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Custom Injection Molds

At Stamod, we are always aligning ourselves with the future of innovation. We understand the steep progress of customized consumer products in the current market. Consumers always want something special to keep them interested in your products. If you have a creative idea for your plastic product and you want a unique custom injection mold to test the product or you need a custom prototype designed for mass production of the product, Stamod is the right fit for you.

Every custom injection project is a new challenge for Stamod. We approach every project exclusively according to its specific requirements. Our services conform to the highest quality and the most cost effective budget to allow you to continue your dream of product manufacturing according to your creative vision.

What we offer

Stamod is your complete outsourcing solution for custom injection molding services. From conceptualization of the design to execution of the prototype, we can be an asset to every aspect of your custom injection molding process. What we bring to the table is our decades of experience in the field and complete dedication to your vision for the design and execution to bring your dream product to life.


Our designing team have excellent professionals who can design the custom parts or the prototype mold design depending on the requirements of your custom project.


Our mold technicians have years of experience in testing products and detecting minor to major issues in the design that can translate to any short-hot, flash or deformation of the product.

On-Site quality auditors

Our auditors are working round the clock to ensure that every custom part created on the prototype specifications should conform to all quality guidelines and measurement specifications laid down for the product in the design.

We guarantee you a complete, risk free and high quality custom injection molding service at all levels of the production process.

Why Choose Stamod to outsource Custom Injection Molding Service?

High-quality service

At Stamod, we strive to provide 100% error-free and high quality service in three different models. We work on production and design of custom injection molds with embedded staff onsite the Original Equipment Manufacturer locations.

Fast Turnaround times

We have a global infrastructure of companies and delivery centers to ensure that we provide the fastest turnaround time without compromising the quality of our custom injection mold design and development services.

Highly qualified team

Our team comprises industry experts with 100+ man-hours of experience amongst them with proficiency in both practical production and theoretical design knowledge.

Global Infrastructure

STAMOD works with invested companies and partners across India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Dedicated Point Of Contact

When you trust Stamod to outsource your custom injection mold services, we immediately assign a dedicated project manager as the SPOC for clear communication and seamless management of the collaboration from the very first day until the project completion.

Scalable service packages

At Stamod, we pride in providing flexibility of service. We can ramp up the size of our team and infrastructure to adapt to the scale of your custom injection mold outsourcing project.

Innovative technology access

The quality of our service is backed by the standard of our infrastructure. We have access to state of the art technology and tools for custom injection mold production and design.

Guaranteed customer support 24/7

Our team handles every minute detail to ensure the smoothest run for your project. We have dedicated members focused at all times on project management, marketing, sales and customer support for immediate resolution of any kinks and bottlenecks in the project line-up.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!