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Application Modernization Services

As applications age, they may need newer functionalities and enhancements because older platforms may feel sluggish and expensive to maintain. So if you feel your application needs unhindered digital transformation and efficiency outsource application modernization services to STAMOD. To become early adopters of change, and be ahead of others your legacy application modernization roles are best left to us. Our legacy software modernization services make your old software and apps feel new and relevant without altering its underlying functions.

STAMOD is a top application modernization service provider driven by the passion to make applications more durable and scalable to enhance its lifecycle. We not only guarantee performance, but modernized front-end functions will woo more users to adopt your app or software. Our application modernization solutions are best if you value quality and affordability.

Application Modernization Services We Offer

At STAMOD we offer high-quality application modernization services to fix the deficiency in your app or software performance. We use the latest methodologies to optimize functionality, robustness, and security features that are absolutely a necessity today. Our application modernization solutions include -


  • Application Modernization Consulting

    If you need detailed guidance on modernizing your legacy software or application, our team can help you out with consultation services. They thoroughly analyze the legacy application code blocks and the supported hardware on which it was originally intended to discover deficiencies and helps you fix the issue without an expensive overhaul.
  • Cloud Migration

    Scaling legacy applications and framework to cloud is one of the biggest moves a company can make to ensure availability, limited operating expenses, faster product launch, improved productivity, and better security. Since legacy to cloud migration isn't straightforward, outsourcing app modernization services will help you with app re-platforming, re-hosting, and re-architecting.
  • Re-hosting of Applications

    If your legacy applications are based on older infrastructure and architecture, we'll make it compatible with modern ones like Azure and AWS without incurring the high re-hosting cost. We help you with better utilization of hardware resources. But should you choose application re-hosting, the only trade-off will be a slight loss of Cloud benefits like scalability and resilience.
  • Re-platforming of Applications

    As we move the back-end of your applications to the Cloud and made code upgrades, it brings you some benefits in Cloud capabilities like better fault tolerance, performance, and more.
  • Re-architecting of Applications

    If your web services or micro services architecture needs re-architecting us have you covered so that you can fully leverage the Cloud to boost app performance. This enables our app to cope with dynamic loads and performance needs. We also enable your apps to have frequent updates, technology interfacing, and the ability to share platforms.


Our Application Modernization Implementation Process

STAMOD follows a highly streamlined application modernization and development process ensuring all deliverables are met within a stipulated time frame. Our process is as follows –

  1. Strategy and Proposal

The business needs of the client will be collected through one-to-one meet

  1. Designing

We will build an app modernization strategy based on the client’s need

  1. Client Approval

Our approach will be presented in a concept if any changes are necessary, we’d be willing to incorporate requested modification

  1. Development and Integration

A development team will be constituted and its members will receive a detailed briefing about the project goal. Soon, the development will commence

  1. Quality Check

After developing the application modernization services we will run thorough quality checks to evaluate code performance

  1. Go-live

The app will be made live on online app stores and all post-implementation support needs will be handled by our team

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!