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BIM 5D Cost Estimation Services


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BIM 5D Cost Estimation Services

Outsource BIM 5D Cost Estimation Services

Looking for a most realistic, reliable and BIM 5D cost estimation for your construction project? STAMOD can render BMD cost estimation services at affordable rates

Do you lack experts to estimate the construction cost precisely? Does your company spend most of its profits on BIM estimation? If so, STAMOD is here to help you with its BIM 5D cost estimation services. Predicting highly realistic figures of a construction process is a backbone for a construction project. Therefore, our cost estimation helps in evaluating the construction process based on your budget. We also help to reduce the wastage expense that is inevitable during the construction process.

With 22 years of experience in catering BIM 5D cost estimation services to several construction companies around the globe, STAMOD has emerged as the best in class BIM 5D cost estimation service provider. With a team of experts having decades of experience, STAMOD will be your go-to partner for outsourcing BIM 5D cost estimation services and MEP services.

BIM 5D Cost Estimation Services We Offer

STAMOD has become a partner of choice for high-quality BIM 5D cost estimation services. We put our clients first and with our analysis, we always evolve to ease the clients’ work. After serving thousands of clients from across different continents and with different requirements, with a thorough analysis, to ease the decision making for our clients, we have divided our services as mentioned below –


  1. Bid Cost Estimation Services

    Bid Cost Estimation Services

    STAMOD helps you to compete in the bid with other tenders with a thorough cost estimation of the project based on the project conditions and the location parameters. Our experts will certainly help you with a bid cost that will win you the tender despite the stiff competition.

  2. Project Risk Analysis Services

    Project Risk Analysis Services

    Our experts will analyze the BIM 5D model of construction and risks associated with increasing material costs and its effects on the deadlines. A report consisting of analytics of risks associated with your project will be prepared and sent to you.

  3. Quantity Take-Off Estimation Services

    Quantity Take-Off Estimation Services

    With a thorough analysis of the BIM 5D model, our experts will provide you a detailed quantity of materials, labor, and machinery that is required to complete your project within the given deadlines.

  4. Material Cost Escalation Services

    Material Cost Escalation Services

    As a BIM 5D cost estimation service provider, we have first-hand experience in dealing with clients who were stuck in the middle of the project due to a sudden spike in the cost of construction materials. So, our team will analyze the possible increase in material cost during the construction process with the help of BIM 5D model data and help you adjust to changes which ensure you meet deadlines without any hassles.

  5. Cost-Loaded Scheduling Services

    Cost-Loaded Scheduling Services

    With the help of estimating tools and critical path methodology, our team will help you sequence the activities across the project duration based on resources and the cost estimation. Our cost-loaded schedules will help you complete the project within deadlines by judiciously using the resources.

BIM 5D Cost Estimation Process We Follow

As we evolve each day to make our services more reliable, we analyze our own work and try to be more effective and efficient. After serving thousands of clients with varying requirements, we have analyzed our work process and have come up with a unique process-flow which makes sure that we deliver the best services within the given deadlines. Let us walk you through the process flow –

01. Requirement Gathering

Once you partner with us, our executives will get in touch to gather requirements from you. We use specific spreadsheets, documents that need to be filled as a part of requirement that will help us estimate the cost more precisely.

02. Requirement Analysis, Quotations and Resource Allocation

Then, our team will analyze requirements, allocate resources, and point of contact to ensure timely completion of projects. We also set delivery times and milestones along with a quotation for BIM 5D cost estimation services.

03. Cost Estimation

Based on the data from the BIM 5D model, our team of experts will estimate the costs incurred in your construction project. With the help of latest tools, we have deployed at STAMOD, our team will give most realistic figures at different or any given stage of your construction project.

04. Weekly Review

A BIM 5D project coordinator will be allocated to conduct weekly meetings with you to review the estimation at each stage to hammer down the minor indifferences.

05. Estimation Delivery

All the information and the documents related to BIM 5D cost estimation will be delivered within the given turnaround time.

Why Outsource BIM 5D Cost Estimation Services to STAMOD?

To be a pioneer in any industry, our services must be really making a difference in our client’s business. At STAMOD, we deliver top-notch services along with a set of additional benefits. When you outsource BIM 5D cost estimation services to us, you are sure to have the following advantages over our competitors –

  • World Class Infrastructure

    It is impossible to deliver the best in class services without a world-class infrastructure. At STAMOD we are equipped with the latest tools and software that support our experts to deliver high-quality services within the given turnaround time.


  • High Quality and Accuracy

    Quality in our work is what makes us a pioneering BIM 5D cost estimation service providing company. Our team of QA will carry our stringent quality check to ensure the top quality and highest accuracy of deliverables.


  • Flexible Pricing

    Unlike our competitors, we do not charge for the work we don’t do. We do not have any specific service packages that are one-size-fits-all. We quote our clients based on their requirements which makes the pricing flexible because our clients pay only for the work done.


  • Single Point of Contact

    At STAMOD, we understand the importance of communication to carry out a project without any errors and deliver it on time. To tackle the losses of miscommunication, we have introduced an idea single point of contact. The executive will be the only point of contact between our team and the client.


  • Dedicated Team

    When a team works on multiple projects, errors and project delays are inevitable. Having thousands of employees and multiple teams to work on services, we make sure none of the team is working on more than one project at any given point of time.


  • Quick Turnaround Time

    With teams working on a single project, a world-class infrastructure, and a most effective process flow, we always ensure the quickest turnaround time for our clients.


  • Data Security

    Being a cost estimation service provider, we understand the importance of the security of sensitive data. We are an ISMS 27001:2013 certified company which is certified for maintaining the policies to ensure the highest data security. All our employees and consultants have signed NDA agreements with us which ensures the legal protection of our client’s data. All the files and information transfer between us and clients will through an agreed secure FTP.


  • 24/7 Customer Support

    At STAMOD, we believe that any project is not complete just by the delivery. What makes the services more reliable is our support for our clients’ queries. To support our clients coming from different time zones, we have our executives working 24/7.


  • Scalability

    When you outsource BIM 5D cost estimation services to us, we are always ready to scale up our services to a large extent with our thousands of employees and consultants working in teams equipped with world-class infrastructure.

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Make outsourcing work in 24 hours!