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BIM Services

BIM or Building Information Modeling is a complex activity of creating and managing a construction project or facility represented digitally. The BIM requires various tools and technologies for creating a digital reach 3d model. It builds a better understanding of between space and data, while effectively increases workflow efficiency & faster delivery, and reduces he field-related & safety issues.

STAMOD’s BIM modeling services are more than just 3D geometry, we offer a complete process for managing information. With our high-quality BIM modeling services, we ensure project improvement and building overall efficiency, throughout its lifecycle. While doing so, we also focus on reducing costs associated with construction inefficiencies, waste materials, scheduling conflicts, etc.

STAMOD’s partnership means better outcomes, improved quality, and project optimization. With our various services such as BIM Component creation, laser scan, app development, execution, clash detection, etc. We are sure to offer the best BIM service that will take your project to the next level.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services We Offer :

As the use of Building Information Modeling moves beyond the planning and design phase and improves all related processes including project management, cost management, construction management, and facility management, Stamod offers a customer-centric approach to build a better information channel between these aspects while focusing on long-term, sustainable and effortless management. Stamod is a leading Building Information Modeling services company and provides the following services –

1. Mechanical BIM Services

We provide state of the art mechanical BIM services that support architectural and construction companies. Our mechanical BIM engineers have substantial experience and expertise in using the latest BIM modeling applications like AutoCAD, Revit MEP, MicroStation, and more, and provide high-quality services at cost-effective prices designed to provide you with the most value for money.

2. BIM 5D Cost Estimation Services

We provide highly realistic and reliable BIM 5D cost estimation services for your construction project. Our services include bid cost estimation services, project risk analysis services, quantity take-off estimation services, material cost escalation services, and cost-loaded scheduling services, among others.

3. BIM Component Creation Services

We are a leading Building Information Modeling service provider and can create BIM components according to exacting specifications. Our services include component modeling, geometry modeling, BIM component creation, and the creation of component databases, among others.

4. Laser Scan to BIM Services

We provide precise 3D models obtained from converting laser scans into BIM models. Our services include the conversion of raw data from laser scans to 3D BIM models, the creation of BIM models, the use of point cloud data to construct BIM models and extracting information from 3D BIM models.

5. As-built BIM Modeling Services

As a top BIM modeling outsourcing company, we can provide you with superior and accurate as-built BIM models. Our services include field verification using BIM models and markup drawings.

6. BIM App Development Services

We provide a wide range of BIM app development services, including apps to automate business workflows, customization of BIM software, and the creation of Dynamo BIM, among others.

7. BIM Model Auditing Services

We can help you create custom BIM models for commercial, government, and real estate projects. Our services include conducting visual checks with the help of BIM, performing clash checks, and performing nomenclature checks.

8. BIM Execution Planning Services

As one of the leading BIM outsourcing companies in India, we can provide you with highly robust BIM execution planning services, including BIM action plan creation, analyzing information requirements with BIM, and planning BIM execution across your enterprise.

9. BIM Clash Detection Services

Our specialized BIM clash detection services help you identify and resolve any errors or clashes in your BIM model. Our services include hard clash detection, soft clash detection, and MEP inspections.

10. Architectural BIM Services

Choosing to hire architectural BIM specialists for small projects can drain the money that could have helped you procure technology and scale your business. This is why when you hire complex functions as BIM clash detection service providers like us, you get experts behind the wheel per-project-basis to complete functions at a record pace and lower operating cost.

11. 6D BIM Modeling Services

We provide advanced 6D BIM modeling services for effective project lifecycle management. Our 6D BIM modeling solutions include energy simulation modeling services, 6D sustainability modeling, and 6D facility management services.

12. BIM Coordination Services

Our advanced BIM coordination checks help to ensure that all BIM components and design elements function properly. Our services include constructability analysis, BIM coordination services, and performing 4D coordination checks.

13. BIM Quantity Estimation Services

We help our clients complete their projects on time and cost-effectively by providing robust BIM quantity estimation services, which include billing support with BIM, bar bending scheduling with BIM, and cost analysis with BIM, among others.

14. BIM and 3D Virtual Reality Services

We are a leading BIM outsourcing company and our services are second to none. Our BIM and 3D virtual reality services include providing highly realistic representations, enabling improved design intent, and providing dynamic representations, among others.

