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Application Re-engineering Services

As technology gets older businesses using them arrives at the precipice when they must decide whether to re-engineer or to simply put an end to a legacy application and introduce something new in the place of old apps. If you are in a dilemma, outsource application reengineering services to STAMOD and get expert advice on whether to keep your old app. Our analysis will not just give you a clear insight of the best approach for your current needs, but also based on what’s best to future-proof your business.

STAMOD is a top application re-engineering service provider that knows the pulse of businesses and offers a scalable and innovative application re-engineering solution that will empower your digital business with a modern touch whilst your old values continue to dictate the philosophy. We make sure of the quality and affordability in every.

Application Re-engineering Services We Offer

At STAMOD we offer high-quality application re-engineering services to fix performance gaps and visual elements in your legacy apps. We use the state-of-the-art methodologies to optimize functionality, robustness, and security features that are relevant to make your app savvy. Our application re-engineering solutions include -


  • Assessment

    Your legacy systems will be analyzed and to scoping re-engineering solution that aligns with your corporate vision, and multiples ROI. As part of our evaluation, we recommend business architecture and help in picking builds and opportunities that are deemed appropriate to reengineer solutions.
  • Language Upgradation

    We bring in the power of automation to convert legacy features using tools that specifically supports the legacy language. We convert them into modern tech with old BI and rules remaining the same.
  • User Interface Conversion

    The old user interface has no place in modern philosophy because trends change. So we keep your UI ahead of the change through better look and feel. The entire interface can be rewritten and redeveloped using the latest framework.
  • Database Changes

    We depend on our proprietary tools and technology to reengineer databases to improve performance and outdo what the legacy database was capable of. We perform corrections be normalization, distribution, optimization, and so on. Using specific utilities we apply changes at the production level.
  • Technology Upgradation

    Upgrading the technology brings you the opportunity to keep up with the change and also leverage the best of security, functionality, and much more than what is visible to the end-user. To do so, we look for gaps within the existing architecture and plug them with better technology upgrades. Our approach is to incorporate customizations that don't instantly change the form and function of what your existing process stands for.


Application Re-engineering Implementation Process We Follow

STAMOD follows a highly streamlined application re-engineering and development process ensuring all deliverables are accomplished within the scope of the SLA. Our process is as follows –

  1. Strategy and Proposal

We discuss the business need with clients and gather information on what challenges they face

  1. Designing

We will build a mockup of the actual product that is about to be re-engineered to give clients a clear insight into the results

  1. Client Approval

We wait for client feedback and if any changes are necessary, we incorporate the same

  1. Development and Integration

The project will commence and the development will be handled as per the original plan

  1. Quality Check

After the application re-engineering services, we survey the outcome and also gauge the client satisfaction

  1. Go-live

We will provide support to make the app live and accessible to end-users

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!