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Chatbot Development Services

Have you considered streamlining interaction with your customers using chatbots? Chatbots offer a revolutionary way to take client relationships to the next level using NLP, AI, and ML technologies. We, at STAMOD, offer a range of chatbot development services for social media, web apps, eCommerce order management, customer support, and much more. We follow the best chatbot development practices to design a robust system that is failsafe and reliable in interpreting the context using NLP.

STAMOD is a leading Chatbot development service provider with decades of experience in Chatbot development. We design chatbots that parse context, intent, action, and more to frame the correct response. Our proven expertise and social proof of our success are among many reasons why still are the best chatbot development service providing company.

Chatbot Development Services We Offer

At STAMOD we offer Chatbot development services to address the deficiency in the client's customer relationship department. Our cutting edge innovation and use of the NLP, AI, and ML have proven to be instrumental in enhancing customer engagement via chatbots. Our Chatbot software development solutions include -


  • Chatbot Conversation Design

    At STAMOD we make conversation possible by interfacing Natural Language Interface (NLI) with user touchpoints like navigation buttons, menu, and media. It makes conversation design more dynamic and user-oriented.
  • Chatbot Natural Language Processing Support

    Being a top Chatbot development company, we have NLP experts who can build chatbots that identify user's intent, actin, and context through precision parsing to frame instant and relevant responses. They customize the NLP to make learning constant.
  • Custom Chatbot Architecture

    We have chatbot architects who have over and again built proven chatbot architecture made of APIs, frameworks, and various plugins. They built a custom chatbot architecture depending on your business requirement.
  • Chatbot Consultant Support

    Implementing and adapting to Chatbots may not always be a straightforward process. If you have queries that need to be addressed, or Chatbot consultants will be glad to assist you in every manner.
  • Chatbot Integration Support

    We also provide full-fledged integration support to launch the Chatbot by offering on-premise or cloud-based support. We also provide deployment support for microservices or REST-based architecture so it doesn't disrupt your workflow.
  • Chatbot Pipeline Processing

    As part of Custom chatbot development, we take great care to avoid false-negative and even false positive by developing processing pipelines. This solves all parsing errors resulting from POS checking, lemmatization, and so on.


Chatbot Development Implementation Process We Follow

STAMOD follows a highly streamlined Chatbot development and ensures all deliverables are met within the stipulated time. Our process is as follows –

01. Strategy and Proposal

We communicate with our clients and understand their business requirement and challenges

02. Designing

We bring together the best brains to strategize Chatbot development without exceeding the client’s budget

03. Client Approval

The concept will be presented to the client for their approval and feedback will be captured

04. Chatbot Development and Integration

Once approved, the NDA will be signed and the project will commence and the Chatbot will be implemented and integrated into the test environment

05. Quality Check

The implementation will be thoroughly tested for ensuring the bot responses are relevant to the user queries

06. Go-live

If all test parameters are cleared, we will help in deploying the chatbot outside of the test environment

07. Support and Maintenance

We will routinely evaluate the chatbot system and provide timely support

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!