help you effectively meet new regulatory compliances and mitigate the risk of interruption of mission-critical processes.
  • CIS Reporting Services

    Our holistic and smart reporting tools and practices help consolidate and synchronize all your customer information and business data to provide complete data-driven insights into your bills and processes. This can help you better manage and analyze your data and gain superior operational visibility across all departments and locations.
  • Automated Self-Service Utility Portal

    Our CIS service experts can create a comprehensive and fully functional customer service portal to help you improve your customer service experience and provide real-time customer service information regarding their bills, potential utility defects, service outages, and more. Our customer-centric portals make it easy for your customers to view and control their utility usage, view historic data, and raise service requests for quick and efficient service delivery. So, whether it's handling customer inquiries, providing essential information, or resolving customer complaints, STAMOD's customer information system can help you achieve all that and more with absolute ease and precision.


Advantages of Customer Information System as Services

The advantages of replacing and migrating your traditional billing processes to CIS are many and almost immediate. These include –

  • Automated services and solutions
  • Accurate and streamlined processes
  • Complete system integration
  • Improved customer data quality
  • Improved bill generation, collection, and cash flow
  • Comprehensive insights into customer usage, preferences, needs, and behavior
  • Complete billing clarity and accuracy
  • Reduced inbound customer complaints
  • Ability to meet regulatory requirements
  • Complete customer satisfaction

Our Customer Information System Services Process

STAMOD is a premium customer information system services providing company in India and globally. Having 22 years of experience and deep process knowledge, we provide our utility service providers with a holistic, step-by-step process that helps them efficiently manage their workload, capture and record customer information, and track all customer interactions.

Our process includes –

  1. Team Meet

We meet you and/ or your team to understand your line of service and your company’s CIS requirements

  1. Data Compilation

Our CIS experts then compile and aggregate your business data, customer information, and billing processes to create a comprehensive database that streamlines and simplifies all your business information, making it easy for you to process information in real-time across all verticals

  1. Process Development

We then create a template-based solution that’s easy to understand and quick to deploy. With various digitized components, automated tools, and templated solutions, our experts create a futuristic CIS system that helps you engage your customers and improve your bottom line

  1. Product Deployment

After the product has been successfully developed, quality-assured, and tested, it is deployed onto your servers to support your business needs

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!