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Application Lifecycle Management Services

Are you looking for application lifecycle management (ALM) support services across the entire lifecycle of your application(s)? Are you looking for application lifecycle management services to enhance your product quality, reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market, and improve innovation? Do you want to partner with an experienced and reliable provider of application lifecycle management support services that helps you boost your application development process while maintaining high-quality levels and speed throughout your product’s lifecycle? If so, you have come to the right place.

STAMOD is a leading provider of application lifecycle management services in India and abroad and can help you with a comprehensive range of application lifecycle management support services. Our expertise and experience enable us to use just the right application lifecycle management tools and technologies to provide superior support services to support your critical business applications throughout their lifecycle. With our application lifecycle management services, we improve collaboration and ensure that your applications are created according to industry standards and that they undergo rigorous testing before being deployed.

Application Lifecycle Management Services We Offer

STAMOD is a leading provider of application lifecycle management solutions and provides a range of ALM services designed to ensure that critical business apps are supported over the long term.

Our application lifecycle management services include -


  • Application Lifecycle Management Design Services

    We know full well that well-designed and implemented software functions well and is easy to maintain. When we design software, we pay great attention to detail to ensure that the software is designed with the most appropriate design patterns that best address the technical challenges at hand.
  • Project Management Services

    We have a team of technical project managers that can deliver enhanced value to any application lifecycle management project. Our project managers will build your application in just the way that you and your users would like it and can work seamlessly with any team irrespective of any challenges that there may be.
  • Requirements Management Services

    We pay extra careful attention to understand the project's requirements to ascertain what the factors driving value to the business are. We ensure that goals are accurately captured and that the level of detail is sufficient. We prioritize the functionality and verify whether end-users' expectations have been met. We also ensure that the code is traceable.
  • Release Management Services

    During any software development project, developers must consider the production deployment process early in the project's lifecycle. A key component of this is the configuration and release management process. Our goal is to provide as much automation so that the application development process is as easy and efficient as possible.
  • Source Code Control Services

    It is very important to manage the source code properly so that your design, development, and QA teams can collaborate efficiently and seamlessly. This enhances productivity and provides access to both co-located and remote teams to the source code and ensures that there is no accidental loss sharing.
  • Continuous Integration Services

    We help enterprises increase their application lifecycle management maturity by getting them to invest in Continuous Integration (CI). There are many benefits of continuous integration. These include making the deployment process repeatable and traceable and increasing the automation during testing.
  • Quality Assurance Services

    Project and product quality practices must be built into the entire application development lifecycle to ensure that the project delivers optimal outcomes. We use a range of quality assurance processes, including unit testing, integration testing, and manual exploratory testing, among others.


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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!