15. BIM for Facility Management

We help our clients make their buildings more comfortable, energy-efficient, and productive. Our BIM services for facility management include providing access to asset profiles, increasing awareness of object locations, and enabling enhanced precision in measuring spaces, among others.

16. Electrical BIM Services

We provide end-to-end electrical BIM solutions that incorporate data-driven 3D models of electrical systems for your project. With our services, you can assess the practicality of your electrical design in your building spaces and ensure that all your electrical systems work flawlessly.

17. BIM Energy Modeling Services

Stamod has the experience, expertise, skills, and resources to deliver world-class BIM energy modeling services at affordable rates. We can model the energy aspects of a wide variety of spaces including residential houses, malls and shops, showrooms, hotels and resorts, office cabins and workspaces, and much more.

18. Other Services

  • In addition to the above, we also provide high-quality and accurate BIM services related to –
    • Construction Management (4D & 5D Simulation)
    • Parametric BIM Component Modeling
    • BIM Consulting – BIM Execution Plan Preparation
    • Enterprise Level BIM Consulting Services
    • BIM Implementation and Training
    • Revit Family Creation Services
    • Design and Shop Level Drawings Generation
    • Steel Model Detailing and Fabrication Drawings
    • Integration, Automation, and Customization of BIM systems
    • Architectural, Structural, MEP, Infrastructure BIM Modeling – LOD 300/400/500
    • Engineered Visualization and Virtual Reality Solutions
    • Clash Detection and Constructability Analysis (Virtual Design and Construction)

Where Are Our BIM Services Used?

Stamod’s BIM engineering services are flexible and can accommodate changes at the design stage while making project planning & scheduling simpler and easier. We offer a wide gamut of BIM services relevant to these major categories –

01. Retail Projects

Helping our clients with Revit Building Information Modeling retail construction drawings and models, we create detailed plans, elevations, sections, etc., with accurate fixture and equipment details

02. Real Estate Projects

Our Revit 3D construction drawing sets are created to help construction teams to schedule and execute actionable items more systematically

03. Architectural Projects

Stamod supports architects and design teams with various drawings and models for different stages of the construction. We also ensure clash-free Revit models with accurate building material details along with detailed construction schedules from various vendors

04. MEP Design and Consultation Projects

Our Building Information Modeling services can help MEP consultants during the conceptual stages and the overall design schedule. Right from the design to installation, we support MEP technicians and contractors by streamlining processes to avoid post-construction issues

05. Point Cloud & Laser Surveys Projects

Our skilled BIM professionals can use laser scanned data to create accurate models for renovation and expansion projects. Our point cloud service registers minute details of the existing buildings, including columns, beams, walls, partitions, fixtures, etc. (subject to the scan quality)

Why Choose Us?

Every element of the design must be communicated to people involved in building their vision. To ensure better workflow and quality, Stamod oversees the development of Building Information Modeling tasks and has a dedicated team to define quality and accuracy, and create necessary architectural services for any information-based model. Our production staff and engineers are trained on Revit and work directly with architects, engineers, and building operators to create the most accurate building information models. Hence outsourcing BIM services to us can spare you from further hassles.

Our team specializes in perfecting interior designs, using drafts, sketches, and drawings that have been developed as part of the design phase. We work with construction companies servicing almost any industry – residential, commercial, educational, corporate, industrial, healthcare and hospitality, construction projects. Using Autodesk Revit, we offer highly-advanced Building IM services with the following benefits –

  • Create and Visualize 3D Model Using Virtual Intelligence – We take designs into a digital space for greater control and visualization.
  • Incorporate an Additional Dimension, 4th Dimension – We incorporate time-based modeling to determine how the structure’s development will unfold with time frame additions to 3D models.
  • Detect Possible Clashes and Mitigate Risks – Using advanced modeling tools like Navisworks, we help recognize and prepare foreseeable problems within a model and mitigate risk before the actual construction begins.
  • Create Libraries & Families – We offer library creation for both existing and new and developing projects within the Revit framework.
  • Provide Construction Documents of Superior Quality – We offer accurate printable error-free quality formats for both presentations and execution purposes. We can develop all necessary visualizations and documents for construction, to ensure projects get off the ground.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!