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Point Cloud Services

STAMOD  is a pioneer in providing best in the industry point cloud services at affordable rates. STAMOD’s precise and accurate models aid renovation, restoration or extension of legacy buildings with lost or incomplete blueprints. Our 3D modelers work on different level of detail (LOD) projects depending on client requirements. We create 3D Revit models using laser scans and point cloud data to aid various sorts of construction projects, helping architects, engineers, builders, contractors, surveyors, etc.

From Laser Scans to 3D Models - Point Cloud Services that Bridge the Gap

At STAMOD, we design structural, architectural, and MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection) models that comply with global standards. We take it as a challenge to provide near perfect 3D replicas that meet multifaceted modeling requirements.

  • Point Cloud to BIM Conversion

    STAMOD converts high-definition laser scan models to BIM and help sort out base layer clash issues. Our team of expert modelers prepare flawless models. STAMOD uses raw survey data as well as laser survey tools apart from other relevant tools to create accurate MEP, structural, architectural, rehabilitation, & renovation models to aid restoration projects. We take care of every single aspect on the modeling level to provide the best possible services to our clients.


  • Point Cloud Data Modeling

    We provide Point Cloud to 3D modeling services for marketing and engineering visualization and construction as well as documentation and preparation of training materials. With reverse engineering, STAMOD helps model
    • 3D models on the base design level
    • 4D models to meet construction scheduling aspects
    • 5D models to sort out cost related issues
    • 6D models to optimize sustainability
    • 7D models to allow easy facility management


  • Point Cloud Consulting

    STAMOD helps clients understand the use of Point Cloud data points to create and verify 3D models. Along with that, we also provide consulting services on all other aspects to help gain a better visibility of construction or repair projects. We help clients estimate cost and effort as well as provide solutions in case of base clashes. Outsouce2india also provides a clear report on project and asset management to BIM collaboration to help Electrical, Mechanical, Metal, and ICT contractors.

Our Point Cloud to BIM Work Process

We follow a streamlined work process that ensures utmost quality. Our professionals will precisely address specific client requirements and ensure that all their needs are met. We have the following process in place –

Point Cloud


Collating Point Cloud data

Breaking large chunks of point cloud data to smaller parts and creating design plan

Analysis of actual snapshots

Creating various levels of modeling including Parametric modeling, generative modeling, object-oriented modeling and direct modeling

Creating RFI

This helps to eliminate discrepancies, take care of hidden areas, etc.

Check Interoperability

This step involves the checking of the tools to be used for interoperability

Final 3D design layout

The final step involves creating the final 3D design layout

Tools We Leverage

At STAMOD, we leverage some of the latest and advanced tools to provide all our clients with the best possible service. Tools we leverage include –

  • To view or edit – Bentley Pointools, Pointfuse, Autodesk Recap, Cloud Compare, Geomagic, Meshlab, Phidias, Descartes, Scalypso etc.
  • To model – Autodesk Recap 360 Pro, Autocad, Bentley, 3Ds Studio Max, Rhino etc.
  • For BIM – Autodesk Revit, Archicad, Graphisoft and Allplan

STAMOD's Point Cloud Services - Benefits You Can't Ignore

Once you outsource point cloud services to us we focus on providing top-quality services that precisely cater to the varying needs of global clients. Following are some of the major benefits of outsourcing point cloud services to us –

  • We help you to work efficiently with highly precise 3D modeling that are reliable, cost effective, and come with impeccable quality
  • Our services enable you to save time with easy details and reports for better work execution
  • We help you achieve transparency and streamline communication with 3D visualization for quick decision making
  • We have global delivery centers to ensure that your projects get completed on time every time
  • You can benefit from quick decision making both prior to and work in progress projects for renovation and extension
  • Use of advanced tools and technologies to support you with the best possible services

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!


Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!