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Mr. George Molakal


An honors student who graduated from prestigious institutions like Cardiff University, Oxford University, and Harvard Business School, Mr. Molakal has successfully handled over 30+ cross border Mergers & Acquisitions transactions across US, India, MENSEA, and China.

As the CEO of ALCOR Fund, Mr. Molakal aims to offer a niche set of customized HR services that enable corporations to earn greater return on their human capital, thereby increasing overall profitability. Mr. Molakal is a fellow of Ashoka Innovators for the Public–Arlington, Virginia.

Mr. Jagannath Vedula

Jagannath Vedula has Doctorate in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Masters in Computer Applications with an extensive experience in the field of computers, managing outsourced projects with their associated security issues & risks. Dr. Vedula has managed numerous projects in various fields in his 23 years of Experience and has successfully completed them in the given timelines and budget. As the Director of STAMOD and Alcor Fund, he is responsible for the growth, operations, client retention and management of STAMOD.

Mr. Mike Katz

Board Member

Mr. Katz is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He has a successful track record of turning companies into highly profitable units.

He is responsible for building growth and leadership in corporations. He has worked with GE and Cummins in various senior positions across the world.

Mr. Eric Cohen

Board Member

An MBA from Harvard Business School, and Eng. Graduate of Univ. of Wisconsin. He has been the Managing Partner of WHI PEG whilst acquiring 21 companies.

Served as the CEO of Ampere and has established multiple JV’s in Asia, Heads the Global Ops of PPS and has been the India and China Lead trader for GE. Has managed several funds in the US.

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